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2022-23 CATALOG


The MATC Promise means free tuition for eligible students! The MATC Promise for New High School Graduates

The MATC Promise helps make college an option for students who never thought it was possible. MATC Promise pays tuition for up to 75 credits — after other scholarships and grants are applied. The program recently was expanded to include students completing General Educational Development certi fi cate (GED), High School Equivalency Diploma (HSED) or MATC’s Adult High School during the eligible time frame. The cost of books, program fees and equipment are not covered by the Promise program. Students can get connected to an in-demand career in as little as one to two years – or start a four-year degree. The MATC Promise for Adults In 2018, MATC launched the MATC Promise for Adults, one of the fi rst programs of its kind in the U.S. The MATC Promise for Adults supports students who started college but did not fi nish. Eligible students can qualify for up to 75 credits of free tuition — after other scholarships and grants are applied — to complete an in-demand associate degree or technical diploma. The cost of books, program fees and equipment are not covered by the program. The Promise also provides support to help students stay on track to graduate and connect to a career. For details, visit

MATC is an A ffi rmative Action/Equal Opportunity Institution and complies with all requirements of the Americans With Disabilities Act. Refer to the MATC Student Handbook for more information.

Table of Contents MATC’s Academic & Career Pathways . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 Contact Information and Locations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 List of Degrees, Diplomas and Certi fi cates . . . . . . . . . . . 4 How to Apply and Register . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Explore MATC’s Programs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 Four-Year Transfer Opportunities . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Flexible Learning Options . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 Opportunities to Complete High School Credentials . . . 12 Apply for Financial Aid . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 Apply for Scholarships . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 CareerHub Student Employment, Career and Transfer . 13 Support Centers and Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Student Experience. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 Academic Standards at MATC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Welcome From Dr. Vicki J. Martin, MATC President . . . 20 Accreditation Information . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 Online Campus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 Academic & Career Pathways Lists of Programs: Business & Management . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 Community & Human Services. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 Creative Arts, Design & Media . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 General Education . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29 Healthcare . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 Manufacturing, Construction & Transportation . . . . . . . 31 STEM. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32 Associate Degree Programs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33 Technical Diploma Programs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 117 Certi fi cate Programs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 196 Course Descriptions for Degrees, Diplomas, Certi fi cates. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 216 Community Education . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 324 700-Level Courses for Adult High School, GED/HSED, College Support and Learning English. . . . . . . . . . . . 327 Directory of Credential Information . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 335 MATC District Board of Directors 2021-22 . . . . . . . . . . 348 Index . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 348

Mission Education that transforms lives, industry and community Vision The best choice in education, where everyone can succeed Values Empowerment Inclusion Innovation Choose MATC for a Brighter Future Since 1912, MATC has been preparing students for a wide range of careers and we’re proud to continue helping students reach their personal and professional goals. Every year, more than 25,000 choose MATC to get where they want to be in life.

Integrity Respect

This catalog was prepared according to information current as of January 15, 2022. All information is subject to change.

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MATC’s Academic & Career Pathways, Your Road to Success

Pathways are designed to put you on the path to success: graduation and a career, transferring to a four-year university or both. You’ll have a Pathway team that can help with issues outside the classroom too, like fi nding child care, food, housing and transportation. See pages 26-32 for details about each of these Pathways. Visit . MATC also can help you earn high school credentials, learn English and gain additional educational support through Community Education programs. See pages 324-326.

Business & Management Academic & Career Pathway

Healthcare Academic & Career Pathway

Do you want to begin a career in accounting, business management or fi nance? Have you ever thought about becoming an entrepreneur, or working in real estate? Our Business & Management Pathway covers all these fi elds, and so much more, with comprehensive courses designed to take you to the next level. Community & Human Services Academic & Career Pathway Does being an EMT or paralegal sound right for you? How about being a barber or a child care provider? If so, you’ll want to check out our Community & Human Services Pathway, which prepares you to help others through a variety of careers focused on service. Creative Arts, Design & Media Academic & Career Pathway This pathway prepares you to showcase your creative talents. Programs range from animation to TV/video production, baking to interior design, music occupations to photography. General Education Academic & Career Pathway Many students choose this pathway as their route to a four-year degree. You can ful fi ll many of the general education requirements for a bachelor’s degree. That way, you could start at your four-year school with junior standing, and dive into courses for your selected major.

MATC o ff ers cutting-edge programs so you can become a healthcare provider and strengthen the well-being of our community. We work with healthcare organizations to o ff er innovative clinical and cultural immersion experiences for our students. Come visit our state-of-the-art dental clinic, simulation labs and food science kitchen! Manufacturing, Construction & Transportation Academic & Career Pathway If you are looking to further your education by obtaining an associate degree or technical diploma, or experience on-the-job training with an apprenticeship, explore this pathway to prepare for a career in manufacturing, construction or transportation industries. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) Academic & Career Pathway If you are seeking an education and career that embraces your technical aptitude and challenges your analytical side, the STEM Pathway has a home for you! This pathway includes civil engineering, electronics technology, information technology, mechanical design technology and more.

