Elite Traveler Winter 2021


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In good spirits From $50 bottles to $50,000 crystal decanters, the demand for fine, rare and limited-edition spirits has continued to grow at pace. As an investment, Scotch continues to offer dizzying returns, with other spirits like Irish whiskey, rum and tequila riding on its coattails. New releases from prized distilleries sell out in a flash only to reappear at auction, often selling for more than double the original price. The spirits industry has done its utmost to keep up with demand, releasing a slew of incredible liquids over the last 12 months and breaking price records in the process. It has been a privilege to sample the extraordinary spirits on these pages, especially as many of

the bottles now only exist as commodities in portfolios. Some may never be opened. Want to get your hands on a bottle? Then be prepared to dig very deep into your pockets.

Cask 340 from Gordon & MacPhail

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