Summer 2018 NFL MidTier

/ SUMMER 2018



MEN -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Go The Route KADM - 853 $15.00 / $30.00

Power Slot KFFP - 551 $16.00 / $32.00

Tough Hit KFFR - 560 $17.50 / $35.00

Gameday Club KBEE - 206 $27.50 / $55.00

Spark Movement KBEB - 206 $17.50 / $35.00

Edge Rush KFSA - 555 $15.00 / $30.00

Travel Squad KTP2 - 556 $14.00 / $28.00

Curl Route K623 - 558 $12.50 / $25.00


WOMEN -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Cunning Play KFLF - 561 $16.00 / $32.00

Break The Tie KFLJ - 570 $16.00 / $32.00

Draft Me KHBA - 573 $27.50 / $55.00

We Are On Top KFLA - 575 $13.00 / $26.00

Through Thick Or Thin KFLV - 577 $16.00 / $32.00

Country of Origin: Imported

GO THE ROUTE KADM-853 KADM-941P-8W-853 DESCRIPTION •Crew neck tank.

•Screen print •BIG & TALL •150 gsm 55/45 Cotton/Polyester Twisted Stripe Jersey •150 gsm 100% Cotton Jersey

SIZES S-2XL $15.00 / $30.00 AVAILABILITY DATE 04/15/18

Arizona Cardinals KADM-018Q-71-853 Gray Twisted Stripe-Bright Garnet

Atlanta Falcons KADM-019Q-87-853 Gray Twisted Stripe-Bright Cardinal

Baltimore Ravens KADM-020Q-8G-853 Gray Twisted Stripe-Dark Purple

Buffalo Bills KADM-021Q-81-853 Gray Twisted Stripe-Deep Royal

Carolina Panthers KADM-022Q-77-853 Gray Twisted Stripe-Electric Blue

Chicago Bears KADM-023Q-7Q-853 Gray Twisted Stripe- Traditional Navy

Cincinnati Bengals KADM-024Q-8X-853 Gray Twisted Stripe-Black

Cleveland Browns KADM-025Q-93-853 Gray Twisted Stripe-Classic Brown

Denver Broncos KADM-941P-8W-853 Gray Twisted Stripe-Athletic Navy

Detroit Lions KADM-026Q-9S-853 Gray Twisted Stripe-Sport Blue

Green Bay Packers KADM-027Q-7T-853 Gray Twisted Stripe-Dark Green

Houston Texans KADM-023Q-8V-853 Gray Twisted Stripe- Traditional Navy

Indianapolis Colts KADM-028Q-89-853 Gray Twisted Stripe-Stadium Blue

Jacksonville Jaguars KADM-024Q-9N-853 Gray Twisted Stripe-Black

Kansas City Chiefs KADM-029Q-7G-853 Gray Twisted Stripe-Athletic Red

Los Angeles Chargers KADM-941P-9Q-853 Gray Twisted Stripe-Athletic Navy

Los Angeles Rams KADM-941P-9T-853 Gray Twisted Stripe-Athletic Navy

Miami Dolphins KADM-030Q-9P-853 Gray Twisted Stripe-New Aqua

Minnesota Vikings KADM-031Q-9M-853 Gray Twisted Stripe-Regal Purple

New England Patriots KADM-941P-8K-853 Gray Twisted Stripe-Athletic Navy

New Orleans Saints KADM-024Q-7W-853 Gray Twisted Stripe-Black

New York Giants KADM-021Q-8I-853 Gray Twisted Stripe-Deep Royal

New York Jets KADM-027Q-8Z-853 Gray Twisted Stripe-Dark Green

Oakland Raiders KADM-024Q-8D-853 Gray Twisted Stripe-Black

Philadelphia Eagles KADM-032Q-86-853 Gray Twisted Stripe-Marine Green

Pittsburgh Steelers KADM-024Q-7L-853 Gray Twisted Stripe-Black

San Francisco 49ers KADM-019Q-73-853 Gray Twisted Stripe-Bright Cardinal

Seattle Seahawks KADM-941P-78-853 Gray Twisted Stripe-Athletic Navy

Tampa Bay Buccaneers KADM-029Q-9Y-853 Gray Twisted Stripe-Athletic Red

Tennessee Titans KADM-941P-8F-853 Gray Twisted Stripe-Athletic Navy

Washington Redskins KADM-033Q-8C-853 Gray Twisted Stripe-Dark Garnet

POWER SLOT KFFP-551 KFFP-601P-8W-551 DESCRIPTION •Short sleeve crew neck tee. •Softhand screen print •BIG & TALL •150 gsm 55/45 Cotton/Polyester Twisted Stripe Jersey

