Leeson Product Catalog 1050

Washguard ® Motors Broad Product Range

Explosion Proof


Premium Stainless Duck

Maximum service in critically clean or corrosive environments

Duty Motors

• Meets IP56 enclosure protection • AC, DC and IEC designs • (SGRs) shaft grounding rings

• All exterior components of 300 series stainless steel • Endshields o-ring sealed to frame • IEEE 841 severe-duty features standard


SST Stainless Duck



Stainless Steel Tough for demanding washdown applications

• Full-fact nameplate is laser-etched on the motor frame • Four locations for T-drains provided on each endshield • Meets IP55 enclosure protection

• All exterior components of 300 series stainless steel, including motor frame, endshield and conduit box castings • Moisture resistant sealant between frame and endbells

Washguard ®



Stainless Duck



Superior, extended life in severe environments

• Meets IP55 enclosure protection • Three phase motors are suitable for use on VFDs • Washguard ® II motors

• Paint-free exterior—stainless frame and conduit box lid, specially processed endshields and conduit box housing • Etched stainless steel nameplate

HVAC / Fan


White Duck

Enhanced performance in wet, humid areas • Our original moisture-shedding “duck” motor • USDA-approved white epoxy finish • Stainless steel shaft, conduit box cover, nameplate, fan guard

Special Voltage


• Four endshield drains • Meets IP55 enclosure protection

Definite Purpose Motors Brake Motors

Extreme Duck

Revolutionary Designed Stainless Steel Motors are built to be the last Stainless Steel Washdown motors you will ever need!

• Protech Bearing isolator used for the output shaft seal • Pre-lubricated double-sealed bearings • Full fact nameplate is laser etched

• Total winding encapsulation using an Epoxy Resin • All exterior components are 300-Series stainless steel • (SRGs) shaft grounding rings


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