Elite Traveler Winter 2021


Jimmy Chin Professional climber, esteemed photographer and Academy Award-winning filmdirector Jimmy Chin speaks to Roberta Naas about risk and reward (something he knows all about, having survived several avalanches.) Page 76

Page 78 Nick Troubetzkoy Architect and designer Nick Troubetzkoy is a pioneer in biophilic architecture, as seen at his lauded resorts in St Lucia. Sophie Killip speaks to him about his time in the Caribbean. Page 80 FP Journe Francois-Paul Journe has a passion for haute horology and perfection. Take a look behind the scenes at FP Journe and how the manufacturer makes the Astronomic Souveraine, perhaps its most impressive achievement yet. Page 82 Elite Traveler party Celebrating the release of our Fall issue in style in New York.

Photo Chris Figenshau

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