My City Cares 2021

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On these pages, you ʥȈȢȢ ˎ ȶǁ ȈȶǹɁɨȴƃɽȈɁȶ ȈȶƺȢʍǁȈȶǼ ȴȈɰɰȈɁȶ ɰɽƃɽljȴljȶɽɰӗ ȢljƃǁljɨɰȃȈɥӗ ȟljʰ ɰljɨʤȈƺljɰӗ ƃȶǁ ʥƃʰɰ ʰɁʍ ƺƃȶ ȃljȢɥ ɰʍɥɥɁɨɽ ɽȃljȈɨ ʥɁɨȟ Ȉȶ ɽȃlj ƺɁȴȴʍȶȈɽʰӝ yljƃɽʍɨljǁ ÝɨǼƃȶȈ˃ƃɽȈɁȶɰ љ :ƃȴɥ :ɁɥȶljƺɁȶȈƺ ћ :ƃɽȃɁȢȈƺ :ȃƃɨȈɽȈljɰ ѝ :ɁȴȴʍȶȈɽʰ yɁʍȶǁƃɽȈɁȶ Ɂǹ {ɨljƃɽljɨ yȢȈȶɽ іѕ KȶȶȈɰ :ljȶɽljɨ ǹɁɨ :ȃȈȢǁɨljȶ ії yȢȈȶɽ ŽȶɰɽȈɽʍɽlj Ɂǹ ɨɽɰ іљ ‰ɁȢʰ ĄɁɰƃɨʰ Catholic School іћ ‰ɁȢȢʰ ɨljƃ řljɽljɨƃȶɰ :ljȶɽljɨ іѝ ‰ʍȴƃȶlj ČɁƺȈljɽʰ Ɂǹ {ljȶljɰljlj :Ɂʍȶɽʰ їѕ ‰ʍɨȢljʰ yɁʍȶǁƃɽȈɁȶ її Ãƺ¸ƃɨljȶ yȢȈȶɽ yɁʍȶǁƃɽȈɁȶ їљ ÝȢǁ ÇljʥɰƹɁʰɰ Ɂǹ yȢȈȶɽ їћ řƃȢȢljʰ ɨljƃ Ǽljȶƺʰ Ɂȶ ǼȈȶǼ їѝ řɁȈƺljɰ ǹɁɨ :ȃȈȢǁɨljȶ јѕ ŚȃƃȢljʰ :ȃȈȢǁɨljȶԇɰ :ljȶɽljɨ

DEAR READERS, In every issue of My City Magazine , we highlight at least one Greater Flint organiza tion whose dedicated members help so many of their fellow citizens. TeamMy City is proud to be part of such a caring community and to have an opportunity to share these inspiring “outreach” stories with our readers. Last year, we created My City Cares to shine a brighter light on these local charitable organizations and businesses and help MCM readers better understand them – who they are and what they do. Through these infor mative profiles, this annual publication com municates their missions, the key services they offer, and ways we can help them. Of course, the work of these organiza tions continues with the support of the community. Our goal with My City Cares is to generate support from you, our generous readership, through monetary gifts or volun teering. To that end, we hope you will find something here that moves you – whether it’s kids, the elderly, veterans, animals, or your fellow citizens who are facing health and life challenges. Many Greater Flint citizens are in need … and you can help. Thank you for tak ing some time with My City Cares , and for reaching out in any way you can.