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Contact Information and Locations

Campus Locations Downtown Milwaukee Campus

Pathway Of fi ces Business & Management Academic & Career Pathway Downtown Milwaukee Campus, Main Building, Room M386 Mequon Campus, Room A108 Oak Creek Campus, Room A121 West Allis Campus, Room 103 414-456-5323, 414-297-8903 Community & Human Services Academic & Career Pathway Downtown Milwaukee Campus, T Building, Room T200 Mequon Campus, Room A108 Oak Creek Campus, Room A121 West Allis Campus, Room 103 414-570-4426, 414-297-8837 Creative Arts, Design & Media Academic & Career Pathway Downtown Milwaukee Campus, C Building, Room C204 Mequon Campus, Room A108 Oak Creek Campus, Room A121 West Allis Campus, Room 103 414-297-6004

General Education Academic & Career Pathway Downtown Milwaukee Campus, C Building, Room C204 Mequon Campus, Room A108 Oak Creek Campus, Room A121 West Allis Campus, Room 103 414-297-6584 Healthcare Academic & Career Pathway Downtown Milwaukee Campus, H Building, Room H116 Mequon Campus, Room A108 Oak Creek Campus, Room A121 West Allis Campus, Room 103 262-238-2281, 414-297-6263 Manufacturing, Construction & Transportation Academic & Career Pathway Downtown Milwaukee Campus, T Building, Room T200 Mequon Campus, Room A108 Oak Creek Campus, Room B113 West Allis Campus, Room 103 Education Center at Walker’s Square, Room 205A 414-297-8901 STEM Academic & Career Pathway Downtown Milwaukee Campus, Main Building, Room M386 Mequon Campus, Room A108 Oak Creek Campus, Room A121 West Allis Campus, Room 103 414-297-6319

700 West State Street Milwaukee, WI 53233 414-297-MATC (6282) Mequon Campus 5555 West Highland Road Mequon, WI 53092 262-238-2200 Oak Creek Campus 6665 South Howell Avenue Oak Creek, WI 53154 414-571-4500 West Allis Campus 1200 South 71st Street West Allis, WI 53214 414-456-5500 Online Campus Education Center MATC Education Center at Walker’s Square 816 West National Avenue Milwaukee, WI 53204 414-297-7923 Virtual Student Support Services For hours and links, see

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For a full listing of key college telephone numbers go to then click the Menu and select Contact Us .





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Associate Degrees, Technical Diplomas and Certi fi cates Business & Management Academic & Career Pathway Accounting (10-101-1), A Accounting Assistant (31-101-1), T

Community & Human Services Academic & Career Pathway Aesthetician (31-502-3), T Aesthetician Skin Care Therapist (10-502-2), A Barber (31-502-5), T Child Care Services (31-307-1), T Cosmetology (31-502-1), T Criminal Justice Studies (10-504-5), A Early Childhood Education (10-307-1), A Emergency Medical Technician (30-531-3), T Emergency Medical Technician – Advanced (30-531-6), T Emergency Medical Technician – Paramedic (31-531-1), T Environmental Health and Water Quality Technology (10-506-1), A Fire Protection Technician (10-503-2), A Funeral Service (10-528-1), A Human Service Associate (10-520-3), A Legal Studies/Paralegal (10-110-1), A Nail Technician (30-502-4), T Paramedic Technician (10-531-1), A Post-Baccalaureate Legal Studies/Paralegal (30-110-2), T Preschool (61-307-1), C Sign Language Interpreting in Education (10-533-1), A Water Technician (61-506-1), C Creative Arts, Design & Media Academic & Career Pathway Animation (10-207-1), A Audio Engineer (30-701-1), T Audio Production (10-701-4), A Baking and Pastry Arts (10-314-1), A Baking Production (31-314-2), T Computer Simulation and Gaming (10-153-1), A Culinary Arts (10-316-1), A Culinary Assistant (31-316-1), T Digital Imaging (30-203-1), T eProduction (10-701-3), A Food Service Assistant (30-316-1), T Front-End Web Developer (31-206-1), T Graphic Design (10-201-1), A Interior Design (10-304-1), A Music Occupations (10-805-1), A Photography (10-203-1), A Production Artist (31-201-2), T Television & Video Production (10-701-1), A TV/Video Field Production Assistant (31-701-1), T TV/Video Studio Production Assistant (31-701-2), T Unity Developer (31-153-1), T Web & Digital Media Design (10-201-3), A

