Luxury Portfolio Vol. 07 Issue 01 - BrissiJoslin

Oombrella Smart Umbrella Oombrella is a smart umbrella connected to the app on your phone that alerts you BEFORE it rains, ensuring you never leave the house without it. It also shares live weather data within its community of users so you’re never caught in the rain. And for those who tend to lose their umbrellas frequently, it has a “forget me not” feature to alert you when you’ve left it behind. Available in black, white and a shiny color as well as bag sized or the classic large size. No more bad hair days on the horizon.

Waylens Horizon Action Camera for Cars Amplify your fun behind the wheel with the Waylens Horizon automotive camera system, beautifully designed to allow driving enthusiasts to easily capture, edit and share interesting moments in real time. The state-of-the-art dashboard camera can make a viewer feel like you’re right in the driver’s seat when you watch the recorded video. The data-driven editing easily searches and selects the most exhilarating moments from hours of driving footage.

Snapchat Spectacles Snapchat, the increasingly popular social media platform has developed specs designed to make sharable memories taken from your perspective, literally. These wearable sunglasses take 10-second videos which get shared to your Snapchat memories over Wi-Fi and make it possible for your Snapchat friends to literally see the world from your point of view. Available in black, teal and coral, they are an exciting new gadget, keeping you connected to your sphere.

Petbot Petcam Feeling guilty about leaving your fur ball home alone while you go to work? Not to worry, Petbot Petcam is a great device for your pet to interact with while you’re away. The built-in camera, microphone and treat dispenser are all accessible from the app and your pet can even send you selfies throughout the day, allowing for true two-way communication. Show them you care, even when you’re not there! || 13

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