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Harry J. Ibis enjoyed his experience with the Honor Flight Network with his nephew, David.

From training to battle, our men and women in uniform have experienced the unimaginable. Many of our Catholic Financial Life members have bravely served our great country. To express our sincere gratitude and to honor their service and sacrifice, we are proud to share one of their stories of courage and patriotism.

Meet lifelong Catholic Financial Life member, Harry J. Ibis, Vietnam Veteran wounded in action Harry joined the Marines in 1967 and served in Vietnam. He was stationed in Da Nang to guard oil. Harry was on night watch one evening when he looked up and saw something falling from the sky. With no time to react, mortar shells struck his chest and head. The injuries

he suffered – a fractured leg, a punctured lung and shrapnel wounds – earned him the Purple Heart. Harry was honorably discharged in 1975. We are grateful for Harry’s sacrifice and have awarded him a Catholic Financial Life Challenge Coin as a token of our deep appreciation for his heroism. Thank you for your service, Harry.

If you have a military s please submit it along with a photo at cfl.org/militarystories.


Be sure to include your name, mailing address, email, years o service and military branch. For each story submitted, we’ll present a Challenge Coin.

In support of patriotism, we encourage you to learn from our Founding Fathers Order your free pocket Constitution of the United States. Simply go to cfl.org/constitution, fill out the form and submit it, and we’ll send you this handy version that includes some of the most important historic documents that define our country: • Constitution of the United States • Bill of Rights • Declaration of Independence Prefer a digital copy of these documents? Go to cfl.org/constitution

“The power under the Constitution will always be in

the people.” ~ George Washington


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