General Education Academic & Career Pathway Associate of Arts (20-800-1), A Associate of Arts: Online Accelerated (20-800-1), A Associate of Arts – Community Engagement: Pre-Major (20-800-1), A Associate of Arts – Global Studies: Pre-Major (20-800-1), A Associate of Arts – Teacher Education: Pre-Major (20-800-1), A Associate of Science (20-800-2), A Associate of Science – Chemical Technology: Pre-Major (20-800-2), A Associate of Science – Economics: Pre-Major (20-800-2), A Associate of Science – Psychology: Pre-Major (20-800-2), A Individualized Technical Studies, A Healthcare Academic & Career Pathway Anesthesia Technology (10-541-1), A Cardiovascular Technology – Echocardiography (10-521-2), A Cardiovascular Technology – Invasive (10-521-1), A Central Service Technician (30-534-1), T Community Health and Nutrition Navigator (10-539-3), A Dental Assistant (30-508-2), T Dental Hygiene (10-508-1), A Dietary Manager (61-313-1), C EKG Technician (61-521-1), C Health Information Technology (10-530-1), A Health Unit Coordinator (30-510-2), T Healthcare Customer Service (61-530-1), C Healthcare Services Management (10-530-3), A LPN to ADN Progression (10-543-10), A Medical Assistant (31-509-1), T Medical Coding Specialist (31-530-2), T Medical Interpreter (31-538-1), T Medical Laboratory Technician (10-513-1), A Nursing Assistant (30-543-1), T Nutrition and Dietetic Technician (10-313-1), A Occupational Therapy Assistant (10-514-1), A Pharmacy Technician (31-536-1), T Phlebotomy (30-513-1), T Physical Therapist Assistant (10-524-1), A Practical Nursing (31-543-1), T Radiography (10-526-1), A

Accounting Bookkeeper Trainee (61-101-1), C Administrative Professional (10-106-6), A Banking and Financial Services (10-114-3), A Bilingual O ffi ce Assistant (31-106-6), T Business Analyst (10-102-1), A Business Management (10-102-3), A Business Management (31-102-3), T Business Management Trainee (61-102-1), C Digital Marketing and Integrated Communications (31-104-9), T Entrepreneurship (31-145-2), T Entrepreneurship (61-145-1), C Event Management (10-109-6), A Financial Services (31-114-3), T Financial Services Trainee (61-114-1), C Foundations of Lodging and Hospitality Management (31-109-5), T Hospitality Management (10-109-2), A Human Resources (10-116-1), A Leadership Development (10-196-1), A Marketing (10-104-3), A Marketing – Online Accelerated (10-104-3), A Medical Administrative Specialist (10-160-4), A Medical Billing (31-160-5), T O ffi ce Technology Assistant (31-106-1), T Property Management (61-194-2), C Real Estate (10-194-1), A Real Estate Broker Associate (30-194-1), T Real Estate Salesperson (61-194-1), C Sales and Customer Experience (30-104-10), T Special Event Management (31-109-2), T Supply Chain Management (10-182-1), A Supply Management (30-182-1), T Transportation – Logistics (30-182-2), T

Registered Nursing (10-543-1), A Respiratory Therapy (10-515-1), A Surgical Technology (10-512-1), A

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Offered at Milwaukee Area Technical College, 2022-23

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) Academic & Career Pathway Architectural Technology (10-614-1), A Biomedical Electronics Technology (10-605-6), A Chemical Technician (10-603-1), A Civil Engineering Technology (10-607-1), A Computer Electronics Technology (10-605-3), A Electronic Engineering Technology (10-605-7), A Electronic Technology – Automation (10-605-1), A Electronics Technician Fundamentals (30-605-1), T Food Science Technology (10-623-4), A IT Computer Support Specialist (10-154-3), A IT Computer Support Technician (31-154-6), T IT Digital Forensics Analyst (31-150-1), T IT Help Desk Support Specialist (31-154-7), T IT Information Systems Security Specialist (10-151-3), A IT Mobile Applications Developer (10-152-8), A IT Network Specialist (10-150-2), A IT Network Specialist – Online Accelerated Cohort (10-150-2), A IT Networking and Infrastructure Administration (31-150-2), T IT User Support Technician (30-154-6), T IT Web and Software Developer (10-152-7), A Level 2 – Service Center Technician (61-154-3), C Mechanical and Computer Drafting (31-421-2), T Mechanical Design Technology (10-606-1), A Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Support Specialist (61-154-2), C

Manufacturing, Construction & Transportation Academic & Career Pathway Advanced Metal Fabrication (32-457-1), T Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology (10-601-1), A Appliance Technician (31-445-1), T Architectural Woodworking/Cabinetmaking (31-409-1), T Auto Collision Repair and Finish Technician (31-405-1), T Automated Building Systems (30-481-1), T Automotive Express Lube Technician (61-404-1), C Automotive Maintenance Technician (31-404-3), T Automotive Technology – Comprehensive (10-602-6), A Automotive Technology Maintenance Light Repair (30-602-4), T Aviation Maintenance Technician – General (61-486-1), C Bricklaying (30-408-2), T Carpentry (31-410-1), T CNC Setup and Operations (61-420-3), C Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Technician (32-444-1), T Dental Technician (31-507-1), T Diesel and Powertrain Servicing (31-412-3), T Electrical Power Distribution/Line Mechanic (31-413-2), T Electricity (31-413-1), T Landscape Horticulture (10-001-4), A Landscape Horticulture Technician (31-001-5), T Machine Tool Operations (31-420-1), T Manufacturing Maintenance (32-462-1), T Power Engineering and Boiler Operator (30-428-1), T Preparatory Plumbing (31-427-1), T Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating Service Technician (31-401-1), T Technical Studies: Apprentice (10-499-5), A Tool and Die Making (32-439-1), T Truck Driving (30-458-1), T Welding (31-442-1), T Aviation Technician – Airframe (31-486-1), T Aviation Technician – Powerplant (31-486-2), T Boiler Operator (61-428-1), C

