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Strainers & Filters .............................................................44-49

Pumps ..............................................................................50-73

Meters & Mini Bulk Equipment .........................................74-75

Spraying Systems .........................................................76-114

Accessories ..................................................................115-131

Anhydrous Ammonia Supplies ....................................132-137

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Warranty All items listed in the catalog have di ff erent warranties, for clari fi ca- tion call GVM. Delivery Delivery is available for large equipment. Contact GVM for available delivery dates and costs. Most items are stocked in our ware- houses and can be shipped UPS, same day. Prices Due to the instability of the market, all prices and quotations are subject to change without notice. Return Policy Please note, our return policy has changed, read carefully. No merchandise is to be returned to GVM for credit unless autho- rized by an GVM representative. Returns must include an authori- zation number and must be shipped prepaid. Special order items will not be accepted back into our stock. There will be a 20% restocking charge o ff the invoice cost on ap- proved returns. Additional charges will be made if merchandise is in less than saleable condition.

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Part No. 4100254 4100264 4100277 4100266 4100278

GUIDANCE DISPLAYS Choose between the full-featured Ag Leader® InCommand 1200, the flexible InCommand 800 display, or the entry-level Compass™.

Compass Display Guidance Kit InCommand 800 Display Kit

InCommand 800 Display Bundle & GPS 7500

InCommand 1200 Display Kit

Better management decisions start with better field data • All displays work seamlessly with SMS™ software • Simplify setup by exporting grower, farm, field & boundary data, guidance lines & prescriptions between SMS software & the Ag Leader display • Use data collected from your display to create reports for insurance & marketing partners, landlords & your own profitable decision making

InCommand 1200 Display Bundle & GPS 7500


Compass 800 1200

Traditional grower/farm/ fi eld management Event-based management

Compass Display


Camera support

Up to 4 Up to 4

PWM, Hydraulic Servo control valves (Case IH, John Deere, KINZE & White planters) Rawson ACCU-RATE direct drive

The Ag Leader InCommand 1200 and 800 displays feature: • Planter control with SeedCommand™ • Application control with DirectCommand™ • Yield monitoring • Data logging & mapping • Plug seamlessly into any color of equipment

Guidance and AutoSteer


Air seeder support

InCommand 800 Display

Coverage mapping and data logging

Multiple product control Variable rate application

Up to 3 Up to 8

Closed loop spinner speed control

Smart Report™

• Color touchscreen • Year-round display • Field borders, boundaries, obstacles marked in real-time from the cab • Reduced input costs means improved profitability • Integrated guidance extends working hours InCommand Displays Talk


Chemical injection Boom height control External switchbox

OEM switch input support

InCommand 1200 Display

OptRx ® crop sensors

Grain harvest

Harvest variety tracking

Load variety maps

DisplayCast provides display-to-display communication, whether you have two displays working in one field, or need information from another display parked on your operation, DisplayCast is the ticket to speed and efficiency on your farm. • All configurations, growers/farm/fields, products, boundaries • Coverage maps for AutoSwath™ • Guidance lines • Field summary information • Planting maps for variety tracking • Yield attributes from all displays • Tillage maps

PRECISION PRODUCTS, CONSOLES, & MONITORS Survey collection Intellislope ® plow control

Topography mapping

Virtual terminal

Multiple product task controller support for liquid, granular spreader, air seeder, row crop planter AgFiniti ® wireless and remote support with Ag LeaderUSB Wi-Fi adapter

Split screen

Pinch, pan, swipe, & zoom gesture support

Display size


8.4" 12.1"

UNRIVALED GNSS TECHNOLOGY Ag Leader GPS receiver systems offer

• Differential corrections include RTK, TerraStar-C, & WAAS/EGNOS • GLONASS standard, StableLoc™ technology • Outputs simulated radar speed • Up to 20 Hz or 10 Hz output • GLIDE offers improved accuracy without subscription-based differential correction • LED diagnostics system monitoring • Sealed, compact, rugged design

accuracy, repeatability and range, and serve as a complement to the built-in guidance capabilities of the Ag Leader displays and assisted and integrated steering options. Description

Part No. 4100279

7500 GPS receiver system

1 | GVM INCORPORATED PRODUCT CATALOG | PA: 800-345-3546 | OH & IN: 800-848-8460 | MO: 573-475-9496 | gvmdist.com


SteerCommand TM

ONTRAC3™ ASSISTED STEERING The OnTrac3 improves pass-to-pass accuracy with simplified steer-