ABOUT CAMP COPNECONIC YMCA Camp Copneconic is nestled on 750 acres, featuring beautiful Lake Copneconic.We have been offering immersive summer camp programming for more than 100 years. Since our first summer in 1915, parents have entrusted us to help build their children into the future Camp Copneconic is known as one of the Midwest’s best camping experiences.We offer something for everyone with Overnight Camp, Day Camp,Weekend Retreats and School Programs.Campers enjoy great adventures that include zip-lines, water sports, a rock-climbing wall and horseback riding; however, we are so much more!Through our thoughtfully designed camp experiences, campers develop skills that will serve them for life. Forming lifelong friendships and participating in activities that help kids conquer fears and build character are all part of the camp experience that improves confidence and fosters independence. HOW CAN THE COMMUNITY HELP? At YMCA Camp Copneconic, no one is ever turned away for inability to pay.This sets us apart as an organization committed to building the foundations of a strong community.We hear time and time again that when campers cross the bridge coming into camp, they are transported into a caring and exciting world.We hope you agree that every child should have the opportunity to experience the wonders of YMCA Camp Copneconic. Donating to our Part ner with Youth campaign helps to ensure that we have the funds needed to assist our campers when needed. leaders of the world. KEY SERVICES

OUR MISSION To provide a quality and transformative experience for all. We are a community pillar responsible for fostering empathy, growth, education and inclusiveness and strive to build leaders who are resilient, tolerant and confident.

LEADERSHIP Brandon Dreffs Executive Director

FUTURE EVENTS YMCA Camp Copneconic will be open for summer camp again this season! We offer weekly Day Camps and four Overnight Camp sessions throughout the summer. Our programs run from June 21 through August 20. Please visit for more specific summer camp dates and details.

CONTACT INFORMATION 10407 N. Fenton Rd. Fenton 48430 810.629.9622 WEBSITE SOCIAL MEDIA






To share the love of Christ by performing the Corporal Works of Mercy: Feed the Hungry, Give Drink to the Thirsty, Clothe the Naked, Shelter the Homeless, Visit the Sick, Visit the Imprisoned and Bury the Dead.

R5 Community Closet & Food Pantry,Owosso R5 St.Christopher Medical Transport Program R5 Prevention Services R5 Offender Success/ Reconnections R5 Women’s &Children’s Specialty Programs R5 Outreach Assistance R5 Mr.Gaines Gardening Program PLUS R5 NESK Kids Summer Camp

KEY SERVICES R5 Counseling

R5 Substance Use Treatment R5 Foster Care and Adoption R5 North End,Center for Hope, and South Flint Soup Kitchens R5 Center for Hope Community Closet R5 Free Shower & Laundry Facilities R5 Work Ready Room R5 Center for Hope Warming Center

CONTACT INFORMATION Catholic Charities of Genesee County Sheridan Center 901 Chippewa St., Flint 48503 810.232.9950 Children’s Center 575 Louisa St., Flint 48503 810.232.3418 Center For Hope 812 Root St., Flint 48503 810.265.7025 Catholic Charities of Shiawassee County 1480 N.M-52, Ste. 1


R5 Sponsor an Event R5 Host a Fundraiser R5 Organize a Clothing Drive R5 Donate Bus Passes R5 Volunteer at the Center for Hope, North End Soup Kitchen or South Flint Soup Kitchen

Fr.Thomas Firestone Timothy Lamb Jesse Ortega Tyler Preseau Jeff Sabolish Robert Sibilsky Lakeisha Tureaud John Zintsmaster

LEADERSHIP Vicky Schultz, CEO QuintonWilliams, COO Theresa Hurley, Director ofDevelopment Karen Church, Board Chair Sheveze Anderson, Vice Chair Mark Brock, Co-Secretary/ Treasurer Ed Benning, Immediate Past Chair