SIZES S-2XL $16.00 / $32.00 AVAILABILITY DATE 04/15/18

Arizona Cardinals KFFP-601P-71-551 Gray Twisted Stripe

Atlanta Falcons KFFP-601P-87-551 Gray Twisted Stripe

Baltimore Ravens KFFP-601P-8G-551 Gray Twisted Stripe

Buffalo Bills KFFP-601P-81-551 Gray Twisted Stripe

Carolina Panthers KFFP-601P-77-551 Gray Twisted Stripe

Chicago Bears KFFP-601P-7Q-551 Gray Twisted Stripe

Cincinnati Bengals KFFP-601P-8X-551 Gray Twisted Stripe

Cleveland Browns KFFP-601P-93-551 Gray Twisted Stripe

Denver Broncos KFFP-601P-8W-551 Gray Twisted Stripe

Detroit Lions KFFP-601P-9S-551 Gray Twisted Stripe

Green Bay Packers KFFP-601P-7T-551 Gray Twisted Stripe

Houston Texans KFFP-601P-8V-551 Gray Twisted Stripe

Indianapolis Colts KFFP-601P-89-551 Gray Twisted Stripe

Jacksonville Jaguars KFFP-601P-9N-551 Gray Twisted Stripe

Kansas City Chiefs KFFP-601P-7G-551 Gray Twisted Stripe

Los Angeles Chargers KFFP-601P-9Q-551 Gray Twisted Stripe

Los Angeles Rams KFFP-601P-9T-551 Gray Twisted Stripe

Miami Dolphins KFFP-601P-9P-551 Gray Twisted Stripe

Minnesota Vikings KFFP-601P-9M-551 Gray Twisted Stripe

New England Patriots KFFP-601P-8K-551 Gray Twisted Stripe

New Orleans Saints KFFP-601P-7W-551 Gray Twisted Stripe

New York Giants KFFP-601P-8I-551 Gray Twisted Stripe

New York Jets KFFP-601P-8Z-551 Gray Twisted Stripe

Oakland Raiders KFFP-601P-8D-551 Gray Twisted Stripe

Philadelphia Eagles KFFP-601P-86-551 Gray Twisted Stripe

Pittsburgh Steelers KFFP-601P-7L-551 Gray Twisted Stripe

San Francisco 49ers KFFP-601P-73-551 Gray Twisted Stripe

Seattle Seahawks KFFP-601P-78-551 Gray Twisted Stripe

Tampa Bay Buccaneers KFFP-601P-9Y-551 Gray Twisted Stripe

Tennessee Titans KFFP-601P-8F-551 Gray Twisted Stripe

Washington Redskins KFFP-601P-8C-551 Gray Twisted Stripe

TOUGH HIT KFFR-560 KFFR-183B-8W-560 DESCRIPTION •3/4-sleeve raglan crew neck tee. Curved droptail hem. •Weathered softhand screen print •BIG & TALL •MVP •160 gsm 71/24/5 Cotton/Polyester/Spandex Brushed Jersey •160 gsm 58/38/4 Cotton/Polyester/Spandex Brushed Jersey •FLEX BLEND

