Elite Traveler Winter 2021


NEED TO KNOW Victor’s founder Clive Jackson has been one of the industry’s loudest voices, warning colleagues to go green or be shut down by climate activists

Victor is far from the biggest broker of private jets, but its founder and chairman, Clive Jackson, has been one of the loudest voices urging the industry to move faster in its efforts to be more sustainable. The UK-based provider has been purchasing credits to mitigate 200% of CO2 emissions for the flights it booked for customers since July 2019. The company builds the additional cost into the quotes, so in a market where many customers closely compare pricing, Jackson says it comes out of the company’s bottom line. The chairman and founder believes paying a bit extra is a responsibility private aviation flyers should embrace. He says: “Your ability to choose how you travel comes with the added responsibility to protect our society and the future of our planet. We cannot overlook the fact that a private jet emits up to 20 times more CO2 per passenger mile than a commercial airliner. Operators, brokers and customers must accept that the privilege they enjoy comes with certain obligations.” Jackson claims the industry’s future is at stake. Without more forceful action, he says, activists and politicians could essentially prohibit private flights in some places. He is correct in that some are trying. In May, advocacy group Transport & Environment called for a European ban on private jets using fossil

fuels by 2030. flyvictor.com

Photos Jason Moore Photography, Toshi Sasaki

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