SS059 Yearbook Help

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The most comprehensive online yearbook resource – Yearbook Help . At, Walsworth’s exclusive and comprehensive online training website, you and your staff will find information on every yearbook topic from creating your yearbook to staff management. YEARBOOK HELP

• Yearbook Help is organized into five areas: Advisers Start Here; Using Online Design or Using InDesign/Creative Cloud; Marketing & Selling; Curriculum; and Register for Events. • Topics in the Important Now area change regularly – ensuring your staff will always know what they need to do next. • Concise instructional posts, presentations and videos help your staff learn the steps to creating your yearbook.

We are the only family-owned yearbook provider, and whatever your goals, we can help you achieve them. Our innovative tools and personalized service help you create amazing yearbooks and keep the yearbook tradition strong. Contact your Walsworth rep today to learn more! | 800.972.4968 | SS059

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