QSR January 2023


Operators report a return on investment in as little as nine months after installing this solution. TheEnd-to-EndSolutionthat Will IncreaseDrive-ThruVelocity andSales

The drive thru has long been the lifeblood of the quick-ser vice industry, but the pandemic helped refocus the attention of consumers and operators alike on the importance of an efficient drive-thru operation. Anything that helps speed up transactions, increase order accuracy, and help brands create a better expe rience for their customers has mutual benefit to quick-service brands and their loyal followers. Xenial (pronounced zee-nee-ul) is a single technology platform that offers “end-to-end, enterprise-ready restaurant solutions, cus tomer engagement tools, and global reach,” says Tracy Gallimore, vice president of sales with Xenial. “While others have been talking about the ‘drive-thru of the future,’ we’ve been building it,” Gallimore says. “Xenial Next-Gen Drive-Thru gives restaurants full visibility into their growing drive-thru channel, along with an integrated set of tools to drive

According to Gallimore, here’s how Xenial’s Next-Gen Drive Thru Controller can help restaurants increase velocity and sales within a drive thru. The systemhelps capture speed of servicemetrics in any facet of an operation’s drive thru with a timer system that is powered by cameras and artificial intelligence (ai). Xenial’s clients reduce drive-thru times by about 12 seconds or more when leveraging the company’s technology. Additionally, brands canmanage rising labor costs and address labor shortages with the system’s voice assistant ( “bot” ) -driven ordering and self-service kiosks, helping replace manual labor once done by employees. Restaurants enjoy an increase in average check size using AI-driven automated upselling, along with bright, engaging dis plays that help connect the brand to its consumers. Xenial’s cli

sales. It’s all powered by our pat ent-pending Next-Gen Drive-Thru Controller, which can give brands a return on investment in as little as nine months.”

ents report a 2.5 percent boost in overall sales and 2 percent increase in both LTO and combo meal upsells. The payment process can be simplified and sped up by using QR codes that help drive the customer to an online payment platform. Xenial ’s Next-Gen Drive-Thru Controller helps unite an ecosystem of products under its platform, including AI-enabled voice order ing, a recommendation engine, and camera based timer, along with ports for drive-thru hardware, such as base station, mic, speaker, and OCU. “With over 30 years of experience, Xenial has a direct presence in 62 countries, serving 51,000 locations and another 110,000 cloudmer chants, including 20 of the top 50 quick-ser vice brands in the U.S.,” Gallimore says. “Our namesake comes from the Greek word for hos pitality and that’s a reference to our obsession to power your enterprise’s hospitality success. We would love to connect with your brand and help introduce our solution for the future of the drive thru.” RET

“While others have been talking about the ‘drive-thru of the future,’ we’ve been building it.”

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