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A n Island Sanctuary like no other A n Island Sanctuary like no other






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The Ritz-Carlton, St. Thomas

The Ritz-Carlton, Aruba

Unmatched style in iconic destinations, creating unparalleled experiences.

The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman

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There are but a few moments in life that leave us fully speechless. But, as I stood on an endless stretch of thick sea ice, under the blazing sunshine, surrounded by emperor penguins and their ridiculously cute fl u ff y chicks… I couldn’t (and still can’t, really) describe just how magical it was. Antarctica features on even the most seasoned traveler’s bucket list, and it certainly exceeded all of

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my very high expectations. However, there is something about it that can weigh on your conscience. The penguins will waddle right up to you, as they are not used to humans and don’t have any land predators. The landscape is so wholly unblemished by humans it doesn’t seem real at times. So it begs the question: Should we be visiting at all? I was a guest on Ponant’s Le Commandant Charcot , a hybrid electric polar exploration ship powered by liqui fi ed natural gas. And even though the vessel has incredible ice-breaking facilities, the captain chose to follow the natural pathways through the ice wherever possible instead of carving his own route. There are two laboratories on board (which guests can visit) so that specialized researchers can access the polar regions. There were also very strict rules — this is the animals’ home and we were not to approach them for any reason; we were not to even think of taking anything home or back on ship. (We weren’t allowed to put backpacks onto the ground, which was tricky for the photo ambassadors on board). But human curiosity will never cease — Antarctica exploration dates back to the 17th century — so traveling with an environmentally conscious provider is vital. This theme extends into our annual Top Adventures feature, as a number of trips have donations built into the price. You’ll also fi nd a number of itineraries that have been custom-created for Elite Traveler , so you’re sure to fi nd something new and exciting. And what about how you get to your destination? Alex Martin takes to the skies with 100% sustainable aviation fuel and a new partnership with Fly Victor and Neste. If you’re wanting to hit the open road this spring, Alexandra Cheney looks at an electric vehicle for every occasion. Elsewhere in this issue, Elin McCoy states the case for saving old vines and the brands that are protecting them, while Nicola Leigh Stewart heads to Champagne Bollinger’s HQ to delve into the coveted brand’s storied past. In our Explore section, you’ll fi nd guides to New Orleans and the Aeolian Islands, as well as hotels that are best suited for larger groups of family and friends. We close this issue with a whimsical fl ight over the Namib Desert.

KimAyling takes fl ight in a hot air balloon to marvel at the Namib Desert in Africa from above

Samantha Coles becomes better acquainted with emperor penguins in Antarctica

Alex Martin fl ies to Rotterdam with Fly Victor and Neste to learn more about sustainable aviation fuel

Samantha Coles Editor samantha.coles@elitetraveler.com


It was getting harder and harder to push himself.


The results speak for themselves.

successful energy commodities broker and owner of multiple businesses, Jake was juggling

“When I met with the doctors at Cenegenics, it was the first time somebody had been completely honest with me about my health and where I stood,” Jake says. “And not only that, they gave me a specific path to get to where I needed to be.” With state-of-the-art DEXA body-scanning equipment, Cenegenics doctors determined Jake’s starting body composition — muscle mass, body fat and bone density. An ultrasound CIMT test measured the thickness of Jake’s neck arteries to assess his risk of heart attack or stroke. A comprehensive blood panel, allergy & immunology testing and neurological performance exam assessed factors like hormone levels, inflammation response and metabolic and brain function. “I came out of it with a plan where all the elements worked together — nutrition, exercise, supplementation,” Jake says. “I’m not wasting time guessing and trying some random thing.” Weekly check-ins with his Performance Health Team keep him accountable and motivated—and mean his program has evolved along with his body through almost 10 years as a client. Jake built lean muscle mass with his Cenegenics Performance Health Coach’s bespoke cross-training regimen and a testosterone supplementation program.

Now in his mid-50s, Jake has less body fat than he did when he was in his 30s, and his predictive markers for heart disease and diabetes have dramatically improved. “I have more energy. I sleep better. I don’t have any soreness when I wake up,” he says. “I’m a single man in my 50s, and I’m in the best shape of my life. Cenegenics gives me confidence to compete against all these young guys out there.”

multiple work trips every month, entertaining clients at late-night events three or four days a week—all while raising three teenagers on his own. A former motorcycle racer and Air Force veteran, he struggled to keep his energy up and his weight down as his metabolism slowed with age. And he knew firsthand that an unhealthy lifestyle was putting him at risk. “My father died at a young age — 57 — from a heart attack,” Jake says. “He was very successful, but an unhealthy lifestyle had a lot to do with what happened to him.”


