QSR January 2023


HowQuick-ServiceRestaurants CanElevate theSelf-Ordering Experience

Interactive kiosks help build loyalty and increase revenue.

Today’s convenience-driven culture is propelling significant reve nue for interactive kiosks. It is an indus try expected to nearly double to $45 bil lion worldwide by 2028, according to Statista. Customers are embracing self-ser vice technology and the benefits of a faster, easier journey. Two out of every three of themprefer having a friction less, self-service dining option. It’s eas ier and, in an era of an ongoing pan demic, it’s safer. Not only that, there is real, mea surable business value in kiosks and self-service: Restaurants witness a 30 percent increase in average check size when creating a frictionless order option. It’s why restaurants Acrelec works with—fromMcDonald’s to KFC toDunkin’ andBurgerKing—choose to accelerate their business through self service technologies.

peripherals, and software operations so restaurants receive alerts even before they realize there’s an issue. 2. PERSONALIZED DIGITAL ORDERING Creating a personalized brand-spe cific digital ordering solution is a great way to bui ld customer loy alty, increase average check size, and reduce order time. Acrelec’s Product Recommendation Engine harnesses AI to drive growth and better per formance with personalized product recommendations. The flexible digi tal ordering engine enables AB-tested content strategies and UI analytics. 3. TABLE SERVICE Acrelec uses wireless Bluetooth tech nology to help restaurant crews easily locate and serve customers when their orders are ready. It reduces downtime and increases customer loyalty. With a

Restaurants witness a 30 percent increase in average check size when creating a frictionless order option.

simple wireless installation, the fully customizable Acrelec Table Service solution can be quickly put to use to meet the unique needs of a restaurant—all with minimal crew training. Once online, the system uses complex algorithms fine-tuned over thousands of live implementations to easily find guests, whether they are waiting outdoors or inside. The crew member can then click on the highlighted number on the behind-the scenesmonitors to visualize and serve the customer a frictionless experience. Advanced table service technology Acrelec provides reduces customer wait time by 20 seconds per order. As a one-stop solution, Acrelec makes it easy from start to fin ish to restaurants looking for technology suites that offer a seam less, efficient self-service experience. Instead of working with multiple suppliers, which can cost time andmoney, Acrelec is the single source for customers, providing the hardware, software, and service to assist throughout the entire journey. RET

Acrelec’s deep knowledge of the quick-service and fast-casual industry has allowed it to evolve its expertise to the next level and provide leading-edge kiosk solutions. The company’s fully customizable technological advances, wide range of kiosks, and global support infrastructure make the difference and are why global brands have given Acrelec their trust. Specifically, here are threeways restaurants can up their game with self-service ordering and help drive growth. 1. SEAMLESS POS INTEGRATION With Acrelec’s cloud-based deployment tool, restaurants can deploy apps for integration with all major POS providers. They enable hardware and software for both Acrelec and third-party applications and effortlesslymanage device fleets remotely with the power of a cloud-based deployment tool called the ACRELEC Transformation Platform (atp). Acrelec monitors hardware,

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