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ROBOTICS CareerTech Ed / STEM • Arduino Nano microcontroller w/IO shield • Continuous rotation servo drive train w/selectable gear ratio • LCD screen shows running program information • Extendable using 3D printed parts & sample 3D parts ł les Includes 4 sensors (bump, IR range ł nder, line following light & pushbutton for start/pause) , 10 experiments & sample programs. Stk. Mfr. Price 681525 PRB10 $207.00 Bioloid Robot Kits The Bioloid platform consists of components and small, modular servo motors called the AX-12A Dynamixels, which can be used in a daisy-chained fashion to construct robots of various con ł gurations, such as wheeled, legged, or humanoid robots. The robot is programmed with RoboPlus - a C language based software solu- tion. The platform is currently in use by the U.S. Naval Academy in their Me- chanical Engineering courses, and is also popular in the RoboCup international robotics competitions. Bioloid STEM Standard Robots Lab Kit is optimized for various robot projects. The kit comes with instructions of 7 example robots and 21 weeks of educational training. It provides an organized learning sys- tem by blending Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Includes CM-530, 2 AX-12W DYNAMIXEL robot actuator, IR sensor array, 3 single IR sensor, 6 battery box, parallel power board, OLLO compatible plates & rivets, BIOLOID compatible frames, bolts/nuts, 6 3P BIOLOID compatible cables, screwdriver, OLLO tool, 3 5P sensor cable, battery cable, mini USB cable, 2 STEM curriculum guides & RoboPlus CD. Stk. Mfr. Price 769103 BIOLOID STEM $349.00 Bioloid Premium Kit Mini Mimsy Robot Lab Picoturbine Students may assemble in a single class period and use either pre-programmed experiments or write their own programs using the free Arduino IDE. Programming and wire- less control can be accomplished using Mac, PC, iPad, or Android devices.

Robots Lab Box Robots Lab A revolutionary teaching-aid demonstrating Algebra I & II, Physics, Geom- etry, Trigonometry and Pre-Calculus’ core concepts using robots. The easy-to-use tablet includes 50 hrs. of interactive lessons, in-class quizzes and instructional videos, helping stu-

dents understand why math is relevant to their world. Without any prior experience in robotics or computer science, teachers can demonstrate abstract concepts like slope, sine, cosine and vectors right out of the BOX. The lesson plans are strictly aligned with mandated Com- mon Core, TEKS and STAAR standards for middle and high school. De- signed by teachers for teachers this affordable solution improves student’s understanding and information retention; robots are the best engagement tool math and science classes have ever seen. 1-yr. mfr.'s warranty. Includes tablet computer w/lessons, quizzes & 50 apps, ArmBot (robotic arm), AR.Drone (quadcopter), Sphero (robotic ball), Mobot (mobile robot) & 12 accessories. Standard Edition Stk. Mfr. Price 769100 ROBOTSLAB-ST $3,528.00 Deluxe Edition Includes the above, plus 30 extra lessons (subscription for 1-yr.) & 1-yr. mfr.'s extended warranty. Stk. Mfr. Price 769101 ROBOTSLAB-DE $3,999.00

Tumbling Robot Elenco This little robot is tough! Run by a single motor, he walks with a decidedly "angry" pace - and if he falls over, he picks himself up again! An awesome design with an amazing gear mechanism, he will not quit! Easily built in under 1-hr. 3 modes: fall/get up, dance and somersault. For ages 12+.

Requires 2 AA batteries, sold separately. Stk. Mfr.





Robotics Kit Elenco Join forces with the world of robotics and assemble 3 fantastic robots (1 at a time). One robot detects objects using infrared rays, the wake-up robot is sensitive to light and the third robot is operated by any TV remote control.

Robots Lab Kit is a do-it-yourself educational robot kit using modular DC servo blocks. By using the compo- nents included into the kit, you can build various types of robot such as a scorpion, a spider, a dinosaur or a puppy. • Excellent humanoid walking performance (Adjusting posture while walking)

A separate circuit and body are supplied for each robot: just ł x the se- lected circuit onto the robot base and add the corresponding transparent body. No soldering required. Includes 1 pre-assembled PC board & 3 robot bodies. Stk. Mfr. Price 390266 EDU-7090 $42.80

• Various sensors including Gyro, DMS, IR & more external ports • Remote control capability (IR-default, Zigbee-optional) • C-style programming & motion teaching with RoboPlus S/W (USB Inter- face included) • Transparent humanoid skin for customization • Digital Packet communication with daisy chain topology • Building various robots using versatile expansion mechanism Includes CM-530 (main controller-ARM cortex (32bit)), 18 AX-12A servo motors (Robot Actuator, Dynamixel) , gyro sensor (2 Axis), DMS, 2 IR sensor, RC-100A (remote controller) , head & chest skin, SMPS for external power (12V, 5A) , rechargeable battery (11.1V, 1000mA/PCM) , lipo balance battery charger, screwdriver, cable holder, plastic frame set, quick start book & RoboPlus software CD. Stk. Mfr. Price 769104 BIOLOID PREMIUM $1,230.00

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