Quality Engineering Technology (10-623-9), A Science Processing Technician (30-603-X), T Service Center Technician (61-154-1), C Surveying and Mapping (30-607-1), T

Welding Fundamentals (61-442-7), C Welding Technology (10-621-1), A

These academic programs are grouped in this catalog by: A - Associate degree programs, pages 33-116 T - Technical diploma programs, pages 117-195 C - Certi fi cate programs, pages 196-215 Program codes are shown in parentheses.

New Programs Under Development MATC works with local industry and business partners to develop new programs that meet workforce needs. See pages 33 & 117 for names of programs coming soon. For the most current list of MATC’s academic programs, see .

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We’re Here to Help You Succeed MATC can help you reach your goals, with bilingual services and programs, tutoring, academic advising, career counseling and employment services. You can fi nd more information about these services in this catalog. You also can visit , choose Student Life and Resources from the menu and select Student Support. Join Us for 2022-23! Start dates: Summer session starts week of June 12, 2022 Fall semester starts week of August 21, 2022 Spring semester starts week of January 15, 2023 Flexible start dates include 12-week and eight-week sessions. See the academics calendar at . If You Need Financial Aid: Apply for federal fi nancial aid as early as possible. Complete the online form at or download the myStudentAid app. The MATC federal school code is 003866. Visit and search Financial Aid for speci fi c due dates and more information. Just Want to Take a Course? If you want to take courses but don’t want to earn an associate degree or technical diploma, you don’t need to complete the full admissions process, but will not be eligible for fi nancial aid. You will still need to complete a Non-Program Student application and register for the classes you want to take. Go to, click on A Future Student and then on Just Take a Class. If you visit, you’ll fi nd computer stations for completing applications for admission, fi nancial aid and for completing registration. Our team will be ready to help. Your Journey With MATC Begins Here Let’s Get Started Apply online at or visit us in person at any campus!

Applying to MATC Some Requirements Before You Apply: • You must have a high school diploma or GED equivalency certi fi cate to enter an MATC associate degree or technical diploma program – only a few exceptions apply. • For students who want to fi nish high school, MATC o ff ers Adult High School, GED and HSED opportunities (see pages 324-326). • Some courses require speci fi c high school experience. If you don’t have those course requirements, you can ful fi ll them through our Adult High School (see page 324). Readmission for Returning Students Coming back to MATC? Great! If you have taken a break from your program (over two semesters, not including summer), then you’ll need to apply for readmission. You can complete a program readmission application online at, search Returning Students. You will need to follow the program requirements in e ff ect at the time of your readmission. Please note that if the program you are reapplying to has a waiting list, you may have to join that list. International Students MATC welcomes international students! Those who plan to apply for a student visa should visit and search International Students . You also may write to: Milwaukee Area Technical College International Student Admissions O ffi ce 1200 South 71st Street Room 120 West Allis, WI 53214 Waiting Lists Waiting lists are used when we have more applicants than we have spots available in a program. When you complete your application to a program that’s already full, you’ll be placed on the list in the order that you fi nished applying. While waiting to take core courses, you can still enroll in your program’s speci fi ed general studies courses, such as English, math and electives.

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Healthcare Pathway – The Petition Process The Healthcare Academic & Career Pathway uses a petition process for entry into some programs, which requires you to complete the petition application during the petition window dates. Find instructions on how to complete the petition process by visiting and searching Petitioning.

Health and Criminal Background Check Requirements Health and criminal background checks are required for some programs and courses. Agencies who serve as clinical or fi eld placement sites reserve the right to deny a student’s placement based upon health and/or criminal background check results. See information on a program’s webpage at and course information at . For additional information related to Healthcare programs, see page 30.

How to Apply To Apply to a Program, Follow These Steps Apply for Admission Fill out your application at or visit any MATC campus Pay the $30 application fee (Fee waived for Summer 2022 and Fall 2022) Submit Of fi cial Transcripts Depending on your experience, you will submit one or more from the following list: • High school (with graduation date) • GED/HSED • Homeschool PI-1206 form and detailed transcript • College/university • Out of country transcripts (must be translated and evaluated by an approved agency) Submit Other Required Items Some programs have additional admission requirements such as criminal background check or licensure. Check program requirements for details. Watch for Your Acceptance Letter Congratulations! You’ve been accepted. Keep going.