AUTOMATED STEERING For growers seeking an integrated steering expe- rience, SteerCommand offers best-in-class inter- grated steering performance when paired with GPS 7500 for repeatable, precision steering via RTK correction. • Access to CORS & RTK networks for repeatable sub-inch accuracy with GPS 7500 combined with Relay • GPS 7500 with SteerCommand supports GLIDE, WAAS/ EGNOS, Terra-Star D & RTK • Custom installation kits for over 600 different vehicles

ing without hooking into hydraulics. • Quick, easy “Lock-n’-Roll” installation • Easily transfer between vehicles • Auto-calibration, gear driven motor • Clutchless, brushless mechanical drive unit provides higher torque for increased power & faster steering • LED diagnostic lights for syst em monitoring

Description OnTrac3™

Part No. 4100254


ISOBUS LIQUID CONTROL MODULE Compatible with ISOBUS standards to work with other brands of Virtual Terminal and Task Control compatible displays. • Easy-to-use methods to calibrate flow, pressure & ground speed sensors

DirectCommand has revolutionized the application management process.The unique AutoSwath™ feature decreases over application. • Eliminate over application, overlap, spray drift, & application gaps by automatically turning the applicator sections on/off based on

field boundaries & already-applied areas • Reduce input costs & increase application accuracy by minimizing skips & overlaps at end rows, fence rows & along waterways • Apply only where needed with variable rate application based on prescription maps • Reduce fuel costs & field compaction by applying multiple products at one time • Document all field application data & provide simple reporting

• Continuously monitors relationship between flow rates & system pressure for early detection & warning in event of a sensor failing or drifting off previously calibrated baselines • Settings to automate boom prime &

maintain a standby pressure to ensure accurate flow rates without lag in performance after initial machine fill & every time boom is cycled on/off/on turning around at headlands • Supports up to 24 boom sections for less overlap



Data collected from your display syncs wirelessly to your iPad ® through AgFiniti Mobile. Share data with advisors, scout the season’s progress, aid management decisions and more.

AgFiniti was developed to put your data at your fingertips no matter where you’re at because farming is

easier and more efficient when you have access to the tools you need! Seamlessly access your maps and reports from any mobile device without having to learn a dedicated farm management software. Your maps and reports are available with or without an internet connection, and without any complicated processes. Simply open the AgFiniti cloud based portal or the AgFiniti Mobile app and have access to your information! • Real-time display to display communication • AgFiniti Mobile app easily syncs data & maps from InCommand display to iPad® • Manage all field data, maps, & reports on AgFiniti cloud account • Receive data, maps, & reports from all Ag Leader displays (other brands using SMS) • View data & maps anytime, anywhere mobile device • Send or email links for easy downloading or collaboration with trusted advisers

Free mobile app

No internet required

Using the SMS Advanced software, users can view field trends based on layers of annual field data including: soil types, soil fertil- ity results, yield data, yield trends, NDVI results, and more in a single map to create management zones. • Map layer types: soil test results, soil type, grain harvest, zone maps & previous fertilizing application • Create, edit & save fertilizer recommendation equations • Output multiple product recommendations from a single equation, for efficient prescription writing • Convert imagery into a manageable spatial layer for data analysis, creating prescriptions, or generating management zones Description Part No. SMS Activation Code 4004487



CR7 ™ /CR12 ™

lines and reference lines of the field boundary. The user can then setup the complete field, including multiple headlands, spray tracks, greening zones, and tracks with different working widths.

Viper® 4+ integrates with Raven’s full line of products into one net- worked platform that offers a responsive touchscreen and an intuitive, tablet-style interface with swiping features and horizontal or vertical orientation. Customize your Viper 4+ by user and machine, it’s color- blind which means it works with equipment of every brand. Easy job set-up, fewer touches, and greater efficiency allow for extraordinary data management capabilities. • Preloaded with AgX standard database • Sleek design with 12.1" LED backlit display & a responsive touchscreen with tablet-like interface • Customizable interface for portrait or landscape orientation The CR7 is a 7-inch lightweight field computer with customizable in-job layouts. A simple widget concept, easily accessible settings, and ISO Universal Terminal and Task Controller capabilities make this mighty unit an affordable, plug-and-play system. The CR7 is compatible with Slingshot® file transfer and remote support, SmarTrax™ autosteering, AccuBoom™, Raven serial consoles, and more. CR12 is the latest field computer in the CRX display family. This powerful operating system features easy job set-up, fewer touches, and greater efficiencies, empowering the user with extraordinary data management capabilities. It boasts a simple widget concept, easily accessible settings, and ISO Universal Terminal and Task Controller capabilities. Like the CR7, the CR12 is compatible with Slingshot® file transfer and remote support, RS1™, boom leveling, Raven product control, and more. Uniquely, the CR12 offers an extensive field planning feature, allowing the user to define AB- VIPER ® 4+




Part No.

