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Pneumatic Fischertechnik Educational construction set helps students learn the principles behind pneumatics and uses realistic models (8 total) to demonstrate how compressors, pneumatic valves and cylinders work. Powerful and com- pact compressor guarantees a reliable supply of compressed air to the models.

STEM Lab Programs are a standards-based curriculum involving inquiry, design and problem solving, especially developed for use with the Fischertechnik con- struction system. These programs were created by Tom White, Distinguished Educator and STEM Program Designer. Project Themes: • Sketching & Documentation • Introduction to Energy & Power • Energy Conversion Systems • Conversion & Storage of Energy • Introduction to Control Systems • Human/Machine Collaboration • Simple Machines • Mechanisms • Basic Electricity • Introduction to Sensors • Mobile Robotics


Includes 360 components, plus a compressor, 4 pneumatic cylinders, four 4/3- way manual valves, activity booklet & battery holder (for 9V block batteries) . Requires 9V battery, sold separately. Stk. Mfr. Price 406085 516185 $168.00

Middle School Energy, Power, Robotics Fischertechnik Includes over 160 different types of components (859 pieces in all) includ- ing gears, sensors, actuators, blocks, panels, motors, axles, wheels, a photocell, gearboxes, lights, an electronic magnet, encoder motors &

Oeco Energy Fischertechnik How can ecological electric power be produced? "Renewable energies" will become our most important suppliers of energy in the future. Production, storage and use of electricity from natural energy sources such as water, wind and the sun are graphically

1 ROBO TX Controller interface unit with a power supply, plus all assem- bly instructions, ROBO Pro Programming Software & complete curriculum. Stk. Mfr. Price 406100 519340 $895.00

illustrated using various models and numerous experiments. These 2 solar modules not only guarantee more power; the many attach- ment possibilities ensure flexible use in the models. The Gold Cap included for power storage can release the stored power at a slower rate. This helps student understand energy forms of the future. Includes 10 models (built one at a time) , 320 parts, plus instructional book- let, solar motor (2V), 2x solar modules (1V; 400 mA) , Gold Cap power storage device (2,7V/25 F) , LED & on/off switch. This set can be combined with the Fuel Cell Kit (Mfr. 520401) to allow you to build additional models & operate them with a fuel cell. Stk. Mfr. Price 406120 520400 $158.00 Fuel Cell Kit Fischertechnik How does a fuel cell work and how does it generate hydrogen? Kit brings this technology of the future directly into the classroom and provides answers to these and other questions! Includes instructional booklet, reversible fuel cell with integrated hydrogen storage unit & solar module (1V, approx. 400 mA) . Stk. Mfr. Price 406121 520401 $121.00

High School Fischertechnik Includes over 200 different types of components (1,186 pieces in all) in- cluding gears, sensors, blocks, panels, motors, axles, wheels, compressors, pneumatic parts, gearboxes, switches, lights, an electronic mag-

net, encoder motors & 1 ROBO TX Controller interface unit with a power supply, plus all assembly instructions, ROBO Pro Programming Software & complete curriculum. Stk. Mfr. Price 406101 519341 $995.00 Science &Technology PROFI Sets Fischertechnik Profi sets are an ideal way to explore many important aspects of STEM Education. These sets help to provide the technicians of tomorrow with a hands-on learning experience in the areas of mechanics, statics, pneumatics, physics, simple machinery, electronics and renewable energies. These sets are widely used in middle and high schools as well as in colleges and universities across the globe. Each set comes with both full color instructions, as well as a black and white, multi-language teaching and activity guide. Recommended for age 9+.

Mechanic + Static Fischertechnik The ideal introduction to fun- damentals of engineering and construction for all future mechanical engineers. The areas of dynamics, statics, gears, structure, and bracing are all addressed as students learn by building models that illustrate the principles behind these concepts.

This set will help students to answer questions such as: • How does a gear box work? • How is the movement of a windshield wiper produced? • How do you design a stable bridge? • ...and much more Includes 500 components for building 30 different models, instruction • What is a planetary gear?

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booklet, mini motor, switch & battery tray. Requires 9V battery, sold separately. Stk. Mfr.






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