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NON-SOLDERING ELECTRONIC PROJECT KITS CareerTech Ed / STEM tional PC, including word processing, web browsing, and games. Includes Raspberry Pi Single-Board Computer, MAKE 3.14 Breakout, MAKE: Pi Enclosure, USB power supply (1A) & USB cable, SDHC flash memory card, deluxe full-size breadboard & jumper wires, Mintronics: Survival Pack Guts (60+ components) , HDMI high-speed cable & Getting Started with Raspberry Pi Book. Stk. Mfr. Price 513205 MSRPIK2 $147.00 Raspberry Pi B+ Bundle Maker Shed Getting Started with Raspberry Pi B+ Bundle is the perfect way to get into all things Raspberry Pi B+. Features extra USB ports, micro SD slot and GPIO pins. Includes Raspberry Pi Model B+ board, 8 GB microSD NOOBS Operating System Card & Getting Started With Raspberry Pi 2nd Ed. Visit our website for more information. Stk. Mfr. Price Raspberry Pi B Starter Kit Maker Shed Kit includes virtually everything you need to get your Pi up and running, includ- ing a power supply, USB cable, and SD card. The Raspberry Pi B is a small computer that runs Linux. It has many capabilities of a tradi- The Getting Started Kit will teach you how to: •Wire up, program & blink the most basic of actuators, an LED • Connect sensors & then monitor them for changes in values •Write sketches to perform tasks in response to real-world data input •Work w/included sensors, switches, breadboard & jumper wires to pro- totype circuits that respond to light levels, touches & more Includes Arduino UNO, USB cable, 9V battery pack w/DC plug (requires simple soldering) , clear breadboard, deluxe jumper wires, 7 LEDs (2 red, 2 green, 2 blue, 1 RGB) , 10k Ω Ohm resistors, 10 220 Ω resistors, 1 270 Ω re- sistor, 2 photoresistors, 2 momentary buttons & clamshell box. Stk. Mfr. Price 513215 MSGSA $73.20 Quartz Clock Movement Module Kits Primex Use hands-on projects can for indi- vidual or group activity to promote interest in science and electronics. Students assemble the clock movement to create a working clock. Includes unassembled quartz movement, mounting hardware, hr./min./sec. hands, AA battery, 5-7/8" dia. styrene dial & assembly instruction. Stk. Mfr. Item Price 682020 10005 Kit only $8.25 682083 49650 Kit w/Lesson Plan Guide $9.90 513210 MSBUN76 $52.50 Getting Started w/Arduino KitV3.0 Maker Shed The Arduino microcontroller is the open source electronics prototyping plat- form that's taken the maker world by storm. Using the included components, you'll create electronics projects that sense and react to the physical world around you.

Wall Clock Kits Primex Great for middle or high school students learning manufacturing and/or graphic curriculums. Students will step through the process of producing a finished product in a manufacturing environment. Includes frame, lens, clock movement, hands, dial backing, template & instructions.





$11.10 $11.10 $11.10 $11.10

682040 682042 682043 682044

34487 34488 34489 34490

Blue Frame Red Frame Black Frame White Frame

Customizable CD Clock Kit Primex Perfect for graphics and marketing curric- ulums, this kit contains a CD with a clock dial tem- plate. Load onto a computer and use in conjunction with free downloadable Avery software. Change the numeral font style, size, add a photo and personalize with names, dates, etc.

Includes quartz clock movement, hardware, hr./min./sec. hands, 5" frosted acrylic easel, Dial Graphic Template CD & sheet of 2 Avery CD labels. Stk. Mfr. Price 682050 35383 $12.90

Arabic Clock Insert Primex Inserts are high-quality clocks designed to meet your economical needs. Plastic bezel, backplate and lens. Friction-fit mounting system. 3-yr. mfr.'s warranty. Overall Dia. 3-1/4" (83 mm) . Mounting 2-29/32" dia. x 5/8"D.

Requires 1 AA battery, sold separately. Stk. Mfr.





C Cell Clock Movement with Hands Primex Long life movement runs up to 3 years on C battery. Small size offers flexibility for mounting in small or large clocks. 3-yr. mfr.'s warranty.

Size 2-3/4"H x 2-3/16"W x 1"D. Includes pair of hands & hanger.

Requires C battery, sold separately.



Dial Thickness

Shaft L. Shaft Dia. 1-3/16" 3/8" 1


Price 50 or more

$12.10 $10.30

682000 101590 5/16" max.

AA Cell Quartz Clock Movement with Hands Primex Super-accurate timekeeper. Built-in molded hanger strong enough to hold up to 4 lbs. Fits in a 3" dia. hole. 6-yr. mfr.'s warranty. Size 2-7/32"H x 2-7/32"W x 5/8"D. Includes pair of hands.

Requires AA battery, sold separately.



Dial Thickness

Shaft L. Shaft Dia. 1-3/16" 5/16"


Price 100 or more $3.19 $2.75

682010 104000 3/4" max.



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