Elite Traveler Winter 2021

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Sydney Evan 14k yellow gold and 7.83 carats diamond Cocktail Eternity necklace, $40,000, sydneyevan.com

All things bright and beautiful The contemporary designers in the vanguard of changing things up for Earth’s oldest jewel. Whether it’s Shirley Bassey’s ‘70s Bond belter “Diamonds Are Forever” or Marilyn Monroe’s unforgettable “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” that springs to mind first when you hear the name of the precious gemstone, it’s safe to say that a diamond, in popular culture at least, is a matter kept close to the heart. The eye-wateringly expensive stones have been around forever, and will be too — diamonds can take up to 3.3 billion years to form — but that doesn’t mean that the same jewelry styles and settings need to be. Contemporary jewelry designers are ushering in a new era of diamond pieces, pushing the boundaries of what the industry sees as traditional diamond jewelry. Now, driven by undercurrents of sustainability and a post-pandemic mood for rebellion, playful diamond pieces in unusual settings feel more timely than ever. For something a little more exciting, look to designers who make the gems look sleek and modern, yet with an unexpected attitude, such as Sydney Evan, whose contemporary pieces steer away from the sometimes homogenous style of diamond jewelry.

Tiffany 18k rose gold and 0.31 carats diamond knot drop earrings, $5,000, tiffany.com

Fernando Jorge 1.54 carats diamond ring, $10,000, fernandojorge.co.uk

Dior 18k yellow gold and 1.75 carats diamond Gem Dior bracelet, $30,600, dior.com

Azlee brushed 18k recycled yellow gold and 0.54 carats diamond ring, $13,065, matchesfashion.com

Nancy Newberg 14k yellow gold and baguette diamond earrings, $5,400, nancynewberg.com

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