Owosso 48867 989.723.8239


FUTURE EVENTS R5 Cheers to 80 Years

Celebration & Chair-ity Event





ABOUT THE COMMUNITY FOUNDATIONOF GREATER FLINT Established in 1988 through the merger ofThe Flint Public Trust and the Flint Area Health Foundation, the Community Foundation combined the strengths of these two Flint institutions. Over the past 33 years,more than 21,000 donors have enabled the Community Foundation to award more than $145 million in grants in Flint and Genesee County.Our work is possible through the careful stewardship of more than 750 charitable funds and estate gifts.Connecting generosity to the needs of our community is at the heart of the CFGF mission. Isaiah M.Oliver serves as the organization’s President and CEO, the fifth chief executive in the organization’s history, and the first leader born and raised in Flint.Under Oliver’s leadership, the CFGF has expanded its mission to focus on community engagement and racial equity, while continuing to provide an expansive range of philanthropic services.Urgent relief, arts, education, health, human services and many other areas benefit from the generosity of CFGF donors. Greater Flint Urgent Relief Fund Genesee County nonprofit organizations, those working diligently on the ground to keep people sheltered,well-nourished and healthy, receive support through the Greater Flint Urgent Relief Fund.Established by CFGF in partnership with UnitedWay, the Fund has awarded over $4 million in grants during the COVID-19 pandemic.The purpose of the fund is to quickly coordinate and provide resources to nonprofits working with communities disproportionately affected by the pandemic. Pride Fund The Pride Fund was established in 2018 by a group of founding donors who are committed to our common humanity.The Fund’s purpose is to advance the dignity and quality of life for Genesee County’s LGBTQ+ community.This endowment serves as a permanent resource to nonprofits providing programs and services to LGBTQ+ youth,adults, families and seniors in areas such as health and wellness,arts and culture,housing,education and training.We are honored that Genesee County donors have come forward to not only establish this Fund with their generous gifts,but have also committed to growing the Fund.Through pledges and individual gifts,over $50,000 has been raised. Community Funds One measure of a community foundation is how well it represents and reflects the community it serves.Within Genesee County are several communities that have their own endowed funds, but are still a part of CFGF.We are proud to steward permanent endowments that benefit the areas of Clio, Davison, Fenton, Flushing and Grand Blanc.These funds unite the thinking of local leadership to best meet community needs.CFGF manages the assets, while local leaders review grant proposals and recommend funding for their community’s nonprofit organizations.This helps community fund volunteers focus their time on asset building and meeting area needs.


As a 501(c)3, tax-exempt, public charity created by and for the people of Genesee County, the Community Foundation of Greater Flint enables people with philanthropic interests to easily and effectively support the issues they care about – immediately or through their estate plans.

LEADERSHIP Leanne Panduren Chair, Board of Trustees Isaiah M. Oliver President and CEO Brett Hunkins Chief Financial Officer Sue Peters Vice President of Community Impact Karima Amlani Vice President of Development

CONTACT INFORMATION 500 Saginaw St., Suite 200 Flint,MI 48502

810.767.8270 WEBSITE





KEY SERVICES Ennis Center for Children provides foster care licensing, placement and adoption services; treatment foster care; outpatient counseling and mental health services (all ages); Fostering Creativity (Therapeutic Art Groups); Youth Assistance Program (YAP – support services for at-risk youth); Community Based Delinquency program (CBD – support services for youth involved with the juvenile justice system); Young Adult Voluntary Foster Care Program (YAVFC – support services for youth transitioning into adulthood or aging out of foster care); and other support services for children and families in crisis. In addition, Ennis Center is spearheading efforts to revamp and rework foster care into a safer and more equitable system including a more robust family assessment method,more streamlined medical care and more psychiatric beds and services for children experiencing ill health, abuse and neglect. HOW CAN THE COMMUNITY HELP? Among our biggest priorities and most fundamental needs are foster parents, especially those willing to provide homes for children of all ages.We gladly accept new clothing in all sizes (including socks, underwear, pajamas and shoes – especially warm weather items); diapers (larger sizes in particular), Pull-ups,Goodnites and baby wipes; new/unopened toys for all ages; personal hygiene items for all skin/ hair types.We are also experiencing a great need for convertible/5 point restraint car seats.Monetary donations are appreciated and will assist with unexpected expenses such as uniforms, tutoring, after school activities and more. Ennis Center for Children is currently looking for golfers to join our 28th Annual Scramble for Kids Golf Outing.We are also seeking door prizes, gift cards/certificates, silent auction items and sponsors for this fundraiser.All donations and proceeds from our fundraising events directly benefit our children in care through programs and services. FUTURE EVENTS Virtual 5k Run for Foster Care – May 28-30; Ennis Center for Children’s 28th Annual Scramble for Kids at Coyote Preserve Golf Club – June 18; and a fundraising event at Topgolf in Auburn Hills (date TBD). Please check out our Ennis Center Facebook page for updates on these and other exciting upcoming events!