Log In to Self-Service • Visit and click on Forgot your user name? • Your user name will be sent to the email account you used to apply. • After you receive your user name, return to Self-Service and enter your user name. • At the next form, enter your MATC email address. • Your default password begins with Fa22$ and ends with the month and day of your birthdate. For example, if birthdate is August 3, the default password is: Fa22$0803 • Select Student Planning to search classes and register. • Select Student Finance for payment options. Participate in STORM STORM is your virtual orientation experience that supports class registration and getting to know MATC. Students must participate in order to register. You will get an invitation from your Admissions navigator. RSVP to participate and meet your Pathway team! Register for Classes and Payment Options Current MATC students can register for classes online at . Attend New Student Welcome Session









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Credit for Prior Learning and Experience (CPLE) Get Credit for What You Already Know Before you pick your courses and start at MATC, think about what previous courses and experiences could earn you college credit. It’s possible you’ve already gained college level learning on your own. CPLE is a way to earn credit for speci fi c MATC courses based on skills learned as part of courses completed from another college, work experience, professional licenses, certi fi cates, apprenticeships, military training or through training programs. To graduate, all students must complete 25% of their coursework at MATC. Visit and search CPLE for more information.

Registration Registration Is How You Sign Up for Classes • Students register online at . • Remember to make sure you have met the course prerequisites. Service Members Priority Registration We honor the fact that state law gives veterans and members of the armed forces priority in registering for courses at Wisconsin technical colleges and the University of Wisconsin System. Service members’ priority registration information is available at by searching MESO . Priority Registration If you’re already enrolled in an associate degree or technical diploma program, you get to register earlier. You’ll have the opportunity to register for the next semester after mid-term of the current semester. You can meet with an advisor who will assist you in selecting courses. The Priority Registration dates for eligible program students are listed on the academics calendar at . Open Registration Newly admitted program students and students not accepted into a program register during Open Registration. See the academics calendar at for Open Registration dates. Payment Options Select a payment option to avoid being dropped from all classes. Payment options include awarded fi nancial aid, sponsorship received by MATC, enrolled in the MATC Payment Plan or paid in full. Visit to enroll in a payment plan. You can pay online at or in person. Fees for most courses are set by the Wisconsin Technical College System Board and are updated each academic year.


Get Information 24/7 With Self-Service Once you enroll, you will have an easy way to help you stay connected and access key college services. At, you can: • Get immediate, 24/7 information about your fi nancial aid without waiting on hold or in a line • View your class schedule and cumulative GPA • Review and print your uno ffi cial transcript • View your semester grades • Register for classes • Pay tuition and fees and enroll in a payment plan


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Explore MATC’s Programs Associate Degrees

Digital Badges Digital badges, or microcredentials, are a visual way to represent a person’s abilities and competencies attained through coursework, combined with a veri fi able description of the activities and knowledge it took to earn the badge. It’s easy to display the badges you earn on your virtual résumés, social media channels and professional networks.

Associate of Arts (A.A.), Associate of Science (A.S.) and Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree programs usually take at least two years to complete for a full-time student. Many students choose the A.A. and A.S. options to fi ll requirements for a four-year degree transfer. Check with the four-year institution you plan to attend, and ensure your courses will count toward your degree. Technical Diplomas Are you looking to prepare for a speci fi c job or upgrade your job skills? MATC o ff ers specialized technical diploma programs. Time frames for full-time students range from one semester to one-year and two-year programs. Technical diploma courses usually involve more time in hands-on activities, more class time and MATC’s certi fi cate programs are targeted, short term programs (generally one semester) that provide coursework to update job skills and prepare students for new career opportunities. Apply Your MATC Credits to Related Programs MATC has designed many of its programs to o ff er students a quicker path to completing advanced credentials by applying their credits earned previously in a related MATC certi fi cate or technical diploma. Related programs are shown at the top of a program’s catalog page. Talk with a Pathway advisor for details. less homework. Certi fi cates

Showcase skills, knowledge and accomplishments in a veri fi able way

Clearly communicate your skills and relevant quali fi cations

Tell your educational and professional story

Digital badges that you can earn as you pursue a certi fi cate, technical diploma or associate degree are shown on the program’s webpage at The college continues to develop its o ff ering of digital badges. For the most current listing, visit and search Badges .

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Transfer Opportunities Start Your Bachelor’s Degree With MATC

Transfer Resources MATC hosts representatives from many public and private colleges and universities for events throughout the academic year such as semiannual Transfer Days, weekly four-year transfer partner visits and on-campus university services through the Center for University Partnerships and Studies. Check and see the Calendar for dates and times. For complete University of Wisconsin System transfer information, visit . at Transfer agreements set the credits that will transfer to a four-year institution. If no agreement is in place, you should talk with the institution you are planning to attend and discuss what they are willing to accept. Plan Ahead: Make Your Transfer Seamless Preparation is key. Students should plan ahead by researching their transfer options and contacting MATC’s O ffi ce of Articulation and Transfer at 414-297-6836. Also review the four-year transfer information

