VYPE Fort Bend ISD August 2022

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MASON: I started playing at the age of 13, and what made me fall in love with volleyball was the bonding moments, and everyone on the court working as a team, playing together to win. VYPE: How do you think you’ ll be a better player this season? MASON: I think I would be a better player by already having that varsity level experience and knowing what I mainly need to perfect to get a better hang of it . VYPE: What are some of the things you’ ve been working on in the summer and offseason to get better? MASON: A few things I have been working on is my approach, (and) my core to build more upper body strength. I’ve also been running miles every morning to build my stamina. VYPE: Describe your game and your approach to playing volleyball. What is your mindset like on the cour t? MASON: My approach is to better myself in every game I play. My mindset on the court is to keep a positive attitude, stay motivated and give the game my all. VYPE: What is something that you think might be misunderstood about you? MASON: I’ve been told I appear unapproachable, due to my loud, aggressive demeanor. But I’m really the biggest teddy bear and sweetest person you’ll meet .

MIASHO’NAE MASON WILL NEVER FORGET AUGUST , . HER FIRST VARSITY VOLLEYBALL GAME. AS A SOPHOMORE. “I was very nervous, and even started questioning if I was good enough to play,” the Fort Bend Marshall junior outside hitter said. “I started panicking and saying I couldn’ t do it and things like that . I was scared.” So, Mason started thinking of her mother, Jasmine Atkinson. The reason she even started playing the game to begin with. Her push and pull. Her inspiration. “I look up to my mother, because no matter how tough or how many obstacles she has to go through to reach her goal , she never gives up,” Mason said. “The way I overcame the challenge was by telling myself that I can do it and that it ’s okay to make mistakes. Not every game will be a good game. I know I’m capable of playing to my full potential on the court .” Mason ended up having an impressive season for the Buffaloes, emerging as a key component of their attack. “I felt I did pretty decent for my first time on varsity,” said Mason, who says a silent prayer to herself before every game. “The way I improved by taking practice seriously and speaking up when I didn’ t get certain things. The biggest thing I learned was that in order to win as a team, you have to play as a team.” Mason is excited for this

Personally, I would love to be great in every position.” Mason spoke more with VYPE. VYPE: At what age did you star t playing volleyball , and why did you fall in love with the game?

season, where she will play all around—outside hitter, right side hitter, middle blocker. “Making the playoffs would make this a successful year,” Mason said. “As a team, I would like to accomplish getting along and building an unbreakable team bond.

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