Jake knew that he needed to do something. It wasn’t just for him, but for his kids.



He needed more than just a plan.

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The Core Components of Our Program


Biofeedback Diagnostics

Nutrition Plan

That’s where Cenegenics came in.

Low glycemic load and low sodium foods like vegetables, nuts and dark chocolate replaced the salty snacks in his pantry and his nutritionist showed him how to navigate a restaurant menu without sabotaging his progress when he was out entertaining.

A leading authority in age management medicine for more than 25 years, Cenegenics combines a comprehensive health assessment with a whole-body exercise, nutrition and supplementation program supervised by its team of doctors and Performance Health Professionals. More than 43,000 executives and entrepreneurs have used Cenegenics to achieve their peak performance.

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Metabolic and Hormonal Optimization

Each Client is different. Results and cases may vary.

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Inspire: Top Adventures Our annual compilation of thrilling adventures is here — from descending into the untouched depths of the ocean to hiking in Oman (pictured above) in search of emerald wadis for a spot of wild swimming Page 6 2

On the cover Nikol Bartzoka for Zinas / Trunk Archive

with our caring cabin crew CONNECT TO HOSPITALITY

elite traveler SPRING 2023 22 Contents

33 How else would one carry a botle of cognac than with a customized leather lanyard?

Discover 33 Object of desire Louis XIII’s collection of miniature bottles comes with a unique accessory. 34 Aviation Alex Martin takes fl ight with sustainable aviation fuel.

Influence 52 Jasper Smith The founder of marine adventure company Arksen (pictured below) speaks to Kim Ayling about creating the most capable and sustainable explorer yachts.

3 6 Cruises Slow down and unwind with these languid luxury itineraries. 38 Motoring Alexandra Cheney looks at electric vehicles for every occasion.

42 Wine Elin McCoy makes a compelling case for old vines. 44 Jewelry Lean into the adventurous spirit with these bold pieces.

48 Watches Roberta Naas takes a deep dive into water watches.

54 Champagne Bollinger Inside Galerie 1829,

more than 7,300 bottles, magnums and jeroboams tell the nearly 200-year history of Champagne Bollinger. Nicola Leigh Stewart delves into the house’s story. 5 6 Don Julio Tequila Don Julio paid homage to its eponymous founder by hosting an exclusive tequila, Ultima Reserva, during Miami Art Week. 58 Elite Traveler celebrates the Fall issue Elite Traveler hostedan exclusive cocktail party to celebrate the launch of its Fall issue at Bucherer 1888 TimeMachine, where over 150 guests enjoyed access to one of the most extensive watch collections in New York. tasting of its limited edition Extra Añejo

38 2023 McLaren Artura

Photos Patrick Gosling

THE PLACE you call PARADISE we call HOME

A rare estate surrounded by nature. Here, you will be greeted by your personal Embajador. Where ancient rituals yield modern remedies. And coquí frogs serenade you to sleep. Welcome to your home at the ends of the earth.


elite traveler SPRING 2023

112 A Weddell seal in Antarctica



Inspire 6 1 Top adventures A seriously competitive sub-genre of luxury travel, the adventure sector is always pushing the boundaries. We present our annual compilation of the best out there, from a million-dollar safari to heli-skiing with an Olympian. 82 Topyachts The hottest travel trend for families, ‘edventures’ (educational adventures) combine the classic ingredients of adventure with education. Miriam Cain looks at the yacht charters that deliver both inspades.


9 6 Tophotels Gather your nearest and dearest and commandeer one of these exceptional hotels. 102 NewHotels A shiny new jewel in Lake Como’s glittering crown

112 HotList Journey to the vast

seventh continent, take on a grueling expedition with Navy SEALs, or take a step back in time. 122 Property Exceptional homes in the USA and Mexico, from a sprawling Beverly Hills mansion to a ranch-style abode in Aspen. 128 Flight of fancy Glide over the Namib Desert in a hot air balloon.

has the air of a very private, very re fi ned home. 104 Destination guides Soak up all of New

Doron Merdinger on what it takes to design a ‘ fl yingcar’ The two-seat eVTOL (electric vertical takeo ff and landing vehicle) has two sets of wings with large, ducted propellers and wheels so it can be rolled into a garage. Unlike aircraft — or, indeed, cars — the Doroni H1 fl ies with “three clicks of a button” and, Merdinger hopes, future owners will need just 20 hoursof fl ight training and a regular driver’s license to operate it. Sacha Lichine on introducing rosé to theworld Rosé, the drink of summer, the elixir of fun, is one of the great success stories of the 2 1 st century. And it’s all down to one man: the Bordeaux-born, US-educated Sacha Lichine. But the man behind Whispering Angel isn’t doneyet.