SIZES S-3XL $17.50 / $35.00 AVAILABILITY DATE 04/15/18

Arizona Cardinals KFFR-311B-71-560 Athletic Gray Heather-Bright Garnet

Atlanta Falcons KFFR-793B-87-560 Athletic Gray Heather-Bright Cardinal

Baltimore Ravens KFFR-796B-8G-560 Athletic Gray Heather-Dark Purple

Buffalo Bills KFFR-316B-81-560 Athletic Gray Heather-Deep Royal

Carolina Panthers KFFR-797B-77-560 Athletic Gray Heather-Electric Blue

Chicago Bears KFFR-803B-7Q-560 Athletic Gray Heather- Traditional Navy

Cincinnati Bengals KFFR-308B-8X-560 Athletic Gray Heather-Black

Cleveland Browns KFFR-794B-93-560 Athletic Gray Heather-Classic Brown

Denver Broncos KFFR-183B-8W-560 Athletic Gray Heather-Athletic Navy

Detroit Lions KFFR-801B-9S-560 Athletic Gray Heather-Sport Blue

Green Bay Packers KFFR-314B-7T-560 Athletic Gray Heather-Dark Green

Houston Texans KFFR-803B-8V-560 Athletic Gray Heather- Traditional Navy

Indianapolis Colts KFFR-802B-89-560 Athletic Gray Heather-Stadium Blue

Jacksonville Jaguars KFFR-308B-9N-560 Athletic Gray Heather-Black

Kansas City Chiefs KFFR-305B-7G-560 Athletic Gray Heather-Athletic Red

Los Angeles Chargers KFFR-183B-9Q-560 Athletic Gray Heather-Athletic Navy

Los Angeles Rams KFFR-183B-9T-560 Athletic Gray Heather-Athletic Navy

Miami Dolphins KFFR-760K-9P-560 Athletic Gray Heather-New Aqua

Minnesota Vikings KFFR-799B-9M-560 Athletic Gray Heather-Regal Purple

New England Patriots KFFR-183B-8K-560 Athletic Gray Heather-Athletic Navy

New Orleans Saints KFFR-308B-7W-560 Athletic Gray Heather-Black

New York Giants KFFR-316B-8I-560 Athletic Gray Heather-Deep Royal

New York Jets KFFR-314B-8Z-560 Athletic Gray Heather-Dark Green

Oakland Raiders KFFR-308B-8D-560 Athletic Gray Heather-Black

Philadelphia Eagles KFFR-798B-86-560 Athletic Gray Heather-Marine Green

Pittsburgh Steelers KFFR-308B-7L-560 Athletic Gray Heather-Black

San Francisco 49ers KFFR-793B-73-560 Athletic Gray Heather-Bright Cardinal

Seattle Seahawks KFFR-183B-78-560 Athletic Gray Heather-Athletic Navy

Tampa Bay Buccaneers KFFR-305B-9Y-560 Athletic Gray Heather-Athletic Red

Tennessee Titans KFFR-183B-8F-560 Athletic Gray Heather-Athletic Navy

Washington Redskins KFFR-795B-8C-560 Athletic Gray Heather-Dark Garnet

GAMEDAY CLUB KBEE-206 KBEE-011F-8W-206 DESCRIPTION •Short sleeve raglan 3-button polo. Hidden buttons. •Heat transfer •BIG & TALL •MVP •140 gsm 100% Polyester Interlock •140 gsm 100% Polyester Interlock with Embossed Carbon Weave

SIZES S-3XL $27.50 / $55.00 AVAILABILITY DATE 04/15/18

Arizona Cardinals KBEE-1507-71-206 Black-Bright Garnet

Atlanta Falcons KBEE-4991-87-206 Black-Bright Cardinal

Atlanta Falcons KBEE-5536-87-206 Bright Cardinal-Black

Baltimore Ravens KBEE-1836-8G-206 Black-Dark Purple

Baltimore Ravens KBEE-4488-8G-206 Dark Purple-Black

Buffalo Bills KBEE-3264-81-206 Deep Royal-Athletic Red

Carolina Panthers KBEE-2006-77-206 Black-Electric Blue

Chicago Bears KBEE-010F-7Q-206 Classic Orange-Traditional Navy

Chicago Bears KBEE-983E-7Q-206 Traditional Navy-Classic Orange

Cincinnati Bengals KBEE-5402-8X-206 Black-Dark Orange

Cleveland Browns KBEE-538K-93-206 Classic Brown-Fire Red

Denver Broncos KBEE-011F-8W-206 Athletic Navy-Classic Orange

Denver Broncos KBEE-966E-8W-206 Classic Orange-Athletic Navy

Detroit Lions KBEE-2767-9S-206 Sport Blue-Stone Gray

Green Bay Packers KBEE-2631-7T-206 Yellow Gold-Dark Green

Green Bay Packers KBEE-2019-7T-206 Dark Green-Yellow Gold

Houston Texans KBEE-6558-8V-206 Traditional Navy-Bright Cardinal

Indianapolis Colts KBEE-2899-89-206 Stadium Blue-White

Jacksonville Jaguars KBEE-0122-9N-206 Black-Active Blue

Kansas City Chiefs KBEE-3172-7G-206 Athletic Red-Yellow Gold

Los Angeles Chargers KBEE-4527-9Q-206 Athletic Navy-White

Los Angeles Rams KBEE-4527-9T-206 Athletic Navy-White

Miami Dolphins KBEE-593F-9P-206 New Aqua-Sunburst

Minnesota Vikings KBEE-597F-9M-206 Regal Purple-Classic Gold

New England Patriots KBEE-4536-8K-206 Athletic Navy-Stone Gray

New England Patriots KBEE-4535-8K-206 Stone Gray-Athletic Navy

New Orleans Saints KBEE-2103-7W-206 Black-Harvest Gold

New York Giants KBEE-3264-8I-206 Deep Royal-Athletic Red

New York Jets KBEE-2952-8Z-206 Dark Green-White

Oakland Raiders KBEE-4556-8D-206 Black-Sport Gray

Philadelphia Eagles KBEE-2122-86-206 Black-Marine Green

Pittsburgh Steelers KBEE-2011-7L-206 Black-Yellow Gold

San Francisco 49ers KBEE-4991-73-206 Black-Bright Cardinal

Seattle Seahawks KBEE-755E-78-206 Athletic Navy-Bright Green

Seattle Seahawks KBEE-762E-78-206 Bright Green-Athletic Navy

Tampa Bay Buccaneers KBEE-1428-9Y-206 Athletic Red-White

Tampa Bay Buccaneers KBEE-809G-9Y-206 Athletic Red-Classic Pewter

Tennessee Titans KBEE-4635-8F-206 Athletic Navy-Coastal Blue

Washington Redskins KBEE-8142-8C-206 Dark Garnet-Yellow Gold

SPARK MOVEMENT KBEB-206 KBEB-011F-8W-206 DESCRIPTION •BIG & TALL •Short. Contrast trims. On-seam pockets. Inseam 10". •Heat transfer •140 gsm 100% Polyester Interlock •140 gsm 100% Polyester Interlock with Embossed Carbon Weave