CR7 Kit with 500S GPS


CR12 Kit


Utilize Viper 4+ with these enhancements: • SmartTrax™ MD • SmarTrax/SmarTrax RTK™ • AutoBoom® boom height control • AccuBoom™ boom section control • Phoenix™ DGPS Receivers • AccuFlow™/AccuFlow HP™ • Sidekick Pro™ • Switch Pro™ • Slingshot®/Slingshot® RTK steering • Hawkeye™ Nozzle Control • ISOBUS & VT • WatchDog™ Weather Stati


• Raven operating software • State-of-the-art, rugged magnesium alloy enclosure • Dustproof for tough environments • 4 camera inputs for monitoring bin levels, blind spots, etc. • 2 USB ports



Part No.

Kit, Viper 4+, without GPS, 1 VRA

117-5010-051 117-5010-010B 117-5010-010W

Kit, Viper 4+, without GPS

Kit, Viper 4+, GPS, MBA-6 antenna

The most precise application controller on the market. The RCM uses Raven’s innovative control algorithms to make it the most pre- cise application controller on the market today. It fits a variety of applications—up to five product liquid and granu- lar control, NH3 (including AccuFlow™ HP+), air cart and generic applicators. Sixteen-section control eliminates expensive skips and overlaps for all phases of your operation, from spraying to NH3, and RATE CONTROL MODULE RCM

fertilizer application to planting. RCM is the ultimate advancement in preci- sion and efficiency, and the next solution for your operation’s success.


Part No.

Rate Control Module


3 | GVM INCORPORATED PRODUCT CATALOG | PA: 800-345-3546 | OH & IN: 800-848-8460 | MO: 573-475-9496 | gvmdist.com


700S RECEIVER The 700S is a fully scalable GNSS smart antenna that comes stan- dard with GLONASS and Dual Frequency GL1DE. Receive the full benefits of 700S through a simple upgrade into GS and RTK corrections to enhance the performance of your entire precision suite of technology. Upgrading to Satellite GS corrections will enhance the performance of your steering system, as well as variable rate ap- plications, planter and seeder controls, AccuBoom™ section control and Hawkeye™ nozzle control. • High performance dual-frequency receiver • Sub-meter pass-to-pass accuracy

RGL 600 LIGHTBAR FOR SIMPLE NAVIGATION AND SWATHING • Large display screen: instant access to swath number, error, & course heading • 8 Swath types: parallel, contour, headlands, squeeze, race track, pivot, row crop, double headland c-clamp • Optional tilt compensation for hills

• Adjustable lights • All-in-one setting • Weather-resistant housing • Remote button box provides operator control & selection of different lightbar options, including different field patterns • Lightbar displays DGPS receiver status display, swath guidance, ground speed, & course over ground • Compatible w/ Viper 4/4+ Description

• Full scalability for enhanced accuracy • SBAS, decimeter, RTK, & autonomous GS corrections • GLONASS & dual frequency GL1DE standard • Simple & fast setup • Compatible with: Viper 4/4+, CR7, & CR12

Description 700S Receiver

Part No.

Part No.


RGL 600 Lightbar



SMARTRAX ™ /SMARTRAX ™ RTK This unique hydraulic-assisted steering system enhances high speed operation by offering faster line acquisition, correction for changes in soil condition and implement pull. SmarTrax and SmarTrax RTK offer across-the-board GPS compatibility, 3D terrain compensation and automatic system calibration along with: • RTK accuracy & repeatability from year to year • Best-in-class operating speeds for covering more ground faster • Slingshot® ready The latest technology advancement from Raven, VSN™ transforms machine guidance through emerged crops. This patent-pending innovation utilizes a non-contact stereo vision camera to navigate crop rows, allowing the operator to focus on all other aspects of effective application control. Minimizing crop damage, covering more acres in a day, and essentially providing an easier machine VSN™ VISUAL GUIDANCE SYSTEM

operation leads to a quick return on investment to maximize yield profitability.


Part No.

VSN™ Visual Guidance System



SMARTRAX MD Raven’s simple-to-install mechanical drive steering system harnesses the newest technologies to keep you on track and on line all day long. Transfer SmarTrax MD between multiple tractors, including com- bines, windrowers, and more. • RTK capable • High operating speeds • High torque for best in class line acquire & online performance • Simple to install & move between machines • 3D terrain compensation • Quiet operation

• No line of site issues with Slingshot RTK corrections & range of 30 miles or more based on universal cell phone networks • Automated system calibration • Compatible with four field patterns: straight A-B, fixed curve, pivot, & enhanced last pass patterns for faster running & convenience • Simple engaging & disengaging

• Compatible with: Cruizer II, Cruizer II RTK, Envizio Pro, Envizio Pro II, Envizio Pro XL™, & Viper 4/4+

SmarTrax offers 3D terrain compensation for maximum accuracy and repeatability, automatically adjusting for tractor roll, pitch, and yaw.


