SS041 ETC. - Extra Topic Coverage

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ETC. - EXTRA TOPIC COVERAGE Cover the entire school year by creating a supplement . With Walsworth, it’s easy.

• Walsworth’s supplements are competitively priced. • Turnaround is quick – as fast as two weeks. • Supplements can be sent to print using any of Walsworth’s submission methods. • Include coverage after your last deadline, such as prom, graduation and sports playoffs. • Pricing is the same when supplements are used as literary magazines, sports championship season booklets, school directories, anniversary books or other commemorative publications.

We are the only family-owned yearbook provider, and whatever your goals, we can help you achieve them. Our innovative tools and personalized service help you create amazing yearbooks and keep the yearbook tradition strong. Contact your Walsworth rep today to learn more! | 800.972.4968 | SS041

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