SS007 Yearbook Suite

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“ The activities were short and easy to use, making the concepts very simple to review and go over with my students. I feel the ‘fluff’ is left out and the necessary skills to create a yearbook are kept in place. –Erica Aceret, adviser, Oswego High School, Oswego, Illinois

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• Student workbooks contain short lessons with activities to get students creating a yearbook faster. • The Adviser Edition contains each of the workbooks plus instructional tips and a list of Common Core State Standards met. • Each unit is written by experts in each topic, including four JEA Yearbook Advisers of the Year. • Purchase student workbooks by unit, so you get the material you need:

Staff management Design Interviewing Editing Coverage Photojournalism

Captions/headlines Theme development Marketing/advertising Writing Legal

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Our “New Advisers Field Guide to Yearbook” explains what you need to know and how and when to do it. It’s great for veteran advisers too. Get the PDF now at

We are the only family-owned yearbook provider, and whatever your goals, we can help you achieve them. Our innovative tools and personalized service help you create amazing yearbooks and keep the yearbook tradition strong. Contact your Walsworth rep today to learn more! | 800.972.4968 | SS007

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