Florida Banking December 2023

innovation. Alex has encouraged bankers and trust professionals to come together, share insights and learn from one another. This collaborative spirit has contributed to the development of innovative solutions and best practices in the field of trust services. The Impact on Florida's Financial Landscape Alex's support for the Trust Division of the FBA has had a profound impact on Florida's financial landscape. Here are some of the ways in which his contributions have shaped the industry: Increased competitiveness: Florida's banks and financial institutions are now better equipped to compete on a national and even global scale in the trust services arena. The education, advocacy and networking opportunities facilitated by the Trust Division have raised the bar for professionalism and competence in the industry.

the next generation of trust professionals to excel in their roles and provide exceptional service to their clients. His contributions to the Trust Division of the FBA have not only benefited the industry but have also played a crucial role in strengthening the financial well-being of individuals and families throughout the state of Florida. Alex, we thank you for your dedication, leadership, and service. George Lange is a retired trust banking executive with more than 37 years of experience in Missouri and Florida. In addition to being named the 2000 FBA Trust Banker of the Year, Lange was inducted into the Florida Trust Banking Hall of Fame in 2017. During his tenure with the FBA, Lange served as the director of Florida Trust and Graduate Trust School, chair of the Trust Legislative and Trust Executive committees and was an active member of the FBA Board of Directors, the BankPac Board of Directors and the Government Relations Committee.

Enhanced client services: Trust professionals in Florida are now more prepared to serve the diverse needs of their clients. The emphasis on education and best practices has resulted in more tailored and sophisticated trust solutions, attracting clients from a wide range of backgrounds and financial situations. Strengthened economic growth: A robust trust industry contributes significantly to the state's economy. Under Alex's leadership, the Trust Division has helped create jobs, generate revenue and attract wealth to Florida, turning the state into a trusted hub for individuals and families seeking comprehensive financial services. Improved regulatory clarity: Trust professionals often grapple with complex regulatory requirements. Through its advocacy efforts, the Trust Division has worked to streamline and clarify these regulations, which has made it easier for trust departments to operate efficiently and within the bounds of the law. Florida’s Next Chapter As we look to the future, it is clear that Alex's legacy will continue to shape both the banking and trust industry in Florida for years to come. He has set a high standard for professionalism, innovation and ethical conduct that will undoubtedly inspire


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