Part No.

Description SmartTrax MD

Part No.

Kit controller SmarTrax

117-0197-002 117-0190-085


SmarTrax for 2008 and newer Hydraulic Kit




AUTOBOOM® Automatic boom height control system with fast operating speeds, simple calibration and user-friendly controls. Its unique hydraulic-pow- ered design delivers a smooth and responsive height-adjusting system. • Automatic calibration, less than one minute per boom • Optimal spray height ensured • Ability to increase spraying seeds • Up to 5 sensors, including center rack control • ISOBUS compatible

• Pressure-based control for smooth boom movements & adjustments • Stand alone controller allows users to add AutoBoom without a field computer • Compatible with: Envizio Pro, Envizio Pro II, Envizio Pro XL, Viper 4, Viper Pro, Cruizer II, AutoBoom Controller, & ISOBUS

Raven’s latest advancement in boom control is AutoBoom XRT. In- dustry-leading radar sensor technology uses simultaneous ground and canopy detection to maintain optimal spray height for maximum prod- uct efficacy. Pressure-based control allows for smooth movement and quicker reac- tion time while center rack stability technology with optional dampers gives the operator complete control, maximizing boom life. • Full boom management solution maintains optimal spray height for maximum product efficacy • Radar sensor technology º Simultaneous ground and canopy detection º Enables a larger maximum distance measurement, not affected by temperature or spray drift º Five non-contact sensors come standard with the option of adding an additional two sensors • Center rack stability technology with optional dampers º Pressure-based for smooth movement and quicker reaction time º Machine chassis roll sensing º Complete control maximizes boom life • Faster Sampling and Update Rates than standard ISO AutoBoom • ISOBUS compatible


Part No.

ISO CAN AutoBoom ® UltraGlide Kit




HAWKEYE® NOZZLE CONTROL SYSTEM The Hawkeye Nozzle Control System is a pressure based product control system that allows for precise sprayer application in a variety of conditions.The system reduces drift and gets the most out of every nozzle. Each nozzle is controlled by its own individual pulsing valve giving you a consistent spray pattern whether you are driving 5 or 20 miles per hour*. Hawkeye is built to work

Automatic section control is for up to 10 sections. The wireless receiver and remote control option, allows operators to check each section outside the cab. • Automatic on-off control for up to 10 sections • Adjustable look ahead function lets you adjust settings easily for the overlap you choose • Speed compensation function accounts for how fast you are driving & ensures properly timed shutoff • Optional remote control to help check nozzles quickly • Compatible with: Envizio Pro, Envizio Pro II, Envizio Pro XL, Viper 4, & Viper Pro

with most ISO task controllers including the Viper 4+. • Reduced spray drift, consistent spray pattern, accurate droplet size & placement • Extended range out of each nozzle (4:1 turn-down ratio)* • ISOBUS compatible lets you utilize your existing virtual terminal or your existing spray control system, including the Raven Viper 4+ • Turn compensation comes allows for accurate flow across the entire boom, giving you a more precise application • Individual valve diagnostics monitor every nozzle to alert you immediately of a system issue • Automatic section & pressure based control *System specs may vary depending on nozzle tip size


Part No.

AccuBoom™ Automatic Section Control


5 | GVM INCORPORATED PRODUCT CATALOG | PA: 800-345-3546 | OH & IN: 800-848-8460 | MO: 573-475-9496 | gvmdist.com


RAVEN SCS 440 SPRAY CONSOLE The SCS 440 console maintains a preset application rate automati- cally regardless of changes in speed. Spray rate is read in gallons per acre with other information available at the touch of a key.The SCS 440 memory saves settings.


The Flow Max 220 digital flow meter makes monitoring flow from the nurse truck to your sprayer easy and convenient. It’s digital dis- play is easy to view and the controls are located directly on the meter. • Mounts “in-line” to monitor flow rate accurately • Simple programming & operation

• Field volume • Area per hour • Time & distance • Gallons per acre • Total area

• Speed • Gallons in tank • Total volume per minute

• Weather resistant enclosure • Total & sub volume measured • No additional cables needed • 200 GPM maximum Description


Part No.


Part No.

220 assembly Lithium battery

063-0172-123 507-2001-006

SCS 440 console only

063-0171-183 016-0159-409 063-0171-220 063-0159-438 115-0159-016 115-0159-018 115-0159-404 115-0159-405 115-0159-409 115-0159-418 115-0159-541 115-0159-560

SCS 440 Operator’s Manual SCS 450 console (6-boom)

HYDRAULIC CONTROL VALVES Description Part No. 16 GPM 063-0172-195 30 GPM 063-0172-196

Sensor assembly (21') 6' fl ow meter cable 24' speed sensor ext.