MATC Can Be Your Path to a Four-Year Degree

We have agreements with more than 40 four-year colleges and universities, making transferring to complete your bachelor’s degree a convenient and a ff ordable option. Talk to your advisor and fi nd out which courses and MATC programs will transfer to the college or university you plan to attend. It’s also a good idea to keep in touch with the admissions department of that four-year school, so you can make sure you’re taking the right MATC courses for your transfer. Types of Transfers and Transfer Agreements Liberal Arts and Sciences Transfer Earn 60 or more bachelor’s degree transfer credits through programs in MATC’s General Education Academic & Career Pathway. You can transfer credits earned in MATC’s 200-level courses to most four-year colleges and universities in Wisconsin, and to others across the nation. MATC’s Associate of Arts (A.A.) and Associate of Science (A.S.) degrees are equivalent to the general education/liberal arts and sciences requirements for freshmen and sophomores enrolled in many bachelor’s degree programs at four-year colleges and universities. Program-to-Program Transfer Agreements Selected associate degree program credits are accepted as the fi rst two years of a related bachelor’s degree program at designated partner MATC students may transfer many or all of their credits from MATC and apply them toward a four-year degree at the accepting school. Transfer Agreements by Institution To explore four-year colleges and universities that have transfer agreements with MATC, go to and search Transfer Agreements . four-year colleges and universities. All-Inclusive Transfer Agreements

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Flexible Learning Options at MATC We’ll Work With Your Schedule To fi t work and family schedules: • The college has eight-week, 12-week and 16-week courses. • Evening classes are held at all four campuses and other sites throughout the district. • Weekend classes are held on Friday evenings and Saturdays. • We o ff er hundreds of online classes. • More than 45 associate degree, technical diploma and certi fi cate programs are o ff ered entirely online. • Accelerated degree programs are available and designed especially for working adults. Auditing Courses Interested in learning something new, without the pressure of exams and grades? Auditing courses lets you do just that. Audited courses aren’t for credit, and aren’t eligible for fi nancial aid or veterans bene fi ts. Not every course can be audited. For auditing information, contact or call 414-297-7900 . NOTE: If you are a Wisconsin resident 60 years or older, you may audit classes in our 100-, 200-, 300-level courses for free on a space-available basis; you will be able to register on the fi rst day of the class. (You cannot change to audit status if you register before the start of the class.) As an audit through this program, all tuition will be waived; however, material and other course fees will be charged; these fees will appear under the heading “tuition.” Continuing Education Courses Continuing education courses for businesses are available through MATC’s Workforce Solutions, either on campus, online or at the workplace. Visit and search Workforce Solutions .

Apprenticeships Earn a wage while you learn a trade

Apprenticeships are formal training agreements for hands-on learning. Employers teach skills of the trade on the job, and classroom instruction reinforces this knowledge. To become an apprentice you need to be registered with the Bureau of Apprenticeship Standards and have an employer sponsor your attendance in classes for one day per week. For more information, visit and search Apprenticeships . Study Abroad Opportunities Would you like to study in a di ff erent part of the world? MATC o ff ers a number of study abroad opportunities for students interested in learning fi rsthand about cultures around the world. Some scholarships are available to help fund MATC-sponsored study abroad opportunities, and you can earn credit for your program. Visit and search International Study for more information. Workforce Solutions MATC Workforce Solutions o ff ers businesses professional training and development including custom and on site options. We provide training that is responsive for today’s fast-paced, ever-changing business environment and produce outcomes that can be applied on the job immediately. Led by experienced professional educators, each cost-e ff ective program is custom-designed and scalable to fi t individual business needs. Our services include: • Organization-wide training and development programs at your location, our campus or delivered in an online virtual format • Customized training to improve organizational and leadership performance • Enhancement of workforce skills to improve employee productivity • Professional development workshops and seminars • Workforce Advancement Training (WAT) grants to upskill incumbent employees Workforce Solutions is committed to the economic development of the region and achieving a diverse and trained workforce. For more information about the services available, visit and search Workforce Solutions .

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Opportunities to Complete High School Credentials MATC o ff ers several programs for adults, and teens in some cases, who need to fi nish high school requirements. Adult High School MATC’s Adult High School can help you fi nish high school graduation requirements. High school students 16 or 17 years of age also can enroll in evening, online, weekend or summer session Adult High School classes for credit recovery. General Educational Development (GED) The GED test, o ff ered at all MATC campuses, is an option for those who haven’t fi nished high school. Most employers require at least a GED, and it’s one way to meet entrance requirements at MATC and other colleges. We o ff er GED prep courses, too. High School Equivalency Diploma (HSED) Students can earn a High School Equivalency Diploma by completing the GED certi fi cate and satisfying the civic literacy and health requirements. Program for Emerging Scholars Through this program, students aged 16 years or older who meet certain requirements may take classes leading to a high school diploma at MATC. For more information on the programs listed above, see the Community Education section on pages 324-326. More Opportunities for High School Students - Dual Enrollment If you’re a high school student, you can begin your college education by taking dual credit now! Examples include: • Dual Enrollment Academy • Start College Now • Transcripted Credit • Contracted Courses For information about these opportunities, visit and search High School Opportunities .

