SS006 Walsworth's Commitment

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WALSWORTH’S COMMITMENT Walsworth’s yearbook sales representatives are not afraid of

commitment . We are 100% dedicated, along with our customer service representatives, to meeting your needs and providing the best service.

• We are your partners, working with you to save you time and money while making your yearbook life easier. • We provide expertise in all areas of yearbook, from design and marketing to inspiration and fun.

• We give you quick and accurate responses to questions and issues.

• We give you the best training in the industry, in your classroom and at workshops.

• We bring integrity and competitive pricing to the budget process.

• Our flexibility enables us to meet the individual needs of your yearbook program.

• We are available. You can always reach one of us.

We are the only family-owned yearbook provider, and whatever your goals, we can help you achieve them. Our innovative tools and personalized service help you create amazing yearbooks and keep the yearbook tradition strong. Contact your Walsworth rep today to learn more! • Our Computer Support experts are available too, with hours in your time zone, via phone, email and online chat. • We mentioned fun, but it’s worth repeating. Yearbook work is less stressful when some fun is thrown in.

Photo by Mitchell A. Franz | 800.972.4968 | SS006

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