IHRA Official Rulebook

Nitro Powered Vehicle Reserved for Nitro powered Funny Cars, Altereds, Dragsters and bikes. DESIGNATION : AA/FC, AF, BFA and NH preceded by car number. REQUIREMENTS AND SPECIFICATIONS : Valid IHRA Competition license and chassis inspection. Contact IHRA National Tech Director for specific requirements. Jet Powered Vehicle GENERAL REQUIREMENTS : Valid IHRA Competition license and chassis inspection. All applicants must be at least 18 years old. Contact IHRA National Tech Department for class requirements. Minimum weight, chassis, and suspension must meet IHRA specifications. Contact IHRA office for details. SPEED LIMIT: A fine and/or suspension will result for violation. These are “zero tolerance’‘ limits. FINES: 1st offense $500 fine, 2nd offense $1,000 fine and 60 days suspension, 3rd offense $2000 fine and 1 year suspension. AFTERBURNER-TAILPIPE: All seams must meet at the bottom, away from tires. Dump valve on afterburner manifold mandatory and must be activated by the primary chute lever. AIR INTAKE: All intakes must be totally covered by protective screen, (minimum 1/8”, maximum 3/8”) CONTROL CABLES: All cables must be a minimum of 3/16 diameter, (afterburner and fuel shutoff) Electronic cables accepted. All vehicles must have secondary shutoffs on fuel lines and afterburner system. DRIVER LOCATION: Must be completely isolated and protected from all components of the induction, engine, and exhaust components of vehicle. DRIVER RESTRAINT SYSTEM: SFI 16.1 required. FILTER: Mandatory on hot streak inlet. FIRE EXTINGUISHER SYSTEM: 10 Ibs. mandatory on funny cars and oversize vehicles. 5 Ibs. mandatory on enclosed cockpit dragsters. FUEL TANK: If pressurized, tank must be round. A system must be employed to vent pressure from tank. (may be electronic or manually activated) PARACHUTES: Dual chutes mandatory. Primary chute lever must be a function of primary fuel shutoff. A complete secondary system is also required with fuel bypass capabilities. All parachutes must be shielded from tailpipe heat and must have a minimum spool connection of 1”. All unpacked shroud lines must be covered by IHRA accepted material. Chute tubes may be steel, aluminum, or carbon fiber. PROTECTIVE CLOTHING: Funny Cars: SFI 3.2A/20 minimum. Dragsters: 3.2A/15 minimum. Gloves and boots: 3.3/5 minimum. Neck Collar: 3.3. ROLL CAGE: Mandatory: 2.3, 2.2, or 10.1. Oversize vehicles may require additional support structure. Contact the IHRA Technical Department for details. TIRES: Must be automotive type designed for racing. SEAT: Properly braced and supported seat constructed of aluminum or fiberglass mandatory. UPHOLSTERY: Optional. BRAKES: Caliper type required on all four wheels. CATCH CAN: Mandatory. (minimum capacity 1 quart) HELMET: SA -2010 or newer, or SFI 31.2 mandatory. HEAD AND NECK RESTRAINT: SFI 38.1 optional. Dragsters ............310 mph Funny Cars...........310 mph Motorcycles..........210 mph Special Vehicles....235 mph



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