With the support of the community, we preserve families when possible and create new families when necessary.

LEADERSHIP Robert Ennis, LMSW President and Founder JoleenBeagle, LMSW Chief Operating Officer MarkUmphrey Controller BrandonHannah,MS Vice President of ChildWelfare SheeryHouston

CONTACT INFORMATION 129 E. 3rd St. Flint,MI 48502 810.233.4031 WEBSITE SOCIAL MEDIA

Vice President of Development BridgittMcCaughey,MSW Vice President of Quality and Accreditation

Twitter @EnnisCenter Instagram@enniscenter





The mission of the Flint Institute of Arts (FIA) is to advance the understanding and appreciation of art for all through collections, exhibitions and educational programs.

KEY SERVICES Michigan’s second-largest art museum and the third-largest museum connected community art school in the U.S., the FIA has been responsible for acquiring, protecting and presenting its collection of art and artifacts for more than 90 years.Containing more than 9,000 objects from around the globe, the FIA collection is significant for its depth of important European and American paintings and sculptures – 15th century to the present – and its extensive holdings of decorative and applied arts, including ethnographic study collections dating back five millennia.The museum promotes the power of visual art by providing lifelong learning opportunities to engage and educate a diverse regional audience. HOW CAN THE COMMUNITY HELP? The FIA recognizes its position in Genesee County and the state of Michigan as a space that makes art available, approachable and accessible to all visitors.As one of the community’s safest spaces, we invite citizens to engage with the museum in a variety of ways: enjoy ing galleries for free through the Genesee County Arts Education and Cultural Enrichment Millage or on Huntington Free Saturdays; viewing a free glass-blowing demonstration on the weekend; taking a class in the Art School; attending a film in the FIA theater; viewing a lecture online or in person, or participating in several other activities at the museum.Whether you’re a longtime FIA member or a first-time visitor, you can help the museum through attending or sponsoring special events, purchasing fun and eclectic items from our Museum Shop, becoming a member or buying a membership for a loved one, or donating directly to the museum through its endowment.

FUTURE EVENTS The FIA has four major annual events: Community Gala, which is held in late January and coincides with the museum’s first large scale exhibition(s) of the calendar year; the springWine Tasting Event, presented in partnership with the Junior League of Flint;The PARTY, the largest and most grand event fundraiser of the year, will be back in 2022; and,Art onTap is a fall celebration held outdoors on the FIA grounds. LEADERSHIP John Henry Executive Director Michael Melenbrink Director of Finance and Administration Tracee Glab Curator of Collections and Exhibitions Marissa Pierce Acting Director of Development

CONTACT INFORMATION 1120 E. Kearsley St. Flint,MI 48503 810.234.1695 WEBSITE SOCIAL MEDIA Twitter @TheFIA Instagram@flintinstituteofarts