6' fl ow control cable (SCS 440) 12' fl ow control cable (SCS 440) 12' fl ow ext. cable (SCS 440) 10' console control cable (SCS 440) 20' fl ow cable (92 Hydra Spray) 3' console cable (92-93 Hydra Spray)



Part No.

*Order radar gun separately

¾" poly butter fl y valve


1" poly control valve M200 fl ange/1" NPT 063-0172-125 1-½" poly control valve M200 fl ange/ 1-½" NPT 063-0171-894 2" stainless steel control valve 063-0172-177 ¾" poly control valve 063-0171-120

See page 134 for information on AccuFlow for NH3

RAVEN SCS 660 LIQUID/DRY CONTROL Accurately control liquid or granular application with the same Ra- ven Sprayer Control System. Raven’s SCS 660 is ideal for operators who require accuracy in applying both liquid and granular material. The console can be moved from the cab of a liquid application system to the cab of a dry application system within minutes. Set the application rate and the SCS 660 will automatically main- tain that rate throughout the entire job, regardless of vehicle speed or varying terrain. Application rates can be displayed in volume per acre, hectare, or thousand square feet. • 7 section boom control


High Capacity Ball Valves–2 Way

High Capacity Ball Valves–3 Way



Part No.

Boom valve single Boom valve 3 section Boom valve 5 section

063-0171-926 063-0171-928 063-0172-039

• Control liquid or granular • For ag, roadside, or turf • Accurate control • Control anhydrous ammonia • GPS compatible SCS 660 CONSOLE AND PARTS

Description 063-0172-040 RFM 60P (1-60 GPM poly) M200 fl anged/1-½" NPT M3J0954 RFM 100 (5-100 GPM poly) M220 fl anged 063-0173-578 FLOWMETERS RFM 200 RFM 15/RFM60P Part No. RFM 15 (.3-15 GPM poly) M200 fl anged


Part No.

SCS 660 (7 boom) liquid/granular console with serial interface



120' console control cables (liquid) 36' console control cables (liquid) 3' long console cable (granular) 24' long extension cable (granular) 12' long extension cable (granular) 21' long fl ow cable (granular)

115-0171-152 115-0171-153 115-0159-707 115-0159-717 115-0171-301 115-0159-787

Part No.

XDCR assembly

063-0159-750 219-0000-052 063-0159-575

O-ring, Viton

RFM 200P

Stud with bearing

Cable Kit 117-.0159-441* * Not shown Contact GVM for repairs on RFM 200 Cast Iron

*Kits may vary, call for pricing and options information, New Leader Mark 4 Compatible.



SIDEKICK PRO™DIRECT INJECTION The Raven SCS Sidekick Pro is the solution for cost effective chemical injection. It is a direct injection add-on to any existing Raven single product control console.The SCS Sidekick Pro enables current single product Raven console owners to gain precision injection capabilities without purchasing replacement consoles, cables, etc. • Up to 5 units allowing easy switching between fields and applications with Hawkeye Nozzle Control • Two pump options: º Low volume pump with a capacity of 1-40 ounces (0.03-1.2 L) per minute; º High volume pump with capacity of 5-200 ounces (0.15-6.0 L) per minute • No pre-mixing, tank mixing, cross contamination or clean out reduces waste from unused product • Positive displacement pump which injects on the pressure side, closer to the boom, for faster response time • Gives greater flexibility with multiple chemicals in applications to tackle tough challenges • High resolution encoder provides smoother pump control and exceptional lock on target rate technology • Remote closed-system calibration, eliminates need for calibration catc and exposure to chemicals

h tests

• Compatibility with additives that reduce maintenance on your application system • Automatically flush Sidekick Pro pump with Rinse Assist for increased reliability and fewer service issues • ISO compatible pump

• Eliminates waste to be environmentally friendly • Flexibility with multiple chemical applications • Reduced chemical exposure means additional safety • Adjust chemical concentration on the fly rather than spraying more or less of the entire mix • Automatic priming feature and real-time diagnostics


Part No.

