Florida Banking December 2023

He is a person of high integrity and energy with the courage to not waver in his beliefs regarding the banking industry. Alex will be missed, but he leaves behind a legacy that will not be forgotten.” Sanchez has equipped the FBA team to carry on that legacy and to support incoming CEO Kathy Kraninger, former CFPB director. “I have seen Alex champion, challenge, motivate and professionally develop his team in ways I have not experienced or seen before. His relationship with each team member extends beyond the office space, and office hours,” said Sanchez’s wife, Patsy. “The FBA is a family, like no other I’ve seen, and the camaraderie, respect and support is evident in all who engage the FBA team.” FBA COO Pam Ricco added: “Excellence is a habit, not a virtue, and Alex lives that philosophy. His character, integrity and passion inspires, challenges and motivates the people around him. Alex has the courage to do hard things and the compassion to do them with kindness. He has been an exceptional mentor and a dear friend to those of us who have been fortunate to work with him for so long.” “ALEX HAS BEEN AN EXCEPTIONAL MENTOR AND A DEAR FRIEND TO THOSE OF US WHO HAVE BEEN FORTUNATE TO WORK WITH HIM FOR SO LONG.” Sanchez urges bankers to continue to be involved, and to remember the importance of an active and united industry. “The FBA was formed on the 28th of February in 1888 so that our bankers would have a voice in Washington and in our state’s capital,” Sanchez said. “Nothing has changed. We still need that strong voice just as we did 136 years ago, because if you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu.” Thank you, Alex Sanchez, for serving the association and the Florida banking industry as an exemplary mentor, leader and advocate. “The history that Alex and I have as friends will last a lifetime. Alex has never once made me regret recommending him for president, which is evident by these last 30 years of his career,” Brinkley said. “Love you, Brother!” “’Thank you’ is insufficient, but it’s a start,” Ricco said. “Thank you, Alex. May God bless and reward you abundantly. Enjoy retirement — you have certainly earned it!” - PAM RICCO

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Sanchez’s impact on the industry also extends to the media. He has earned the respect and friendship of renowned financial journalist Maria Bartiromo, who often invites Sanchez as a guest on her FOX Business show Mornings with Maria to speak as a subject matter expert on banking issues and the economy. At Sanchez’s invitation, Bartiromo attended the FBA’s 135th Annual Meeting in June as keynote speaker. “The relationship Alex has with our regulators and politicians is amazing. He has opened doors for us. Being on Mornings with Maria, for example, demonstrates the respect that industry leaders have for him,” Brinkley said. Sanchez’s contagious energy inspires participation and engagement from members. The association is often lauded for its passionately engaged membership, which is a source of pride for Sanchez and the FBA team, who know the strength of an association comes from its membership. “Alex inspired me to get involved,” said former FBA Chair Lloyd DeVaux, president and CEO of Sunstate Bank. “I met Alex over 20 years ago at Capitol Day. I was moved by his passion and leadership. He made me aware of the important role the FBA and our Florida bankers play in making sure our voices are heard in Washington and Tallahassee.” FBA Chair Jose Cueto added: “Alex is an exceptionally strong leader with the ability to mobilize people toward a vision and the execution of an organizational strategy.


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