SIZES S-2XL $17.50 / $35.00 AVAILABILITY DATE 04/15/18

Arizona Cardinals KBEB-2244-71-206 Bright Garnet-Black

Atlanta Falcons KBEB-5536-87-206 Bright Cardinal-Black

Baltimore Ravens KBEB-1836-8G-206 Black-Dark Purple

Buffalo Bills KBEB-3264-81-206 Deep Royal-Athletic Red

Carolina Panthers KBEB-2125-77-206 Electric Blue-Black

Chicago Bears KBEB-983E-7Q-206 Traditional Navy-Classic Orange

Cincinnati Bengals KBEB-5402-8X-206 Black-Dark Orange

Cleveland Browns KBEB-538K-93-206 Classic Brown-Fire Red

Denver Broncos KBEB-011F-8W-206 Athletic Navy-Classic Orange

Detroit Lions KBEB-2767-9S-206 Sport Blue-Stone Gray

Green Bay Packers KBEB-2019-7T-206 Dark Green-Yellow Gold

Houston Texans KBEB-6558-8V-206 Traditional Navy-Bright Cardinal

Indianapolis Colts KBEB-2899-89-206 Stadium Blue-White

Jacksonville Jaguars KBEB-0122-9N-206 Black-Active Blue

Kansas City Chiefs KBEB-3172-7G-206 Athletic Red-Yellow Gold

Los Angeles Chargers KBEB-4527-9Q-206 Athletic Navy-White

Los Angeles Rams KBEB-4527-9T-206 Athletic Navy-White

Miami Dolphins KBEB-593F-9P-206 New Aqua-Sunburst

Minnesota Vikings KBEB-597F-9M-206 Regal Purple-Classic Gold

New England Patriots KBEB-4536-8K-206 Athletic Navy-Stone Gray

New Orleans Saints KBEB-2103-7W-206 Black-Harvest Gold

New York Giants KBEB-3264-8I-206 Deep Royal-Athletic Red

New York Jets KBEB-1057-8Z-206 Dark Green-Black

Oakland Raiders KBEB-4556-8D-206 Black-Sport Gray

Philadelphia Eagles KBEB-202A-86-206 Marine Green-Black

Pittsburgh Steelers KBEB-2011-7L-206 Black-Yellow Gold

San Francisco 49ers KBEB-5536-73-206 Bright Cardinal-Black

Seattle Seahawks KBEB-755E-78-206 Athletic Navy-Bright Green

Tampa Bay Buccaneers KBEB-809G-9Y-206 Athletic Red-Classic Pewter

Tennessee Titans KBEB-4635-8F-206 Athletic Navy-Coastal Blue

Washington Redskins KBEB-8142-8C-206 Dark Garnet-Yellow Gold

EDGE RUSH KFSA-555 KFSA-4506-8W-555 DESCRIPTION •Short sleeve crew neck tee. •Reflective ink print •BIG & TALL •145 gsm 100% Polyester Zephyr Solid Jersey Preset

SIZES S-2XL $15.00 / $30.00 AVAILABILITY DATE 04/15/18

Arizona Cardinals KFSA-127A-71-555 Black

Atlanta Falcons KFSA-8415-87-555 Bright Cardinal

Baltimore Ravens KFSA-0501-8G-555 Dark Purple

Buffalo Bills KFSA-2894-81-555 Stadium Blue

Carolina Panthers KFSA-127A-77-555 Black

Chicago Bears KFSA-4507-7Q-555 Traditional Navy

Cincinnati Bengals KFSA-127A-8X-555 Black

Cleveland Browns KFSA-4034-93-555 Classic Brown

Denver Broncos KFSA-4506-8W-555 Athletic Navy

Detroit Lions KFSA-127A-9S-555 Black

Green Bay Packers KFSA-0565-7T-555 Dark Green

Houston Texans KFSA-4507-8V-555 Traditional Navy

Indianapolis Colts KFSA-2894-89-555 Stadium Blue

Jacksonville Jaguars KFSA-127A-9N-555 Black

Kansas City Chiefs KFSA-0484-7G-555 Athletic Red

Los Angeles Chargers KFSA-4506-9Q-555 Athletic Navy

Los Angeles Rams KFSA-4506-9T-555 Athletic Navy

Miami Dolphins KFSA-590F-9P-555 New Aqua

Minnesota Vikings KFSA-4505-9M-555 Regal Purple

New England Patriots KFSA-4506-8K-555 Athletic Navy

New Orleans Saints KFSA-127A-7W-555 Black

New York Giants KFSA-2894-8I-555 Stadium Blue

New York Jets KFSA-0565-8Z-555 Dark Green

Oakland Raiders KFSA-127A-8D-555 Black

Philadelphia Eagles KFSA-127A-86-555 Black

Pittsburgh Steelers KFSA-127A-7L-555 Black

San Francisco 49ers KFSA-8415-73-555 Bright Cardinal

Seattle Seahawks KFSA-4506-78-555 Athletic Navy

Tampa Bay Buccaneers KFSA-0484-9Y-555 Athletic Red

Tennessee Titans KFSA-4506-8F-555 Athletic Navy

Washington Redskins KFSA-127A-8C-555 Black

TRAVEL SQUAD KTP2-556 KTP2-127A-8W-556 DESCRIPTION •Short sleeve crew neck tee. •Reflective ink print with foil decoration •BIG & TALL •150 gsm 100% Cotton Jersey

