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Bio Nutrition’s Harmon X with Lifenol ® is a proprietary blend of the highest quality herbal extracts and clinically tested Lifenol ® designed to relieve the symptomsmost commonly associatedwithmenopause.

Lifenol ® is a plant extract froma variety of hops that are rich in prenylflavonoids which promote estrogenic health and may result in the reduction in frequency and the duration of hot flashes due to menopause. In addition to hot flashes, Harmon X with Lifenol ® may assist with fatigue,mood swings,migraines, and night sweats as a result of menopause.* is a registered trademark of Naturex


Women’s PCQ Menopausal Support

Women’s PCQ with SelectSIEVE ® Apple PCQ for menopausal women has been clinically proven to reduce the caloric intake, prolong satiety effect, help the body activate the metabolism, boost energy and contribute to overall health due to its capacity to control blood sugar levels.*

SelectSIEVE ® Apple PCQ is a registered trademark of Principium SA

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