Orleans’s vibrant culture or take a dreamy jaunt around the Aeolian Islands.

6 1 Tordrillo

Mountain Lodge in Alaska is co-owned by Olympic gold medalist Tommy Moeand

heli-ski pioneer Mike Overcast

Photos Brandon Cole/Tordrillo Mountain Lodge

You Deserve The Preserve An All-Inclusive Four-Season Sporting Resort the Magic & beauty of The Preserve Sporting Club & Residences in Richmond, Rhode Island, goes far beyond the architecture and amenities at the property. Your personal adventure awaits with more than 3,500 acres to explore. At The Preserve, you can enjoy more than 20 luxurious amenities such as Double Barrel Steak by Chef David Burke, the OH! Spa, The Preserve Equestrian Training Stables, The Maker’s Mark HOBBIT HOUSE TM , The Safari Tent Scotch & Cigar Experience, the world’s longest indoor range, hiking, fishing, and more. Whether you seek the thrilling or the serene, Preserve Sporting Club & Residences o ff ers a combination of unspoiled nature and refined luxury for everyone.

87 Kingstown Road, Richmond, Rhode Island 02898 | PRESERVESPORTINGCLUB.COM | 401.539.4653 Leisure Stays | corporate Meetings & Events | Memberships | Residences

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France NICOLA LEIGH STEWART Writer Based in Paris, Nicola Leigh Stewart is a travel and food writer whose stories have appeared in Telegraph Travel and The Independent .Already holding a WSET Level 2 (WSET quali fi cations are globally recognized as the international standard in wine and spirit knowledge), she is currently studying for Level 3. For this issue, Stewart visited Champagne Bollinger, one of the most famous houses in Champagne, in northern France. As the celebrated family-owned Champagne house approaches its 200th anniversary, Stewart delves into the brand’s fascinating past and its plans for the future. champagne-bollinger.com p54

Isle of Wight JASPER SMITH Entrepreneur

Although Jasper Smith’s professional background is in media, technology and fi nance, it is his untamed thirst for adventure that acted as the motivator for his latest undertaking. Two trips, taken several decades apart — a mammoth sailing trip from Sydney to Alaska in his early twenties and then a trekking expedition across Greenland’s ice caps with his son — became the catalyst for Arksen, a marine adventure company that builds exceptionally capable vessels. Elite Traveler ’s Kim Ayling visited Arksen’s shipyard on the Isle of Wight (an island o ff the south coast of England) to take a deep dive into the brand and speak to Smith about adventure for the greater good. arksen.com p52

New Orleans



"There’s no city on earth that stirs the soul and enlivens the spirit quite like New Orleans,” according to Michelle Gross, a multimedia journalist and regular visitor to the Big Easy. She currently splits her time between New York City and Beaufort, South Carolina. Gross’s words and photographs have appeared in Vogue , Food&Wine , Playboy and the San Francisco Chronicle , among other prestigious titles. Recently, she launched her own newsletter, The Beau Yorker , where she covers a mix of topics from Sophia Loren’s ship christening to travel trends, food reviews and news. thebeauyorker.substack.com p108

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Bask in luxurious residential suites while taking in panoramic views of New York City.

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McLaren Artura As McLaren’s fi rst series production plug-in hybrid supercar, Artura is light on weight but heavy on superlatives, according to Alexandra Cheney, who took the model for a spin Page 38

Page 33 Object of desire Louis XIII has a collection of miniature bottles with a unique matching accessory. Page 34 Aviation Alex Martin takes fl ight with sustainable aviation fuel. Page 36 Cruises Relax with these languid luxury itineraries. Page42 Wine Elin McCoy makes a case for old vines. Page 44Jewelry Lean into the adventurous spirit with bold pieces. Page 48 Watches Roberta Naas takes a deep dive into water watches.

Photo beadyeye.tv LTD

Wealth Enhancement Services Delivered with Premier Resources

Grand Rapids

Twin Cities






42years as an industry pioneer. National fi rm with Midwest roots. $31.53 billion dollars* of assets under advisement. (*including assets under management as of 12.31.21) Elite teams dedicated to every family o ffi ce discipline. Unparalleled expertise in: Bespoke Generational Solutions , Aspirational Solutions and Diversi fi er Strategies .

