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NEED TO KNOW Embraer-backed EVE is leading the OEMs’ push to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050


Embraer is supporting the goal by developing a range of new products, services and disruptive sustainable technologies. That includes electrification, hybrid, SAF and other energy alternatives. Beyond that, Embraer will offset emissions that can’t be reduced via its initiatives. Private flyers will see tangible benefits from the work very soon. Its zero- emission EVE eVTOLs are slated to take off by 2026, with operators in the US, Europe and South America already placing orders (see OneSky Flight). Beginning next year, Embraer’s growth will be carbon neutral, and work is underway to make its aircraft able to use 100% sustainable aviation fuel. embraer.com

The manufacturer of the top-selling Phenom 300 and popular private jets like the Praetor 500 and 600 is making the commitment for carbon-neutral operations by 2040 and net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. That includes making sustainability one of the pillars in its strategic plan. “At Embraer, we recognize the urgency of the climate crisis, and we are fully committed to a more sustainable future. We are stepping up our efforts to minimize our carbon footprint by remaining dedicated to innovating solutions that have a broader impact for our customers, our local communities and our aircraft,” says Francisco Gomes Neto, president & CEO of Embraer.

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