Sidekick Pro Direct Injection system



• Exlusive RealView® guidance over video • Monitors various implement operations on a single console • Automatic swath control & accurate mapping for dry spreaders & non-linear spray booms, compatible with third-party rate controls for prescription application & as applied record keeping • Droplet size monitoring, real time sensing, & displaying of droplet size • Improvements for FieldPilot® auto steering, UniPilot® assisted steering, BoomPilot® ABSC, & tilt compensation • Create, save, & recall boundaries & AB lines • Two-way data transfer MATRIX® PRO GS GUIDANCE



RearView® camera



Part No. 98-02816 98-02810 98-02833 98-02831

570GS w/ Helix antenna and camera 570GS w/ Patch antenna and camera 840GS w/ Helix antenna and camera 840GS w/ Patch antenna and camera

• Internal WAAS/EGNOS receiver • Compatible with external receivers • Create permanent no spray zones • 8.4 or 5.7" bright color touch screen

STEERING, SPEED, & SPRAYER CONTROLS GPS SPEED SENSOR • Uses a GPS receiver to measure true ground speed, then delivers a frequency signal compatible with most systems • Eliminates problems frequently found with radar speed sensors on wet surfaces, with moving crops, or vehicle vibration • Mounts inside cab, only a small patch antenna is mounted outside • Status LED’s show power, GPS lock & speed output conditions • Speed range 5-80+ mph / 1-130+ kmh

GPS RECEIVERS RXA 30 antenna • High-gain, helix antenna with magnetic mount, compatible with WAAS & EGNOS correction • 6-10" pass-to-pass accuracy with WAAS correction


Part No. 90-02371 90-02386 90-02404


Part No. 45-05786

Mid-Tech Controls (4 PIN AMP Connector)

RXA 30 antenna

TeeJet Controls Raven Controls

7 | GVM INCORPORATED PRODUCT CATALOG | PA: 800-345-3546 | OH & IN: 800-848-8460 | MO: 573-475-9496 | gvmdist.com


845 SPRAYER CONTROL • Large back-lit display shows all spraying information at a glance • Color-coded tip selection for easy programming • Communication port for PC & GPS interfacing

• Flow or pressure based regulation option • Durable, weather-resistant aluminum housing


Part No. 90-50017 90-02108 90-02371 45-20042 16-40004 16-40007 90-50230 57-10079 57-10122 57-10080 57-10096 57-10081 57-10097 90-02476 90-02482 35-02099 35-02116

844E 5-Switch Core Kit 854 5-Switch Core Kit

Step 1: Choose Console Core Kit (includes cabling, manual, mounting, etc., call for extension cable info)

Step 2: Choose type of speed sensor (Y-Cables available for existing radar units)

GPS speed sensor (Dickey-john Connector) GPS speed sensor adapter cable (TeeJet)

Proximity speed sensor Wheel Speed Sensor Kit

Step 3: Choose fl ow sensor (call for more options)

Rapid Check Flow Meters 1" fl anged hose barbs, PP, 2.5-60 GPM fl ow range* 1-½" nylon, 9.2-184.9 GPM fl ow range* 802 fl ow meter, 2", 3-130 GPM fl ow range* Standard Flow Meters ½" nylon, 0.79-15.8 GPM fl ow range* ¾" nylon, 1.9-37 GPM fl ow range* 1-½" nylon, 9.2-184.9 GPM fl ow range* 2" nylon hose barb, 19-400 GPM fl ow range*

Step 4: Choose pressure transducer (optional) (a transducer provides actual system pressure) Step 5: Choose pressure regulating valve**

0-145 PSI 0-363 PSI

Regulating ball valve, 1" NPT Butter fl y regulating valve, ¾" NPT Low fl ow regulating ball valve, 1" NPT

35-02089 *Flow ranges shown are absolute maximum. We recommend sizing the flow meter in the middle of its recommended range for greatest accuracy. **For most applications, the butterfly regulating valves are recommended as they give the most linear regulation at lower flows. For smaller sprayers (less than 14 GPM), such as turf, the low flow valve is recommended.


TEEJET 744A MANUAL SPRAYER • Manual spray controller in a compact package • Liquid filled 100 or 300 PSI pressure gauge • Lighted pressure gauge for night use • Heavy-duty switches with LED indicators • Available in a variety of kit forms using solenoid or ball type control valves • DirectoValve shutoff ball valves are ordered separately for 744A ball valve kits • Kits include wiring harness

144P-3 Solenoid Shutoff Valve

144A-3 Solenoid Shutoff Valve

244C Pressure Regulating Butterfly Valve

344BPR Pressure Regulating Valve


Part No.