Apply for Financial Aid In order to receive fi nancial aid, you must be admitted to an MATC associate degree or technical diploma program before the admission application deadline. STEP ONE: Gather all required FAFSA ® information. Collect your signed 2020 Federal Tax Return, W-2s and untaxed income received. If you’re a dependent, you’ll need your parents’ Federal Tax Returns as well. STEP TWO: Complete your FAFSA information. Go to or download the myStudentAid app for iOS and Android. The MATC federal school code is 003866. STEP THREE: Sign the FAFSA. You (and a parent if you’re a dependent) will agree to the FAFSA certi fi cation statement and sign the application. You can sign electronically using your FAFSA user ID (both you and your parent will need your own individual FAFSA user IDs). STEP FOUR: View your Student Aid Report. You’ll receive a Student Aid Report (SAR), sent via email if you listed an email address, or available on . Review the information to make sure it’s correct. Contact the MATC Financial Aid o ffi ce for assistance with any inaccuracies. MATC Financial Aid Of fi ce Contact Information Visit the Financial Aid o ffi ce at the Downtown Milwaukee Campus Admissions Center in Room S114; or the Admissions Center at the Mequon, Oak Creek or West Allis campuses. Call 414-297-6282 or email fi . For more information on Multiple Census Dates, go to and search Financial Aid Handbook . For more information on Degree Audit, see costs-scholarships-aid/cost-aid-deadlines.html


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Apply for Scholarships

Hub Career Student Employment, Career & Transfer

Are you looking to explore new career options, have your prior experience evaluated or participate in career readiness activities such as résumé reviews and mock interviews? Are you hoping to secure an internship or a job on campus? Do you want to connect with area employers eager to speak with you about your skills? To learn more about the following, visit Student Employment, Career & Transfer (CareerHub): • Student employment/Work Study • Internships/InternConnect • JobUp Milwaukee • Career coaching/planning • CareerHub events • Find a job/career readiness • Career services for diverse populations • Transfer out – explore our four-year transfer partners • Transfer in and Credit for Prior Learning and Experience • Opportunities to connect with employers The Student Career, Employment and Transfer Center is located at the Downtown Milwaukee Campus in Room S101. Services are also available at the Oak Creek Campus (Room A106) and Mequon Campus (Room A100). For more information, see , email or call 414-297-6244 . Internships Hands-on experience in your fi eld Internships allow students to apply what they’ve learned while gaining real experience, by combining in-class work with a career-related job. You will acquire work experience, enhance personal growth and you may earn college credit. Internships are mandatory in some MATC programs and optional in others; refer to the program’s curriculum. Visit and search Internships for more information. MATC Is Proud to Partner With Handshake, a Robust Online Career Platform Handshake is a great resource for students and alumni to connect with internships and job opportunities. Learn more at . Find Employment Information With the Graduate Career Report MATC’s Graduate Career Report is an important resource for prospective and current students regarding career and education planning. Visit and search Career Report .

You may be eligible for scholarships from the MATC Foundation! Don’t miss these great opportunities. • The 2022 scholarship application period for new high school graduates and fi rst-time MATC students is July 5-30, 2022 • The scholarship application period for current and continuing MATC students begins in February (see for speci fi c dates); scholarship recipients are selected and noti fi ed via email in May • Most scholarships are awarded as multiple semester (Fall and Spring) scholarships for the next academic year • The application form is completed online. To learn more, visit For help, email . The MATC Promise Means Free Tuition for Eligible Students The MATC Promise for New High School Graduates MATC established Wisconsin’s fi rst free-tuition Promise program in 2015. The MATC Promise for New High School Graduates pays the tuition for up to 75 credits for eligible students, after other scholarships and grants are applied. The program recently was expanded to include students completing General Educational Development certi fi cate (GED), High School Equivalency Diploma (HSED) or MATC’s Adult High School during the eligible time frame. The cost of books, program fees and equipment are not covered. The MATC Promise for Adults In 2018, MATC launched the Promise for Adults for students aged 24 and older who started but did not complete a college degree. It provides eligible students up to 75 credits of free tuition, after other scholarships and grants are applied, to complete an in-demand program. Find out more about both MATC Promise programs at FREE Tuition for Eligible Students

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Academic Support Centers and Tutoring Services Academic Support Centers (ASC) are open to all MATC students, and include assistance in computer applications, course assignments, online use, math, science, social sciences, study skills, writing and tutoring services. For more information, visit and search MATC ASC . • Communications Center sta ff provide assistance in online work and in business courses related to communications • Computer Center sta ff o ff er assistance in using a computer for course assignments • Math-Science Center sta ff provide assistance in all math levels. They also o ff er assistance in science and Healthcare Pathway courses, use of computerized instructional resources and internet use. • Writing Center sta ff o ff er assistance in course related written assignments and projects, résumé writing and research papers. Online writing help is available – visit and search MATC Online Tutoring . Tutoring is free to all MATC college students. Services include walk-in tutoring, group tutoring, in-class tutoring and online tutoring. Tutoring is o ff ered based on the needs of students and tutor availability. MATC Libraries The libraries provide an array of resources and services, including great spaces to study. Services are available at all four campus libraries, and available virtually via the Ask a Librarian service at . The Ask a Librarian service is also available by texting 414-937-5379.

