GLR September-October 2022

New from Duke University Press

s o ng of A Memories of a Gay Catholic Boyhood Comi ge in the Sixties JOHN D’EMILIO A Kiss across the Ocean ansatlantic Intimacie f British Post-Punk and US Latinidad RICHARD T. RODRÍGUEZ The Intersex Issue MICHELLE WOLFF, DAVID A. RUBIN, SQ: T e o and AMANDA LOCK SWARR, issue editors An issu f T ransgender Studies Quarterl ( 9 : 2 ) Cistem Failure Ess ys on Blackness and Ci gender MARQUIS BEY asterisk Feels Right Black Que omen and the Politi f Partyi g in Chic go KEMI ADEYEMI Tr a n cs o er W s a y

or orm TYLER BRADW Y and ELIZABETH FREEMAN, editors Th e y Q A n ng, F Queer Kinship Race, Sex, Belo gi

em r r Disability Dramaturgies MADELINE CHARNE and TOM SELLAR, issue editors An issu f Th eater ( 52 : 2 ) We Are Having This Conversation Now Th ime f aids Cultu a Production ALEXANDRA JUHASZ and THEODORE KERR Dragging way Queer Abst action in Cont po a y Art LEX MORGAN LANCASTER r A r l s o e T e o

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