ABOUT HOLY ROSARY CATHOLIC SCHOOL Serving Greater Flint students, our K-8 school combines faith-based learning with the best practices in the fields of education and spiritual development.Our team of highly qualified and state-certified teachers and staff provide a safe, nurturing and engaging environment where students learn, grow and become the disciples they are called to be. With a deep love for learning, we follow Jesus’ example through prayer, love, service and using our talents in the pursuit of academic excellence. KEY SERVICES R5 Differentiated Instruction R5 Faith Integration in all subjects R5 Data-driven Instruction and benchmarks R5 Tutoring and Title 1 services R5 Auxiliary and ancillary services for students R5 National School Lunch Program R5 Technology: 1 to 1 (a device for each student) R5 Tuition Assistance (Guardian Angel Program) R5 Community Service Projects R5 Extracurricular Opportunities include designated sports and performing arts. (See website for details.) R5 )( . ,35 )( .#)(- –These funds support various programs (General Funds,Tuition Assistance Fund,Technology, etc.). R5 *)(-),5 5 ./ (. – providing a year’s tuition will help a family in need give their child the gift of a faith-based, high-quality education. ÇÝÇӳÃÝÇKě Ąť ‰K¸Ā R5 Kroger – Link your Kroger Shopping card to Holy Rosary Catholic School and a portion of your purchases come back to us. R5 ]- – Save your fully grocery receipts and mail them or drop them off at the school.Through the “Direct your Dollars”program, we are currently working toward 150,000 points – VG’s will donate $1,000 to Holy Rosary Catholic School. R5 )25 )*-5 – Install the free Box Tops app on your phone, connect it to Holy Rosary School and just scan your grocery receipts. R5 )% 5 ,) / .5 ) - – Save Coke caps or packaging codes and drop them off or mail them to us.The codes earn great merchandise for us! R5 ' 4)(5 '#& –This program donates a portion of every purchase to Holy Rosary School. Just be sure to search for Holy Rosary School – Flint,MI. HOW CAN THE COMMUNITY HELP? FINANCIAL HELP


To give children a high quality, faith-based, morally driven education that builds a strong foundation for life. Holy Rosary has been educating children since 1955.

FUTURE EVENTS Golf Outing forTuition Assistance September 11, 2021 Kearsley Lake Golf Course Holy Hot Rods Car Show September 18, 2021 (rain day 9.19) Parish Fall Raffle – September 2021 All-Day Scrapbooking Events October 2021 & January 2022 Dinner and Live & Silent Auctions November 2021 Pot of Gold Dance – March 2022

LEADERSHIP 0 , ( 5 ." ,5 )35 ),(#(! Pastor )'5 &)( 3 Superintendent of DOL Schools - 35 ,)(#( GCCS Director ,%5 && " ( Holy Rosary School Principal #'5 && - School - Administrative Assistant #'5 1 , - Parish - Administrative Assistant

CONTACT INFORMATION 5199 Richfield Rd. Flint,MI 48506







To provide veterans with access to information and services that will improve the quality of their lives and those of people in our community. To never forget the commitment made by our veterans to our community, state and nation.

ABOUT HAVRC A 501(c)3 non-profit,HAVRCwas formed in 2015 after it was determined that area veterans were facing disadvantages.The Service Officers fromOakland County consider it a successful outreach program, putting approximately $3 million back into the community each year. Service officers handle 4-6 clients each time they visit our facility. KEY SERVICES Certified claims officers help veterans file claims and work through the VA system.The Service Officers are at the Center Monday through Friday 9am-3pm.Veterans get help finding employment, creating resumes and navigating online job sites. Individuals entering college or training are directed to the right people.HAVRC assists the homeless and finds funding for those who need immediate help.Veterans can get help finding medical equipment.The Center works with the local VFW, Legion, and Great Lakes National Cemetery. Currently, the Center has a successful yoga program, first aid and CPR classes, as well as an excellent research library on military affairs and American history. In addition, the HomeTown Heroes Program holds send-offs for young people going into the service.HAVRC sends goodie boxes to area servicemen and servicewomen, and has a tree Anyone who knows of a veteran or veteran family in need should contact HAVRC.The Center is always in need of financial assistance; they are all volunteers and every penny goes back into the programs. Donations of hats, scarves or blankets are greatly appreciated. bearing a yellow ribbon for each active military. HOW CAN THE COMMUNITY HELP?