744A 3-Switch

Boom Valve Harness

Boom Valves

Regulating Valves

244 Butter fl y

¾" BPR Valve

100 PSI

Solenoid Ball Valve None 144A-3


45-20090 45-20091 45-20100

45-05385 45-10072 45-10080

744A KIT PART NO. 90-50149 90-02439 90-50161 90-50163 90-50238

35-50023 AA144A-3

35-50027 AA144P-3 35-50029















1 . & 2 . FULL PORT FLOWMETER • Displays overall total volume, batch total volume & flow rate • Digital readout • 2" magnetic style, self calibrating meter measures all viscous liquids, 1" measures water & most conductive liquids • Requires 6 AA batteries • No moving parts to fail during use • Glass-reinforced polypropylene • Temperature range: 0°F–150°F • Aprox. 99% accurate from 30–300 GPM (2"), 5–75 GPM (1")



Part No. MFM100 MFM220

1" full port fl ow meter, manifold 2" full port fl ow meter, manifold

1" full port fl ow meter



RH RiteHeight by Greentronics is a simple and affordable option for auto- matic boom height control. Comprised of three main components, the controller, the sonar sensors mounted on the booms, and the interface box, the system is easy to install using only electrical connections. • Easy to install, requires 12V power supply to connect to the sprayers electrical system requiring no alterations to the hydraulic system • Auto calibration • Easy to use and easy to over-ride • Can be used on any pull type or self-propelled sprayer


Part No.

• Reduces spray drift and improves spray coverage • Durable components require little maintenance

Kit, Greentronics, 3 sensor M2-E1513 Kit, Greentronics, 3 sensor w/ ISO M2-E1513-150



SAFEGUARD BLOCKAGE MONITOR • Instantly detects & alerts the operator of full or partial blockages without seeing the sensor º Audible alarm—HEAR what you've been missing º Display immediately alert—SEE what you’ve been missing • Same performance day or night, rain or shine • System is not affected by cloudy or dark liquids • Achieve full benefits of liquid fertilizer application knowing all rows are applying • Product applications: starter and suspension fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, fumigants, etc.



Part No.

Kit with 6 sensors, 3” leads Kit with 8 sensors, 3” leads Kit with 12 sensors, 3” leads Kit with 16 sensors, 3” leads Kit with 24 sensors, 3” leads Kit with 36 sensors, 3” leads

01837-06S 01837-08S 01837-12S 01837-16S 01837-24S 01837-36S

Kits include: console and mounting hardware, 10 ft power cable, 15 ft console- to-hitch cable, 5 ft hitch to first sensor cable, the number of blockage sensor kits indicated, and reference manual.

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• Easy installation • Night vision • LCD monitor

All systems come with a standard 7-inch camera with the highest resolution in the industry to ensure the best picture quality. Each camera is equipped with a 65-pound magnet, metal visor, and protective bracket to ensure durability. A 68 IP weatherproof rating ensures protection from dust and protects the camera. It is recommended to upgrade to stainless steel brackets on the cam-

7" MONITOR/CAMERA SYSTEM • 30' cable • Wireless remote for monitor Part No. VWIC700 10" MONITOR/CAMERA SYSTEM W/ MULTIPLE CAMERAS • 30' cables, choose 2 or 4 • Wireless remote for monitor • Includes: 30' cable with a four pin connector, mounting bracket, cigarette lighter adapter, & hard-wiring cables • Wireless option Camera & 30 ft cable for Raven Viper 4/4+. Part No. VWCAMBN-CX

eras for fertilizer application. 5" MONITOR/LICENSE PLATE CAMERA SYSTEM • Perfect for pick-ups • 30' cable Part No. VWIC500-L 5" MONITOR/CAMERA SYSTEM • Portable kit with smaller monitor • 30' cable Part No. VWIC500 5" HEAVY DUTY MONITOR/CAMERA SYSTEM • Perfect for skid loaders • 15' cable Part No. VWIC503

2 Camera Kit. Part No. VWIC104V2 4 Camera Kit. Part No. VWIC104V4 GO WIRELESS • Pairs with any existing camera • Transmits up to 300' • Includes wireless transmitter & receiver Part No. VWW24-A Raven Viper 4/4+ adapter. Part No. 115-0172-077

MISCO DIGITAL REFRACTOMETER The Misco Digital Refractometer provides increased accuracy and efficiency when measuring the percent saturation and freeze point of sodium chloride salt-brine solutions. This device eliminates the need for conversion tables, graphs, or charts by allowing the user to read in the unit of measure; percent by weight, percent by volume, parts per thousand, grams per Liter, °SAL, specific gravity, etc. SNOW & ICE APPLICATION CONTROLS

MICROTRAK ROADMASTER The RoadMaster offers four operating modes for lane, agricultural, dust control, and turf applications. The RoadMaster provides a com- plete picture of critical spraying functions and an accurate record of work performed. Total gallons, feet and lane mile counters can be independently reset without affecting other stored totals. • Out-of-range warning light, plus status indicators for up to 3 boom sections • Heavy-duty, weather resistant console & weatherproof cable connectors • Precise rate control • Compensates for change in applications widths


• Calibrated or tested with a drop of water • Requires a small sample volume; just one or two drops • Automatically temperature compensated • Easy to clean & ready to use in an instant • Fast & accurate • No tables, graphs or charts required

• Works with solenoid or 3-wire ball valves • Vehicle ID settings for full documentation of work performed


Part No.