SIZES S-2XL $14.00 / $28.00 AVAILABILITY DATE 04/15/18

Arizona Cardinals KTP2-127A-71-556 Black

Atlanta Falcons KTP2-127A-87-556 Black

Baltimore Ravens KTP2-127A-8G-556 Black

Buffalo Bills KTP2-127A-81-556 Black

Carolina Panthers KTP2-127A-77-556 Black

Chicago Bears KTP2-127A-7Q-556 Black

Cincinnati Bengals KTP2-127A-8X-556 Black

Cleveland Browns KTP2-127A-93-556 Black

Denver Broncos KTP2-127A-8W-556 Black

Detroit Lions KTP2-127A-9S-556 Black

Green Bay Packers KTP2-127A-7T-556 Black

Houston Texans KTP2-127A-8V-556 Black

Indianapolis Colts KTP2-127A-89-556 Black

Jacksonville Jaguars KTP2-127A-9N-556 Black

Kansas City Chiefs KTP2-127A-7G-556 Black

Los Angeles Chargers KTP2-127A-9Q-556 Black

Los Angeles Rams KTP2-127A-9T-556 Black

Miami Dolphins KTP2-127A-9P-556 Black

Minnesota Vikings KTP2-127A-9M-556 Black

New England Patriots KTP2-127A-8K-556 Black

New Orleans Saints KTP2-127A-7W-556 Black

New York Giants KTP2-127A-8I-556 Black

New York Jets KTP2-127A-8Z-556 Black

Oakland Raiders KTP2-127A-8D-556 Black

Philadelphia Eagles KTP2-127A-86-556 Black

Pittsburgh Steelers KTP2-127A-7L-556 Black

San Francisco 49ers KTP2-127A-73-556 Black

Seattle Seahawks KTP2-127A-78-556 Black

Tampa Bay Buccaneers KTP2-127A-9Y-556 Black

Tennessee Titans KTP2-127A-8F-556 Black

Washington Redskins KTP2-127A-8C-556 Black

CURL ROUTE K623-558 K623-2007-8W-558

DESCRIPTION •Scoop neck tank. •Reflective ink print •BIG & TALL •150 gsm 100% Cotton Jersey SIZES S-2XL $12.50 / $25.00 AVAILABILITY DATE 04/15/18

Arizona Cardinals K623-2007-71-558 Black-Steel Heather

Atlanta Falcons K623-2007-87-558 Black-Steel Heather

Baltimore Ravens K623-2007-8G-558 Black-Steel Heather

Buffalo Bills K623-2007-81-558 Black-Steel Heather

Carolina Panthers K623-2007-77-558 Black-Steel Heather

Chicago Bears K623-2007-7Q-558 Black-Steel Heather

Cincinnati Bengals K623-2007-8X-558 Black-Steel Heather

Cleveland Browns K623-2007-93-558 Black-Steel Heather

Denver Broncos K623-2007-8W-558 Black-Steel Heather

Detroit Lions K623-2007-9S-558 Black-Steel Heather

Green Bay Packers K623-2007-7T-558 Black-Steel Heather

Houston Texans K623-2007-8V-558 Black-Steel Heather

Indianapolis Colts K623-2007-89-558 Black-Steel Heather

Jacksonville Jaguars K623-2007-9N-558 Black-Steel Heather

Kansas City Chiefs K623-2007-7G-558 Black-Steel Heather

Los Angeles Chargers K623-2007-9Q-558 Black-Steel Heather

Los Angeles Rams K623-2007-9T-558 Black-Steel Heather

Miami Dolphins K623-2007-9P-558 Black-Steel Heather

Minnesota Vikings K623-2007-9M-558 Black-Steel Heather

New England Patriots K623-2007-8K-558 Black-Steel Heather

New Orleans Saints K623-2007-7W-558 Black-Steel Heather

New York Giants K623-2007-8I-558 Black-Steel Heather

New York Jets K623-2007-8Z-558 Black-Steel Heather

Oakland Raiders K623-2007-8D-558 Black-Steel Heather

Philadelphia Eagles K623-2007-86-558 Black-Steel Heather

Pittsburgh Steelers K623-2007-7L-558 Black-Steel Heather

San Francisco 49ers K623-2007-73-558 Black-Steel Heather

Seattle Seahawks K623-2007-78-558 Black-Steel Heather

Tampa Bay Buccaneers K623-2007-9Y-558 Black-Steel Heather

Tennessee Titans K623-2007-8F-558 Black-Steel Heather

Washington Redskins K623-2007-8C-558 Black-Steel Heather

CUNNING PLAY KFLF-561 KFLF-796P-8W-561 DESCRIPTION •Sleeveless notch neck muscle tee. Curved hem.