FUTURE EVENTS On the third Monday of each month, a Vet to Vet Dinner is free for veterans and their families, including a meal and a short presentation. Future plans include: Opening a computer center and offering classes for veterans and their families, hosting a presentation of the film “A Soldier’s Story,”holding a resource/health fair, and working toward a new facility. Ray Pfenning Vice President KarenHealy Secretary Art Ingraham Treasurer Trustees: Bruce Freimark, Katrina Berger, Mike Patterson,Michelle Senton LEADERSHIP JosephM.Mishler President





ABOUT THE HSGC The Humane Society of Genesee County traces its beginning to 1926 and the efforts of Jonathon E. Burroughs, a respected member of the Flint community.He and his colleagues shared a concern for animals which translated into constructing a shelter without walls, where volunteers cared for homeless animals. Today,HSGC carries forth Burroughs’vision through expanded work in caring for homeless animals, facilitating adoptions, humanely controlling population and investigating complaints of animal cruelty.This work is accomplished through outstanding collaborations and partnership with individuals and organizations throughout Genesee County. KEY SERVICES R5 Pet Adoption R5 Animal Cruelty Investigation R5 Kibble Cupboard-Pet Food Pantry R5 Humane Education (Tours, Furry Tales Reading Program, Tots &Tales, etc.) THE HUMANE SOCIETY OF GENESEE COUNTY CashDonations –These funds stay within our shelter and benefit homeless animals in Genesee County.They can be made in person, online, by mail or phone. Automated monthly donations simplify the giving process and minimize HSGC’s administrative costs. Cage Sponsorship – Individuals and businesses can help feed and shelter a companion animal for $1 a day ($365 annual cost). CommunityMarketing Partnerships and Event Sponsorships – This is a great way for the community to support one of Genesee County’s oldest and most trusted organizations. ÇÝÇӳÃÝÇKě Ąť Wish List – Donations of new or used items make a significant impact on our ability to care for shelter animals. Find our Wish List at, as well as a link to our Amazon Wish List. Shop for a Cause – Many retailers offer the opportunity to support organizations like HSGC. Amazon Smile – Amazon shoppers can sign up for Amazon Smile to support HSGC with a portion of every purchase you make. Search for Humane Society of Genesee County. Kroger – If you have a Kroger Plus Card, you can help HSGC. VG’s – We are a part of the “Direct Your Dollars” program and when we reach 150,000 points VG’s will donate $1,000 to the HSGC.We are almost there! You can mail your fully intact grocery receipts directly our office. R5 Think Pawsitive (WorkplaceWellness Program) R5 Volunteer and Community Service Opportunities R5 Birthday Parties R5 Golf Outings and other Special Events HOW CAN THE COMMUNITY HELP? FINANCIAL


To provide shelter and adoption of companion animals, reduce overpopulation, extend humane education, prevent cruelty and provide those services that promote the goals and policies of The Humane Society of Genesee County.

LEADERSHIP David Schmieder ExecutiveDirector KristinCole ShelterManager

FUTURE EVENTS R5 “Stay Out of the Ruff ” Annual Golf Outing – September 13, 2021 Flint Golf Club R5 Ties andTails Gala & Fundraising Dinner – November 6, 2021 Flint Golf Club

CONTACT INFORMATION G3325 Dort Hwy. Burton,MI 48529 810.744.0511 WEBSITE SOCIAL MEDIA Twitter @hsgc1926 Instagram@hsgc1926






To further Hurley Medical Center’s mission: Clinical Excellence. Service to People.

KEY SERVICES As Genesee County’s only public hospital,Hurley receives no city tax dollars and is entirely self-supporting.Therefore, the Foundation’s key role is to be the fundraising arm for the Medical Center.The Founda tion produces special events, special campaigns, employee and commu nity engagement, as well as raising funds for capital projects and general hospital programs and services.Additionally,Hurley’s Volunteer Corps and the Lobby Shop are both curated by the Hurley Foundation.

