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TheWright Bat Midwest Products Experience flight inspiration with a model of the Wright Brothers' flying toy helicopter. This rubber band powered helicopter flies indoors or outdoors, assembles in minutes and requires no cutting or gluing. For ages 8+. Includes sails, propeller, center support, rubber bands & instructions.

Tech Glider System Pack Midwest Products Student's create their own competition-ready gliders. The 24-student class pack has everything needed to construct a plane that complies with the Flight Challenge National Catapult Glider Competition. Instruc- tor's review and understanding of miniature flight technology included. • Specially-weighted, correctly-sized select balsa wood blanks • Outlines lead students through the engineering, construction & test flying of their own gliders • Comprehensive teacher's manual, Mastering Catapult Gliders, Success in Class and in Competition, offers advanced aviation concepts • Students learn the need for tooling & technology in designing & manufac- turing the longest-flying gliders Shown with Catapult Kit, sold separately. Primary Pack Includes balsa blanks (fuselage, tail assemblies & wings) , clay ballast, graph paper & Designer Outlines for 24 students, plus "Mastering Catapult Gliders - Success in Class & Competition" teacher's manual. Finished Tech Glider shown with Catapult Kit, sold separately. Stk. Mfr. Price 536535 7150 $63.00 Consumable Pack Includes balsa blanks (fuselage, tail assemblies & wings) , clay ballast, graph paper & Designer Outlines for 24 students. Catapult sold separately. Stk. Mfr. Price 536536 7151 $47.70 Catapult Kit Includes 1 contest-legal catapult kit constructed of basswood w/rubber strip launch elastic. Stk. Mfr. Price 536537 7152 $18.00 Midwest Products High-performance winder for twisting rubber motors fast. Laser-cut hardwood handle for easier gripping by young flyers. For models using 1/8" contest rubber or less. Stk. Mfr. Price 536351 388 $24.50 Rubber BandWinder Midwest Products Students can quickly wind up their Midwest rubber band airplane & boat motors, then immediately begin testing for distance, speed & more! Labor-saving tool winds 5 revolutions for every single hand- cranked turn. Stk. Mfr. Price 536320 389 $7.70 GLIDERACCESSORIES 15-to-1 CompetitionWinder

MODEL GLIDERS CareerTech Ed / STEM Stk. 536444 536445 194831




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Student Flight Evaluation Kit AG Industries Great for learning how planes fly and evaluating flight performance resulting from changes made to the plane. Identical pre- cut balsa/paper planes provide a flight test kit in a box for comparing the main forces that act

upon a plane (airfoil shape, wing camber, wing dihedral, drag & thrust). Includes 5 planes w/clips, glue, launcher & manual. Stk. Mfr. Qty.





Heritage Series Kit AG Industries Professionally-designed classic planes for the serious modeler. Completion time is approx. 25-40 min. • 2 light planes #'s 305 & 306 (Wilbur, Orville) • Phantom I • Strega (modified P-51 Mustang) • Hercules • Voyager

• 4 racers #'s 519-523 (Pappy, Amelia, Jacqueline, Billy) Includes 10 planes w/clips, glue, ruler, launcher & manual. Stk. Mfr. Qty.





1 Kit

Competition Glider Kit AG Industries This glider kit is excellent for ages 8 and up! Gliders are all pre-cut and easy-to-assemble. Project can be customized for 30-student class.

Includes 30 each pre-cut balsa fuselages, pre-cut fiber airfoils and dihedral gauges, student instructions, 2 teacher's manuals, contest, 39" x 30" target & game w/rules. Stk. Mfr. Qty. Price 194811 AG5000 1 Kit $79.20

Propeller Replacement Assemblies Midwest Products For Delta Dart, Super Delta Dart & Shoebox R.O.G models.

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Replacement Rubber Motor Loops Midwest Products For Delta Dart, Rogue, Tech Twin & Mr. Copter models.


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