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How To Use Our Catalogue We have designed our catalogue with you in mind. Don't let its condensed size fool you - all the critical information needed to make wise rose selections is here. Let us show you how easy this catalogue is to use. We have placed our roses into garden use groups; New Roses, Pioneer Roses (ARE's own introductions), Spring Blooming Climbers, Repeat Blooming Climbers, Large and Small Shrubs. Within these groups are alphabetical listings of the roses along with photographs and descriptive codings. This coding that follows each rose indicates bloom frequency, color, fragrance, zone hardiness as well as best kept plant size based on our own experience. Plant performance, color, and hardiness will vary in different climatic zones so our coding should be considered more of an educated opinion rather than dogma. The indicated zones tend to be conservative and, while the size of plants vary due to climatic conditions, we can only report as to what we experience here in Texas.

We ship our two gallon, own-root roses from mid- September through May. Each rose weighs about eight pounds. Please note that roses entering western states (CA,WA,AZ, NV, ID, UT) must be stripped of leaves due to agricultural protocol.

R = Repeat Blooming O = Spring Blooming Fr = Fragrant H = Hip Display

HMsk = Hybrid Musk HPer = Hyb Perpetual HTea = Hyb Tea LFC = Large Flower Cl. Min = Miniature Moss = Moss

w = white my = medium yellow yb = yellow blend ab = apricot blend ob = orange blend op = orange pink lp = light pink ly = light yellow mp = medium pink dp = deep pink pb = pink blend dr = dark red mr = medium red rb = red blend m = mauve mb = mauve blend

Stock Number Rose Name

Rose Class (China)

Alb = Alba Brb = Bourbon Chn = China Cnt = Centifolia Dmsk = Damask EK = EarthKindâ„¢ Flr = Floribunda Fnd = Found

202 Old Blush 3 to 6 feet. Z6-11 R/Fr/H/mp Chn

Nst = Noisette Poly = Polyantha

Flower Color (medium pink)

Best kept height

Rgs = Rugosa Shrb = Shrub Spc = Species Tea = Tea


Repeat bloom

Cold Hardiness (Grows in Zones 6,7,8,9,10 & 11) see page 35

Produces Hips


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