¸K AKĄČ‰ŽĀӕČě yy Mike Burnett Foundation President ElizabethWenstrom-Williams Senior Managing Director Jordan E. Brown Director, Volunteer & Community Engagement Linda Tracy-Stephens Director, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Programs Brooklyn Kennings Assistant Director, CMN Programs Patty Creighton Special Events Coordinator Kelsey Parker Data & Communications Coordinator Renee Shaw Grants Administrator & Writer Michelle Reed Lobby Shop Manager Crystal Demps Lobby Shop Assistant

HOW CAN THE COMMUNITY HELP? R5 Make a monetary or gift-in-kind donation R5 Attend fundraising events R5 Volunteer R5 JoinCommunity Rewards programs such as Amazon Smile,Kroger Rewards

CONTACT INFORMATION 1 Hurley Plaza Flint,MI 48503 810.262.9667 WEBSITE SOCIAL MEDIA Twitter @HurleyMedical Instagram@hurleymedicalcenter

R5 “Let’s Make Miracles”Radiothon with Townsquare Media: September 16-17 2021, which brings stories of miracles that occur at Hurley straight to the community via the airwaves. R5 . 35./( 5 ),5'), 5#( ),' .#)(5)(5 /,& 3]-5 ( ŀ5.5 &&5( 2.5 , "<

FUTURE EVENTS R5 Fall Golf Classic: September 13 2021, benefiting Hurley’s Trauma & Burn Services R5 Pink Night Palooza: October 7 2021, benefiting Hurley’s Breast Cancer Navigation Program R5 CMN Hospitals Bowlathon and MolinaCares Miracle Picnic (TBA)





For over 100 years, the goal of the McLaren Flint Foundation is to raise money to support the McLaren Flint hospital and make a difference in the lives of patients and their families in Flint, Genesee County and surrounding communities.

ABOUT MCLAREN FLINT FOUNDATION DONATE The McLaren Flint Foundation is here to help donors and future donors meet their philanthropic goals.Donations support the community by providing funding for research, building expansions, state-of-the art medical equipment,medical education, scholarships, art therapy, free 3Dmammograms, the Hospitality House at McLaren, direct patient care needs and much more. VOLUNTEER Share your time and passion! Participate on one of our committees or volunteer your time during the events held several times throughout the year.To volunteer for a special event, participate on a committee or speak with a Foundation member, call 810.342.4087. BECOME A MCLAREN FLINT AUXILIAN Community members can get involved in one of Michigan’s largest hospital volunteer groups.The McLaren Flint Auxiliary Volunteers participate in a variety of activities to support the hospital’s patient care efforts.Most McLaren Auxilians would agree, you get back far more than you give.Those 18 and older are invited to join the talented and dedicated team.You are able to serve in an area that matches your interests, talents and skills, with a schedule arranged around your availability.The McLaren Flint Auxiliary Volunteer Vision is to serve McLaren Flint and the community by volunteer services, fundraising and community advocacy.


CONTACT INFORMATION 401 S. Ballenger Hwy. Flint,MI 48532 810.342.4087 WEBSITE / mclarenflint-foundation SOCIAL MEDIA Twitter@McLarenFdn Instagram@mclarenfoundation

Regional President-Central Michigan President and CEO, McLaren Flint

Doug Glazier Vice President McLaren Flint Foundation

Leadership also includes a board of trustees represented by McLaren Flint staff, retirees and members of the community.





“Let No Child Be Forgotten.” We truly believe that Christmas is for children and that enjoying Christmas like his or her playmates may help a child to grow up to be a good citizen.

