IHRA Official Rulebook

going over center or past neutral as in the case of centrifugal units. All pedals must be covered with non-skid material. All clutches must meet SFI Spec 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 or 1.5 as outlined under Class Requirements. The use of electronics, pneumatics, or any other unapproved device that aids or affects clutch operation is prohibited. Multi-stage, variable release, and lock-up functioning clutches of any type are prohibited. The use of stock type cast-iron flywheels and/or pressure plates is prohibited. COMPUTER: Only those computers installed on Stock vehicles by original manufacturers for proper operation of its functions are acceptable. No entries may be equipped with any device that affects the operation of the vehicle. A computer is considered anything electrical, mechanical, pneumatic, etc. that activates or affects any function of the vehicle based on sensing, measuring, etc., of any data gathering devices related to vehicle performance. COOLING SYSTEM: Antifreeze/glycol prohibited. CRANK CASE BREATHERS: (valve cover) Positive locking crank case breathers are mandatory on all entries running 7.99 or quicker 1/4 or 5.49 or quicker 1/8 mile. DATA RECORDERS/ELECTRONIC DEVICES: May only be used to record vehicle functions. They must be activated by a separate switch, and not activated by any other switches on the vehicle. Systems may only display data after a pass or run. Any device that assists in determining track location of any entry is prohibited. The use of ride height sensors and related accessories is prohibited from use in all categories. The transmission of data or information to the driver or any remote location during the run is prohibited. Except those computers installed on stock vehicles by the new vehicle manufacturers for the proper operation of such vehicles, no vehicles may be equipped with computers which in any way affect the operation of the vehicle. Data recorders may be used to record functions of a vehicle so long as they do not activate any function on the vehicle. No vehicle may be equipped with devices which are activated by the Christmas Tree or by radio transmitters. If laptop computers or video equipment are utilized, they must be properly fastened at all times during competition. Devices may be removed at any time at discretion of IHRA Technical Committee. IHRA may, from time to time, allow the use of equipment which would otherwise be prohibited if the IHRA finds in its absolute and sole discretion that such equipment would improve the safe operation of the vehicle to the point of warranting its use. Any devices which apply electronic timing keyed to the Christmas Tree lighting system



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