Part No.

Misco Digital Refractometer


Kit, Roadmaster Console


RoadWatch SS features the most technologically advanced early warning system of road and air temperatures in the industry. Their state-of-the-art system continuously monitors and displays air and road temperatures to a digital monitor mounted on the instrument panel. RoadWatch SS is designed to give drivers advance notice of potential road freezing before problems arise. ROADWATCH SS

• Sensor heads can be replaced outside the vehicle without re-routing the cable in only 5 minutes • Improved air sensor responds much more quickly to temperature changes than our previous version • Extension cables in 4-, 12-, & 16',

takes overall length up to 60' • Flexible cabling for routing into tight spaces


Part No.

Kit, RoadWatch SS digital monitor



APPLICATION CONTROLS FLOW VIEW BALL FLOW INDICATORS • Easy to see, visual indicator of liquid flow, if one of the “float balls” is lower than the others, there is a blockage • Individual columns clip together so you can gang as many or as few columns as you need • Monitor up to three spray tips per column • Range of “float balls” lets you match to your flow rate • A wide range of metering orifices are available that can be inserted to control flows ranging from 0.004 - 8.0 US GPM

• ⅜, ½ & ¾" inlet and/or outlet fittings • 100 PSI maximum operating pressure • UV protected material stays clear


Part No. 20460-00 20460-01 20460-02 20460-03 20460-04 20460-05 20460-06 20460-07 20460-08 20460-09 20460-10 20460-V0 20501-00 20501-V0 20502-00 20502-V0 20503-00 20503-V0 20511-00 20512-V0 20513-00 20513-V0 20518-00 20518-V0 20519-00 20519-V0 20520-00 20520-V0 20521-00

Flow indicator assembly with Buna-N O-ring

Flow indicator body

Ball retainer

O-ring - Buna N - #212 Lock U-Clip, 302 SS

Ball - Flow Indicator - ½" 302 SS (0.40 - 1.33 Us gpm) Ball - Flow Indicator - red glass (0.31 - 0.72 Us gpm) Ball - Flow Indicator - red celcon (0.09 - 0.30 Us gpm) Ball - Flow Indicator - green polyprop. (0.05 - 0.18 Us gpm) Ball - Flow Indicator - black polyprop. (0.03 - 0.09 Us gpm)

Ball - Flow Indicator - 7 ⁄

16 " 302 SS (1.00 - 2.70 US gpm)

Flow Indicator assembly with Viton O-ring

Fitting assembly - O-ring seal (ORS) x hose shank - straight - ⅜ " Fitting assembly - Viton ORS x hose shank - straight - ⅜ " Fitting assembly - ORS x hose shank - straight - ½" Fitting assembly - Viton ORS x hose shank - straight - ½" Fitting assembly - ORS x hose shank - straight - ¾" Fitting assembly - Viton ORS x hose shank - straight - ¾"

Fitting assembly - ORS x hose shank - 90° - ⅜ "

PRECISION PRODUCTS, CONSOLES, & MONITORS Fitting assembly - Viton ORS x hose shank - 90° - ⅜ " 20511-V0 Fitting assembly - ORS x hose shank - 90° - ½" 20512-00

Fitting assembly - Viton ORS x hose shank - 90° - ½" Fitting assembly - ORS x hose shank - 90° - ¾" Fitting assembly - Viton ORS x hose shank - 90° - ¾" Fitting assembly - ORS male x ¼" NPT Fe 90° Fitting assembly - Viton ORS male x ¼" NPT Fe 90° Fitting assembly - ORS male x ¼" NPT Fe Fitting assembly - Viton ORS male x ¼" NPT Fe Fitting assembly - ORS male x ORS female - 90° Fitting assembly - Viton ORS male x ORS female - 90°

Cap assembly - ORS

Fitting assembly - ORS male x ORS male x ORS female - Tee 20522-00 Fitting assembly - ORS male x ORS female x ⅜ " NPT Fe - Isolator Tee 20523-00 Fitting assembly - ORS male x ORS male x 1" NPT Fe - Tee 20525-00 Fitting assembly - Viton ORS male x Viton ORS male x 1" NPT Fe - Tee 20525-V0 Ori fi ce insert assembly - blank with seal 21000-00 Ori fi ce insert - blank 21000-01 Ori fi ce insert assembly - blank with Viton seal 21000-V0 Ori fi ce insert assembly - 0.025" diameter ori fi ce 21025-00 Ori fi ce insert assembly - 0.025" diameter ori fi ce with seal 21025-01 Ori fi ce insert assembly - 0.025" diameter ori fi ce with Viton seal 21025-V0

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