KEY SERVICES As a Christmas Children’s Charity, we have provided over 830,000 Christmas Boxes to the children of Genesee County since 1924. Also, for Genesee County kids kindergarten through 8th grade, we provide coats and shoes for those eligible, and our Emergency Box program provides clothing and dental products for families dealing with an emergency such as a house fire. HOW CAN THE COMMUNITY HELP? We are always looking for donations of raffle items for our fundraisers and brand-new items for families and children such as socks and underwear, sweatsuits, dental products, hats, gloves, coloring books, crayons and cleaning items. LEADERSHIP TonyTucker ExecutiveDirector HeatherMcMullen FinanceDirector Lisa Kirk Programs andVolunteer Director

FUTURE EVENTS R5 August 9 Chris Hamilton Memorial Golf Outing (Flint Elks Club) R5 September 16-18 Burtucky Days at Captain’s Quarters in Burton R5 October 16 Sweetest Day Event (Flushing Moose Lodge) R5 November 14 Kick-Off Breakfast (American Legion Hall, Swartz Creek) R5 December 10 Annual Paper Sale CONTACT INFORMATION

6255Taylor Dr. Flint,MI 48507 810.744.1840 WEBSITE






VAAA provides action, advocacy and answers about care for the elderly and disabled adults of Genesee, Lapeer and Shiawassee Counties by enhancing lives, empowering choice, sustaining independence and supporting caregivers and families.

KEY SERVICES VAAA provides intake information and assistance, referral and long-term care options, counseling, care management, personal care, homemaking, medication management, home delivery meals, volunteer programs, telephonic wellness checks, assistance to caregivers, exercise and wellness programs, nutrition therapy, community education, Medicare and Medicaid Assistance Program and many more services designed to ensure seniors can age in the residential setting of their choosing. HOW CAN THE COMMUNITY HELP? Donations are always appreciated and go toward providing services to seniors in Genesee, Lapeer and Shiawassee Counties.Volunteers are always needed. For more information, call 810.239.7671.

CONTACT INFORMATION 225 E. 5th St., #200 Flint,MI 48502

LEADERSHIP Yaushica Aubert President & CEO DebraMellinger CFO Patti Kerns Director of Eligibility &Outreach LeaQuinn Director of Community Access Services Katrina Royster Director of Human Resources

810.239.7671 WEBSITE SOCIAL MEDIA Twitter @vaaaflint Instagram@valleyareaagencyonaging





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Whaley Children’s Center empowers youth and families to overcome trauma.

KEY SERVICES Whaley Children’s Center is a CARF accredited residential treatment facility for boys and girls ages five through 17 who have suffered severe abuse and neglect.Our goal is to provide a safe place to call home for Michigan’s at-risk children.We aim to provide comprehensive, trauma informed care including individual and group therapy to help children overcome their history of abuse and neglect, and gain the skills they need to become successful in a permanent home placement. HOW CAN THE COMMUNITY HELP? Our community can do so much to make our Center a place to call home by mentoring, volunteering and donating.Mentoring a child is so beneficial to building their hope, trust and confidence. Studies show it takes three adult role models in a child’s life to provide the guidance necessary to become a productive and engaged young adult. By volunteering, you allowWhaley to allocate more funds toward needed programs and services.Did you know that one hour of volunteering equals $25.43 in contribution toWhaley? Your donation gives Whaley kids the experiences to simply be kids.You are helping them to reclaim their childhood and experience what it is like to not have to worry about their past. FUTURE EVENTS R5 Rooftop Live: July 14-16, 2021 R5 Whaley Golf Classic: September 20, 2021 R5 Tux andTennies Gala and Auction: October 9, 2021

LEADERSHIP MindyWilliams President & CEO Amy Anderson Director of Human Resources and Agency Operations Brandi Brent Director of Residential ShandriaDavis Director of Residential NickelaGreen Director of Residential Ashleigh Sanders Director of CommunityDevelopment Casey Schlinker Director of Program Development Michelle Shamel Director of Clinical and Medical Services KatrinaTaylor Director of Finance DawnWisner Director of Development

CONTACT INFORMATION 1201 N.GrandTraverse St. Flint,MI 48503

810.234.3603 WEBSITE SOCIAL MEDIA Twitter @WhaleyChildren Instagram@whaleychildrenscenter



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