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by Angela Smith HORSE TRAINING Training a horse for riding, or even for show, can be fun and rewarding. But just like any animal, horses need proper training and care so it’s important that you are well informed on the common traits and behaviors of horses in order to be best prepared for training. introducing them to common fears like loud noises (large cars, barking dogs, etc.) or objects with abrupt movement. Once you get past this stage, the horse will be more relaxed and confident, making it easier to train for riding and competition. It’s also extremely important to train a horse how to successfully load onto a trailer in case of an emergency. do unique tricks like hugs and kisses. Make sure you watch for any type of behavioral issues like head tossing, nipping and kicking. Every horse and trainer is different so incorporate a variety of training techniques for the best outcome. BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO

Overall, sometimes it’s best to leave the training to the more experienced trainers so you don’t end up in a dangerous situation that you might not be able to handle. Sources: http://www.how-to-train-a-horse.org/ https://www.thesprucepets.com/ training-your-horse-1886992

First of all, an important thing to know about horses is that they are highly intelligent animals, actually ranking as the seventh smartest animal in the world, not far behind dogs (who are number four). Horses are also herbivores, making them easily targeted by carnivores, so they have a strong fight or flight instinct. That means they tend to get spooked easily, making it a tad difficult to train at times. One of the first types of training to work on is desensitizing. Since they are easily spooked, gradually

To break a horse, start training right away. The more time you spend with your horse, the better relationship you will have and the more the horse will trust you. You also need to establish yourself as the leader. Horses are social animals and will look to you as a leader to follow. Some other things you can train your horse safely are to neck rein and direct rein. You can also

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