IHRA Official Rulebook

itself, are not connected by relay or otherwise so as to automatically activate any devices on the car necessary to place car in motion at the start of a race, are prohibited. If a product is to be utilized in IHRA competition, it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to provide the IHRA Technical Department with all necessary information as well as tools essential to facilitate the inspection process. If an IHRA sanctioned facility, in good standing, determines that a competitor is utilizing an unapproved electronic device on their entry, that driver will lose all IHRA competition privileges indefinitely. The IHRA facility must positively prove the device exists as well as provide IHRA with a notarized statement clearly defining the infraction and be willing to stand behind their allegations. If a device of any kind is discovered that transmits data or track location on any entry, the competitor and the team will be immediately suspended from further competition indefinitely and lose all related points and subsequent prize rewards. Additional penalties may be imposed based upon the severity of the offense. DELAY BOX/DEVICE: All microprocessor units must be approved prior to use on any entry that utilizes a pneumatic starting line RPM limiting function. The display of engine rpm is prohibited on all models. The wire to the transbrake or line lock is the only wire that may interact with the delay device. It may contain a splice that activates a two-step or launch control device. All wiring associated with the delay device, throttle stop, ignition system, automatic shifter, and electronice fuel injection must be fully visible, labeled and traceable. Delay devices and components must be utilized in an unaltered manner consistent with the manufacturers installation and instructions. Any electrical, pneumatic, or mechanical component that affects the function of another component may be considered a delay device. See specific class guidelines and supplements for additional information. All components and related functions must be accepted prior to competition. See General regulations: Data Recorders/Electronic devices for additional specifications. DRIVE LINE: On any car in which the driver sits over, or in back of, the rear end section, a suitable protective shield of .120” minimum-thickness steel plate must be installed for those units with universal joints, securely mounted to the rear end center section and the bellhousing adapter or frame structure. Couplers are highly recommended in place of U-joints wherever possible. For these units with straight couplers, the minimum requirement is .063” aluminum which must contain an inspection cover, for removal and inspection of the coupler, securely mounted to the rear end center section and the bellhousing adapter or as noted in Class Requirements. In place of cross member in the vicinity of the front universal joint, all competition cars using open drive shafts must have a retainer loop, 360 degrees, and of 1/4” minimum thickness steel, 2” wide, securely mounted and located within 6” of the front universal joint to support the drive shaft in event of U-joint failure. Open drive lines passing any part of the driver’s body must be completely enclosed in 1/8” minimum thickness steel plate securely mounted to the

frame or frame structure. Aluminum driveshafts are legal in all Stock categories. Figure 2: Driveline loop. ENGINE: Crankshaft centerline must not exceed 24” from the ground in any class except trucks. The maximum height is 36 inches for trucks running 12.00 and slower; 31 inches for trucks running 10.00 to 11.99 and 24 inches for trucks running 9.99 and quicker. All cars with pressed-on harmonic balancers must have such pulleys installed to ensure against accidental removal (drilled & bolted). ENGINE CONTAINMENT SYSTEM: Required in all Supercharged and Nitrous assisted vehicles running 7.99 or quicker 1/4 or 5.00 or quicker 1/8 mile regardless of classification. An IHRA accepted belly pan may be used in place of the diaper provided it meets the following criteria. It must extend from framerail to framerail and be minimum of 2 inches high on all sides and extend beyond the engine and its related oil accessories. A non flammable absorbant pad must be utilized in the device. EXHAUST: Each car, regardless of the class, must be equipped with exhaust collectors installed in such a manner as to direct the exhaust gasses out of the body away from



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