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S t. Lancelot Avellino was ordained A priest at Naples, and became a crusader in the ecclesiastical courts. One day, while solemnly defending the case of a priest who was

Amazing Stories Catholic Saints

his friend, he lied. That evening he came upon the passage: "The mouth that lieth kills the soul." He gave up practicing law at once. He devoted himself entirely to the duties of the priesthood and entered the Theatine Order when he was 36. He took the name of Andrew to show his love for the Cross. He also added two heroic vows: always to resist his own will , and to daily advance toward perfection.

Terrible and continual sufferings tested him. For 50 years he was tormented with a painful wound. The crutch which was first intended to help support him also became an instrument of torture when it pierced his emaciated frame. He could not take one single step without danger and

St. Mart shivering beggar and cut his cloak in two, giving half to the cold man. Our Lord later appeared to St. Martin in a dream wearing the other half of the cloak. Help St. Martin divide his cloak in two by following the correct path. iN of Tours once met a

suffering , yet he would never travel by carriage. He walked to every sick call. Once when he was carrying the Holy Eucharist to a SICK PERSON, a storm arose. The winds blew so hard the street lamps were extinguished. A heavenly light encircled him, guided his steps and sheltered him from the rain. As a rule, however, his sufferings were unrelieved by God or man. tibirePmauqmuNeairaMsuvreS-|devresersthgirllAiracaM.DoiraM9102©


In 1608, when beginning the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, he was stricken with a stroke After devoutly receiving the Holy Eucharist, he died at the age of 88 . He is still often invoked against a sudden death.


FIGures Jesus loved figs and sometimes used figs and fig trees in his parables. Find the two figs in the picture below which are the same. Then, color them in.

What a Mom! Who was the first Ameri- can spiritual mother to be declared a saint by the Vatican? Write the names of the picture clues on the lines. Then read down the center column to find out.

Get A Clue The focus of all Christians should be on WHAT, according to St. Paul? Get the answer by writing the letter that comes BEFORE or AFTER the clue. One word has been done for you.

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