Supported Courses MATC believes you can succeed in college — regardless of your ACT, high school grade-point average or your passing GED score. We will help provide the right academic support. When you start at MATC, you’ll be registered in college-level courses with extra supports if you need them. The college will review your previous academic records to see if you may need help such as extra hours of instruction, tutoring, homework help or lab work. Student Accommodation Services Student Accommodation Services (SAS) ensures that students with disabilities have equal opportunities and access to all courses, programs and activities o ff ered at MATC. Prospective students with disabilities should contact Transition Services at the Downtown Milwaukee Campus, 414-297-7839 or visit and search SAS for more information. Veterans Services (Military Education Support Of fi ce – MESO) We proudly recognize recipients of the GI Bill If you plan to take advantage of federal or state military educational bene fi ts, paperwork should be submitted prior to the start of each semester. We handle all certifying and processing of educational bene fi ts at the Downtown Milwaukee Campus. For e ffi ciency, please contact the proper o ffi ce – all military service, veterans and dependents educational bene fi ts are processed in the MESO O ffi ce only. Keep in mind you may be eligible for other types of fi nancial aid in addition to VA bene fi ts. Also remember MATC o ff ers eligible student veterans and current military service members priority registration for each term in keeping with state law. Contact the MESO School Certifying O ffi cial (SCO) at 414-297-8363 , or email . Of fi ce of Bilingual Education This o ffi ce aids bilingual students seeking guidance in completing their college education. For more information about these services call 414-297-8882 . Also see page 326. Academic Advising After you’re admitted, an MATC Academic Pathway advisor is one of your fi rst contacts to help you start your journey to your diploma or degree. An Academic Pathway advisor will help you determine what classes you should take fi rst and explain more about your program of study.

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Student Experience MATC Student Experience Statement Students at MATC experience an engaging and empowering education characterized by: • a welcoming learning environment that fosters personal growth and prepares students for the future; • a warm and supportive community for every person, regardless of religious belief, sexual orientation, gender identity, ability, or racial or ethnic background; • supportive, personalized services designed to help students succeed; • innovative technology that inspires students’ creativity; • real-world experiences that foster students’ grit and their desire to stay in school; • meaningful friendships with other students and strong connections with caring, compassionate and encouraging faculty and sta ff ; and • a fun, culturally sensitive, and inclusive campus community that promotes a sense of belonging and school pride. Child Care Services Your children are in good hands at MATC Children’s Centers We understand that a ff ordable, reliable child care can be a challenge for students. That’s why we o ff er reliable, quality child care to support your success. Available at each campus, MATC Children’s Centers o ff er a variety of learning experiences that encourage emotional, social, intellectual and physical development. All locations are nationally accredited and hold a fi ve-star quality rating from the state of Wisconsin. Flexible scheduling is available, but children must be registered prior to attending children’s centers. MATC is approved for payment by several funding agencies. • Downtown Milwaukee Campus, Room H240, 414-297-7880 • Mequon Campus, Room A216, 262-238-2450 • Oak Creek Campus, Room B124, 414-571-4690 • West Allis Campus, 865 South 72nd Street, 414-456-5419

Mental Health Counseling Services We know the importance of maintaining good mental health and are here to help. MATC’s licensed professional counselors provide short-term support to students with mental health needs and concerns. All services are free, con fi dential and tailored to fi t student needs. Email . For more information and resources, go to and search Mental Health . Of fi ce of Multicultural Student Services Community, Support, Advocacy, Advising Working to leverage cultural strengths to help overcome the challenges faced by students of diverse backgrounds, the O ffi ce of Multicultural Student Services provides support services, case management, advocacy and intervention, and academic advising. It’s made up of four main o ffi ces: Advisors serve as advocates for current and prospective students of color from diverse backgrounds. Advisors work to keep students enrolled through their proactive measures to help. Multicultural Student Services is located at the Downtown Milwaukee Campus. For more information, call 414-297-6968 or visit and search Multicultural Student Services . Veterans Resource Center We recognize that military-a ffi liated students have unique needs on a college campus, and sta ff members in the Veterans Resource Center ease the transition from the military to college. The Veterans Resource Center on the Downtown Milwaukee Campus is where military-a ffi liated students can get information about veteran resources, use computers, do homework or socialize. Veterans, those currently serving in the military, and dependents and spouses receiving bene fi ts can contact Veterans Specialist Wesley Walker, , 414-297-6835 . Westown Green New student housing option Live near the Downtown Milwaukee Campus and vibrant Deer District! Westown Green amenities include fi tness center, computer lab, study lounges, club room and unit-style apartment living. It is located at 925 North Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive. See . • African American Student Services • American Indian Student Services • Asian American Student Services • Hispanic Student Services

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