Luxury Portfolio Vol. 07 Issue 01 - BrissiJoslin


Neuroon Sleep Mask If you have a difficult time sleeping, the Neuroon sleep mask can help. This new, wearable technology combines sensors and advanced software with a mobile application for a smart device. The mask tracks sleep-related data enabling users to understand sleep analytics, jetlag blocker, personal pause (for napping), biorhythm adjuster (for when you work odd hours) and Neuroon sunrise which simulates light, so you wake up naturally.


Courvoisier Classic Tour Whether you are a Courvoisier

connoisseur, or newer to this intoxicating cognac, this tour is the perfect experience for those seeking something a bit different. A delightful tour for all brandy lovers, the Courvoisier Classic tour includes an in-depth history of the brand, the special process of making this elegant cognac, and a tasting chosen from the award-winning portfolio. This tour is only available at select times throughout the year, so be sure to check availability online.

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