Elite Traveler Winter 2021


Caymankind embodies the islands’ feel-good ambience as a whole, including its hospitable attitude toward visitors, its stunning nature and its variety of amusements, from restaurants to hotels. Cosmopolitan and sophisticated in a barefoot-chic kind of way, the Cayman Islands, also known as a global financial capital, incorporate a multitude of worldwide cultures. Its transplanted citizens bring the best of their heritages to mix with Caymanian traditions, which contributes to the pronounced melting-pot vibe. From pristine beaches like the bucket-listed Seven Mile Beach, to Stingray City (the destination’s top rated marine life encounter) to deep dive sites, the ever-temperate Cayman Islands offer visitors Caymankind hospitality at every turn.

“The Cayman Islands aren’t like the rest of the Caribbean,‘’ quipped my friend the day before I first visited the three-isle archipelago, a paradise ringed by coral reefs, located just south of Cuba. I pondered his words and the classic images I’d seen of the renowned diving mecca. Its beaches — with Wedgewood Blue Willow hues (think: cobalt seas and bone-white sand) — proffered rum drinks, water sports aplenty and pampering hotels, seemed decidedly Caribbean to me. So, what could make this difference? Why these islands, and not others? Moments after I arrived, I knew. It’s something that locals call Caymankind. Intangible, yet utterly real, the word refers to a welcoming attitude akin to Hawaii’s ‘Aloha’ spirit. Infusing all aspects of the Cayman experience,

by Becca Hensley

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