Florida Banking December 2023


Amerant Bank Inks Partnership as Official Sponsor of Inaugural Florida Beach Bowl A merant Bank announced a new multi-year partnership as the official sponsor of the first ever Florida Beach Bowl, an NCAA-sanctioned

ever Florida Beach Bowl,” said Jerry Plush, chairman and CEO, Amerant Bank. “Amerant Bank is deeply committed to empowering our local communities and supporting a spirit of unity, which is exactly what this event represents. We are also excited to show our support for the Broward County community, given our recently announced expansion efforts there.” “We are thrilled to have Amerant Bank on board as our official sponsor,” said Victor Robenson, chief executive officer, Florida Beach Bowl, Inc. “Their support and commitment to the Florida Beach Bowl will undoubtedly enhance the overall experience for attendees and participants. We look forward to a successful collaboration and are committed to making a difference in the community.” The sponsorship agreement between Amerant Bank and Florida Beach Bowl, Inc., is effective immediately and will continue for the next two years, with an exclusive negotiating window for Amerant Bank to extend the partnership for additional years. This commitment highlights Amerant Bank’s dedication to fostering an enduring legacy of inclusivity and diversity within the sports community and reinforces Amerant Bank’s status as a sports-centric organization. in previous years, and we hope community members in Pensacola take full advantage of the opportunity.” The bank partnered with Shred-it, a Stericycle Solution, to securely shred and recycle documents at the event. With over 30 years of experience, Shred-it is an NAID Certified organization, which verifies secure data destruction companies are compliant with data protection laws that ensure document security and information privacy. After the paper has been securely shredded into confetti-sized pieces, Shred-it bundles and recycles those pieces into paper products. In 2022, Shred-it shredded and recycled 1 billion pounds of paper and used the recycled material to manufacture their sturdy and secure Shred-it document collection consoles featuring 100% recovered and recycled fibers. The First Bank will host similar community shredding events in each of the five states where it is located to help communities securely recycle paper and protect their personal information.

intercollegiate varsity football game specifically designed to provide a platform for Black students at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) to showcase their talents on a national stage. The announcement comes on the heels of Amerant’s plans to open a Broward headquarters and the naming of the Amerant Bank Arena, previously FLA Live, furthering the bank’s commitment to Broward County. The event will feature two HBCUs in a monumental showdown, emphasizing the opportunity for underrepresented students to participate in bowl games that have been historically out of reach. Under the terms of this partnership, Amerant Bank will not only hold the esteemed position as the official bank of the event but will also be a driving force in fostering inclusivity and diversity within the collegiate sports landscape in the communities it serves. Additionally, the bank’s logo will be prominently displayed in the stadium during the game, capturing the attention of both in-person attendees and millions of viewers on live TV and social media. “We are thrilled to be the official sponsor of the first to the public. Community members were invited to participate in the event to help protect the environment and their personal information by securely shredding their confidential documents such as old tax returns, credit card receipts and legal documents. In addition to eliminating clutter in one’s home or business, securely recycling documents helps prevent consumer fraud and identity theft that puts communities at risk. “As one of the largest certified Community Development Financial Institutions in the nation, we are committed to supporting our local communities in a variety of ways, including identifying solutions to help protect them against consumer fraud and identity theft,” said C. Jerome Brown, executive vice president and chief community officer for The First Bank. “Our bank has offered this free service to many communities

The First Bank Hosts Free Community Shredding Event O n Friday, October 27, The First Bank in Pensacola hosted a free paper shredding event in its parking lot that was open


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