•Screen print •PLUS SIZES •145 gsm 100% Cotton Jersey Roller Print Diamond Spiral Mesh •130 gsm 100% Cotton Jersey

SIZES XS-XXL $16.00 / $32.00 AVAILABILITY DATE 04/15/18

Arizona Cardinals KFLF-811P-71-561 White And Griffin-Bright Garnet

Atlanta Falcons KFLF-812P-87-561 White And Griffin-Bright Cardinal

Baltimore Ravens KFLF-813P-8G-561 White And Griffin-Dark Purple

Buffalo Bills KFLF-795P-81-561 White And Griffin-Deep Royal

Carolina Panthers KFLF-814P-77-561 White And Griffin-Electric Blue

Chicago Bears KFLF-815P-7Q-561 White And Griffin-Traditional Navy

Cincinnati Bengals KFLF-816P-8X-561 White And Griffin-Black

Cleveland Browns KFLF-817P-93-561 White And Griffin-Classic Brown

Denver Broncos KFLF-796P-8W-561 White And Griffin-Athletic Navy

Detroit Lions KFLF-819P-9S-561 White And Griffin-Sport Blue

Green Bay Packers KFLF-820P-7T-561 White And Griffin-Dark Green

Houston Texans KFLF-815P-8V-561 White And Griffin-Traditional Navy

Indianapolis Colts KFLF-821P-89-561 White And Griffin-Stadium Blue

Jacksonville Jaguars KFLF-816P-9N-561 White And Griffin-Black

Kansas City Chiefs KFLF-822P-7G-561 White And Griffin-Athletic Red

Los Angeles Chargers KFLF-796P-9Q-561 White And Griffin-Athletic Navy

Los Angeles Rams KFLF-796P-9T-561 White And Griffin-Athletic Navy

Miami Dolphins KFLF-823P-9P-561 White And Griffin-New Aqua

Minnesota Vikings KFLF-824P-9M-561 White And Griffin-Regal Purple

New England Patriots KFLF-796P-8K-561 White And Griffin-Athletic Navy

New Orleans Saints KFLF-816P-7W-561 White And Griffin-Black

New York Giants KFLF-795P-8I-561 White And Griffin-Deep Royal

New York Jets KFLF-820P-8Z-561 White And Griffin-Dark Green

Oakland Raiders KFLF-816P-8D-561 White And Griffin-Black

Philadelphia Eagles KFLF-825P-86-561 White And Griffin-Marine Green

Pittsburgh Steelers KFLF-816P-7L-561 White And Griffin-Black

San Francisco 49ers KFLF-812P-73-561 White And Griffin-Bright Cardinal

Seattle Seahawks KFLF-796P-78-561 White And Griffin-Athletic Navy

Tampa Bay Buccaneers KFLF-822P-9Y-561 White And Griffin-Athletic Red

Tennessee Titans KFLF-796P-8F-561 White And Griffin-Athletic Navy

Washington Redskins KFLF-826P-8C-561 White And Griffin-Dark Garnet

BREAK THE TIE KFLJ-570 KFLJ-4527-8W-570 DESCRIPTION •Short sleeve scoop neck tee. Curved droptail hem. Relaxed fit. •Screen print with foil decoration •PLUS SIZES •110 gsm 65/35 Polyester/Cotton Deluxe Jersey

