Letter from the Editor7
Seed and Soil: Bridging the Rural/Urban Divide8
Seed and Soil: Between a Rock and a Hard Place12
Dish and Drink: The Spice is Right16
Dish and Drink: Come For the ‘Damn Good Beer,’ Stay For the Conversation20
Dish and Drink: What's Cookin' - Rosemary and Garlic Hasselback Potatoes22
Dish and Drink: Cocktail Class - Shanky's Power Flip25
Dish and Drink: Cultivating a Coffee Experience26
Reviving Downtown28
Peoria Retro: The Demetriou Plan34
Breathing New Life into Peoria’s Downtown40
Saving Old Buildings Is ‘In His Blood’42
Building Downtown’s Future One Building and Block At a Time46
Mom and Pop: Success Is a Marathon, Not a Sprint48
The Captains Behind the Curtain52
Devotion to Downtown56
Commerce and Compassion, Finding a Balance60
‘They Paved Paradise, and Put Up a Parking Lot’64
The Sounds of Silence In Downtown Peoria66
Hometown: The New Normal70
Twenty Something: Downtowns, Like People, Have Their Phases74
In Downtown Peoria, Making ‘No Little Plans’78
EconCorner: Steve Raquel, Clinical Assistant Professor of Business Administration at the Gies College of Business, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign82
Once Upon a Time, America’s Leaders Worked Together84
Playing in Peoria: ‘Pay the Cover,’ Let Your Mind Be Blown’’88
ArtsPartners Calendar90
Whatever Happened to Shanghai City?92
In Brief96
WordCount: The Golden Era of Peoria Hoops98
Out & About102
One Last Thing: Peoria Loses a Pizza Titan106
Thank You, Advertisers108

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