IHRA Official Rulebook

be visible in IHRA official photo used for contingency verification. Failure to comply with this rule will result in loss of contingency for product in question. Non-visible areas are: running board surface, decklids, rear of vehicle and rear window. 2. All decals and products must be on the entry prior to the first round of eliminations. ANYONE APPLYING DECALS AFTER THE FIRST ROUND OF ELIMINATIONS WILL FORFEIT ALL CONTINGENCY AWARDS FOR THAT EVENT . 3. Any competitor attempting to falsely collect contingency awards for products not on the vehicle will forfeit all contingency for that event and may lose all claims for the season. All components included for contingency verification must be functional and accepted for use in the category/eliminator for which the claim has been submitted. 4. Decals must not be altered or overlaid without permission of sponsor. Altered includes but is not limited to changes in color, size, shape or decal content. 5. Sponsors may have additional requirements. Specific information is available on Contingency Central on ihra.com or by contacting the IHRA contingency department at the corporate office. 6. As a courtesy , some sponsors provide contingency decals to IHRA that are available in the tech trailer. Available decals are distributed until tech is closed for the competitors class. Not all decals are available through IHRA. 7. IHRA is not responsible for unpaid claims. The driver/owner must contact the 9. Competitors may not display their sponsor’s product from their pit space unless their sponsor is part of the IHRA contingency program. Competitors may display sponsor banners, product catalogues or promotional brochures from their pit space. 10. Competitors who attempt to claim awards for multiple products from different companies, connected in series on the entry, will be denied both claims and may forfeit contingency for the entire event . (ie - 2 ignitions systems, fuel pumps , etc.) 11. All winners and runner ups are required to have pictures taken at Winners Circle. Failure to do so may result in loss of contingecy awards as photographic confirmation of all claims are required. CO-RIDERS: Riders allowed in vehicles running 14.00 (8.75 1/8 mile) or slower. Rider must comply with same safety guidelines as the driver. DAMAGED CARS: If a car is damaged or has a minor problem after it pulls into the staging lanes, the car will be permitted to make the run (at the Race Director’s discretion), but repairs must be made before the next round. NOTE: The damage must have occurred in the lanes or on the track, and not before the car pulled into the lanes.An unsafe car will be disqualified. DIAL-INS: No dial-in may be changed after the entry has left the head of staging, unless approved by the race director. Dial-ins may not be changed in the case of a re- run. At any event with functioning scoreboards that display the “dial-in” any racer “staging” his car has accepted that dial in, right or wrong. DUAL INFRACTIONS: In the case of dual infractions on a competitive run, the car making the worst infraction will be disqualified. If infractions are of an equal rank, the first infraction shall be disqualified. In cases where both opponents in a race have mechanical difficulties prior to the start, every effort will be made to determine a winner and a loser of the contest. When possible, this includes the allowance of a reasonable time period for the contestants to make adjustments and repairs, then to complete the race. This rule also applies to cars making single runs. LANE / BOUNDARY CROSSING : ANY RACE CAR TOUCHING ANY MARKER LINE DURING THE MEASURED RACE WILL BE DISQUALIFIED. In situations where multiple boundary lines are utilized, the line directly adjacent to the competitors racing lane will be used for reference. In determining lane boundary crossing violations, it is considered a disqualification when any portion of a tire touches the painted line surface. Contact with guard railing, barriers, or any other track fixture (i.e. “Christmas tree,” “A frames,” timing equipment, cones, foam reflector block, etc.) is grounds for disqualification. Decorative painting on the track surface does not constitute a boundary violation. Intentional crossing of boundary lines to leave track or to avoid depositing debris on strip is not grounds for disqualification. In situations where a driver is making a single run in eliminations, he is considered the automatic winner once he stages under power and receives the start (see also: Bye Runs). Lane boundary line crossing and red light disqualification rules do not apply on single runs. NUMBERS: Permanent Numbers recommended for all entries at all events. Numbers must be a minimum of 4” high. It is mandatory that your IHRA competition number be manufacturer direct. IHRA may assist under certain circumstances. 8. Mandatory decals - IHRA decal and Series sponsor decals.



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