SIZES XS-XXL $16.00 / $32.00 AVAILABILITY DATE 04/15/18

Arizona Cardinals KFLJ-2448-71-570 Bright Garnet-White

Atlanta Falcons KFLJ-4959-87-570 Bright Cardinal-White

Baltimore Ravens KFLJ-4386-8G-570 Dark Purple-White

Buffalo Bills KFLJ-3468-81-570 Deep Royal-White

Carolina Panthers KFLJ-5595-77-570 Electric Blue-White

Chicago Bears KFLJ-4529-7Q-570 Traditional Navy-White

Cincinnati Bengals KFLJ-1084-8X-570 Black-White

Cleveland Browns KFLJ-3827-93-570 Classic Brown-White

Denver Broncos KFLJ-4527-8W-570 Athletic Navy-White

Detroit Lions KFLJ-2981-9S-570 Sport Blue-White

Green Bay Packers KFLJ-2952-7T-570 Dark Green-White

Houston Texans KFLJ-4529-8V-570 Traditional Navy-White

Indianapolis Colts KFLJ-2899-89-570 Stadium Blue-White

Jacksonville Jaguars KFLJ-1084-9N-570 Black-White

Kansas City Chiefs KFLJ-1428-7G-570 Athletic Red-White

Los Angeles Chargers KFLJ-4527-9Q-570 Athletic Navy-White

Los Angeles Rams KFLJ-4527-9T-570 Athletic Navy-White

Miami Dolphins KFLJ-615F-9P-570 New Aqua-White

Minnesota Vikings KFLJ-4612-9M-570 Regal Purple-White

New England Patriots KFLJ-4527-8K-570 Athletic Navy-White

New Orleans Saints KFLJ-1084-7W-570 Black-White

New York Giants KFLJ-3468-8I-570 Deep Royal-White

New York Jets KFLJ-2952-8Z-570 Dark Green-White

Oakland Raiders KFLJ-1084-8D-570 Black-White

Philadelphia Eagles KFLJ-2957-86-570 Marine Green-White

Pittsburgh Steelers KFLJ-1084-7L-570 Black-White

San Francisco 49ers KFLJ-4959-73-570 Bright Cardinal-White

Seattle Seahawks KFLJ-4527-78-570 Athletic Navy-White

Tampa Bay Buccaneers KFLJ-1428-9Y-570 Athletic Red-White

Tennessee Titans KFLJ-4527-8F-570 Athletic Navy-White

Washington Redskins KFLJ-3876-8C-570 Dark Garnet-White

DRAFT ME KHBA-573 KHBA-942P-8W-573 DESCRIPTION •Short sleeve lace-up neck tee. Droptail hem. Contrast trim. Relaxed fit. •Self-fabric applique with foil decoration on front. Screen print with foil decoration sleeve stripes. Woven locker tag. •PLUS SIZES •MVP

•130 gsm 100% Polyester Warp Knit Mesh •145 gsm 100% Polyester Brushed Interlock

SIZES XS-XXL $27.50 / $55.00 AVAILABILITY DATE 04/15/18

Arizona Cardinals KHBA-531B-71-573 White-Bright Garnet-White- White

Atlanta Falcons KHBA-235M-87-573 White-Bright Cardinal-Black- White

Baltimore Ravens KHBA-246M-8G-573 White-Dark Purple-Black- White

Buffalo Bills KHBA-233M-81-573 White-Deep Royal-Athletic Red-White

Carolina Panthers KHBA-231M-77-573 White-Electric Blue-Black- White

Chicago Bears KHBA-240M-7Q-573 White-Traditional Navy- Classic Orange-White

Cincinnati Bengals KHBA-251M-8X-573 White-Black-Dark Orange- White

Cleveland Browns KHBA-237M-93-573 White-Classic Brown-Fire Red-White

Denver Broncos KHBA-942P-8W-573 White-Athletic Navy-Classic Orange-White

Detroit Lions KHBA-230M-9S-573 White-Sport Blue-Stone Gray- White

Green Bay Packers KHBA-241M-7T-573 White-Dark Green-Yellow Gold-White

Houston Texans KHBA-249M-8V-573 White-Traditional Navy-Bright Cardinal-White

Indianapolis Colts KHBA-236M-89-573 White-Stadium Blue-White- White

Jacksonville Jaguars KHBA-253M-9N-573 White-Black-Active Blue- White

Kansas City Chiefs KHBA-238M-7G-573 White-Athletic Red-Yellow Gold-White

Los Angeles Chargers KHBA-453K-9Q-573 White-Athletic Navy-White- White

Los Angeles Rams KHBA-453K-9T-573 White-Athletic Navy-White- White

Miami Dolphins KHBA-881L-9P-573 White-New Aqua-Sunburst- White

Minnesota Vikings KHBA-252M-9M-573 White-Regal Purple-Classic Gold-White

New England Patriots KHBA-247M-8K-573 White-Athletic Navy-Stone Gray-White

New Orleans Saints KHBA-242M-7W-573 White-Black-Harvest Gold- White

New York Giants KHBA-233M-8I-573 White-Deep Royal-Athletic Red-White

New York Jets KHBA-532B-8Z-573 White-Dark Green-White- White

Oakland Raiders KHBA-244M-8D-573 White-Black-Sport Gray-White

Philadelphia Eagles KHBA-234M-86-573 White-Marine Green-Black- White

Pittsburgh Steelers KHBA-239M-7L-573 White-Black-Yellow Gold- White

San Francisco 49ers KHBA-229M-73-573 White-Bright Cardinal-Harvest Gold-White

Seattle Seahawks KHBA-232M-78-573 White-Athletic Navy-Bright Green-White

Tampa Bay Buccaneers KHBA-254M-9Y-573 White-Athletic Red-Classic Pewter-White

Tennessee Titans KHBA-245M-8F-573 White-Athletic Navy-Coastal Blue-White

Washington Redskins KHBA-243M-8C-573 White-Dark Garnet-Yellow Gold-White

WERE ON TOP KFLA-575 KFLA-4506-8W-575 DESCRIPTION •Scoop neck racerback tank. Curved droptail hem. •Reflective ink print with foil decoration •PLUS SIZES •110 gsm 65/35 Polyester/Cotton Deluxe Jersey

SIZES XS-XXL $13.00 / $26.00 AVAILABILITY DATE 04/15/18

Arizona Cardinals KFLA-171B-71-575 Athletic Gray Heather

Atlanta Falcons KFLA-127A-87-575 Black

Baltimore Ravens KFLA-171B-8G-575 Athletic Gray Heather

Buffalo Bills KFLA-1746-81-575 Deep Royal

Carolina Panthers KFLA-127A-77-575 Black

Chicago Bears KFLA-4506-7Q-575 Athletic Navy

Cincinnati Bengals KFLA-127A-8X-575 Black

Cleveland Browns KFLA-171B-93-575 Athletic Gray Heather

Denver Broncos KFLA-4506-8W-575 Athletic Navy

Detroit Lions KFLA-171B-9S-575 Athletic Gray Heather

Green Bay Packers KFLA-0565-7T-575 Dark Green

Houston Texans KFLA-4506-8V-575 Athletic Navy

Indianapolis Colts KFLA-1746-89-575 Deep Royal

Jacksonville Jaguars KFLA-127A-9N-575 Black

Kansas City Chiefs KFLA-0484-7G-575 Athletic Red

Los Angeles Chargers KFLA-4506-9Q-575 Athletic Navy

Los Angeles Rams KFLA-4506-9T-575 Athletic Navy

Miami Dolphins KFLA-171B-9P-575 Athletic Gray Heather

Minnesota Vikings KFLA-171B-9M-575 Athletic Gray Heather

New England Patriots KFLA-4506-8K-575 Athletic Navy

New Orleans Saints KFLA-127A-7W-575 Black

New York Giants KFLA-1746-8I-575 Deep Royal

New York Jets KFLA-0565-8Z-575 Dark Green

Oakland Raiders KFLA-127A-8D-575 Black

Philadelphia Eagles KFLA-127A-86-575 Black

Pittsburgh Steelers KFLA-127A-7L-575 Black

San Francisco 49ers KFLA-171B-73-575 Athletic Gray Heather

Seattle Seahawks KFLA-4506-78-575 Athletic Navy

Tampa Bay Buccaneers KFLA-171B-9Y-575 Athletic Gray Heather

Tennessee Titans KFLA-4506-8F-575 Athletic Navy

Washington Redskins KFLA-171B-8C-575 Athletic Gray Heather

THROUGH THICK OR THIN KFLV-577 KFLV-386K-8W-577 DESCRIPTION •Short sleeve raglan v-neck tee. Curved hem. Contrast set-on sleeve stripes.

•Screen print •PLUS SIZES •150 gsm 60/40 Cotton/Polyester Hyper Slub Jersey •130 gsm 100% Cotton Jersey

SIZES S-XXL $16.00 / $32.00 AVAILABILITY DATE 04/15/18

Arizona Cardinals KFLV-784P-71-577 Hyper Charcoal Slub-White

Atlanta Falcons KFLV-784P-87-577 Hyper Charcoal Slub-White

Baltimore Ravens KFLV-784P-8G-577 Hyper Charcoal Slub-White

Buffalo Bills KFLV-377K-81-577 Hyper Blue Pepper Slub-White

Carolina Panthers KFLV-784P-77-577 Hyper Charcoal Slub-White

Chicago Bears KFLV-386K-7Q-577 Hyper Navy Pepper Slub- White

Cincinnati Bengals KFLV-784P-8X-577 Hyper Charcoal Slub-White

Cleveland Browns KFLV-784P-93-577 Hyper Charcoal Slub-White

Denver Broncos KFLV-386K-8W-577 Hyper Navy Pepper Slub- White

Detroit Lions KFLV-784P-9S-577 Hyper Charcoal Slub-White

Green Bay Packers KFLV-786P-7T-577 Hyper Dark Green Pepper Slub-White

Houston Texans KFLV-386K-8V-577 Hyper Navy Pepper Slub- White

Indianapolis Colts KFLV-377K-89-577 Hyper Blue Pepper Slub-White

Jacksonville Jaguars KFLV-784P-9N-577 Hyper Charcoal Slub-White

Kansas City Chiefs KFLV-394K-7G-577 Hyper Athletic Red Pepper Slub-White

Los Angeles Chargers KFLV-386K-9Q-577 Hyper Navy Pepper Slub- White

Los Angeles Rams KFLV-386K-9T-577 Hyper Navy Pepper Slub- White

Miami Dolphins KFLV-784P-9P-577 Hyper Charcoal Slub-White

Minnesota Vikings KFLV-784P-9M-577 Hyper Charcoal Slub-White

New England Patriots KFLV-386K-8K-577 Hyper Navy Pepper Slub- White

New Orleans Saints KFLV-784P-7W-577 Hyper Charcoal Slub-White

New York Giants KFLV-377K-8I-577 Hyper Blue Pepper Slub-White

New York Jets KFLV-629P-8Z-577 Hyper Dark Green Pepper Slub

Oakland Raiders KFLV-784P-8D-577 Hyper Charcoal Slub-White

Philadelphia Eagles KFLV-784P-86-577 Hyper Charcoal Slub-White

Pittsburgh Steelers KFLV-784P-7L-577 Hyper Charcoal Slub-White

San Francisco 49ers KFLV-784P-73-577 Hyper Charcoal Slub-White

Seattle Seahawks KFLV-386K-78-577 Hyper Navy Pepper Slub- White

Tampa Bay Buccaneers KFLV-394K-9Y-577 Hyper Athletic Red Pepper Slub-White

Tennessee Titans KFLV-386K-8F-577 Hyper Navy Pepper Slub- White

Washington Redskins KFLV-784P-8C-577 Hyper Charcoal Slub-White

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