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Oxford is an investment advisor registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Registration does not imply a certain level of skill or training. More information about Oxford’s investment advisory services and fees can be found in its Form ADV Part 2, which is available upon request. OFG-2207-15


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Object of desire by Irenie Forshaw

This image, below The Drop’s bottle case can be customized and carried on a lanyard; The Drop collection consists of fi ve tiny decanters — each one is fi lledwith 1cl of Louis XIII’s signature blend and can be purchased individually or as the entire set

LouisXIII TheDrop

Louis XIII has been making its famed spirit in the Grande Champagne region of Cognac since 1874. It is made from the oldest and most precious eaux-de-vie (a clear liquid extracted from grapes) and aged in ancient French oak casks for decades. When the cellar master deems the precious liquor to be ready, Louis XIII is poured into a handcrafted decanter made by a team of artisans from Europe’s most illustrious crystal houses and placed in a signature red display box. The amber-hued cognac is wonderfully complex and light, with delicate notes of dried rose, honeysuckle, fi gs and leather giving way to an unmistakable hint of spice. At fi rst glance, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Louis XIII has now ventured into the world of perfumery with its collection of miniature bottles. The Drop consists of fi ve tiny decanters; eachone is fi lled with 1cl of the iconic brand’s signature blend and can be purchased individually or as the entire set. Each bottle has a case that can be customized with your initials and carried on a lanyard. To celebrate the launch of The Drop, a series of immersive pop-ups are taking place all over the world; the most recent pop-up was held in Singapore, where guests enjoyed augmented reality experiences and crafting stations for engraving and leather embossing. The Drop collection box from $950; bottle case from $120, louisxiii-cognac.com

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NESTEEGG Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) promises an emissions reduction of up to 80% — and with it, a potential solution to business aviation’s biggest problem. But can you fuel your next private flight with SAF? Thanks to a new partnership between Victor and Neste, you can. The 1.5C target set out by the Paris Agreement is an awkward topic for any private aviation company, but Fly Victor is clear about the facts: We’re nowhere near. And despite their fractional contribution to global emissions, business jets are an easy target for activists. The chance of having your flight disrupted by someone glued to the door may be small, but the threat of reputational damage is growing. SAF is a credible solution, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by up to 80% over the entire fuel life cycle when compared to conventional kerosene. The leading SAF, made by Neste, is produced purely from renewable waste and residue raw materials like cooking oil and animal fat waste. It can be used in any jet without the need for conversion and has fewer particulates than kerosene, so it burns cleaner. So far, so good. But production costs are high — estimated at two to three times higher than kerosene by the time it arrives at the airport. And even if you’re willing to pay the premium, as a consumer, until recently you couldn’t buy it directly from Neste. That is what makes a new partnership between Neste and Victor so innovative, and potentially the first step towards a major shift in consumer choice within the industry. Anyone booking on Victor’s platform will see a slider offering the chance to fuel your flight with SAF in increments of 5%. You can choose any amount you want (including 0%) and see the resulting CO2e offset as well as the additional cost. To put this into practice, I flew from London Biggin Hill to Rotterdam Airport with 100% Neste MY SAF. It added an additional 14% (approx. $3,700) to the by Alex Martin Aviation

sustainability within private aviation, introducing a voluntary 200% carbon offset for every flight purchased through its platform in 2019. That initiative is being phased out in 2023 with the funds diverted to promoting its SAF offering. It also doesn’t make any money from selling SAF, passing the cost directly to the consumer. Since launching the service in June 2022, and at the time of this writing, 20% of customers had offset at least some of their flight with SAF. The average offset was 33%, and the additional cost, $960. For a company measuring its turnover in the tens of billions, this is a drop in the ocean for Neste, but to focus on the figures is to miss the point. Both Victor and Neste see this partnership as a test bed for what will ultimately be a wider rollout across the industry — including commercial. For Wood, SAF is the only option. “If SAF is not sufficient, then we don’t have a solution,” he says, frankly. “Electric aircraft and hydrogen power have no outlook to provide long haul or large aircraft solutions, so if you don’t support the concept of SAF as a way of reducing emissions, then you don’t support aviation.” flyvictor.com; neste.com

price of the charter but reduced the CO2e emissions by 74.72% compared to kerosene (equivalent to 4.22 MT of CO2). We know this because Victor and Neste send the lead booker a certificate detailing the exact fuel burn of their flight, which can then be used in annual carbon accounting. But there’s a catch: our jet didn’t actually haveSAF in it. It’s a system called Pay Here, Use There, and it’s hard for some consumers to swallow. Why, having bought SAF, should you not be able to fuel your jet with it? Neste’s reasoning makes perfect sense, at least to those serious about minimizing their carbon footprint: Instead of sending a truck of SAF to London Biggin Hill, Neste maximizes the carbon saving by transporting the exact amount to one of its partner airlines at Helsinki Airport, a short drive from one of its refineries. The fuel is then mixed into the system and fuels an anonymous flight. Jonathan Wood, VP for renewable aviation at Neste, says: “We don’t in any way want to undermine the emission reduction of our SAF. The fact that the person paying for it is not on that specific flight, that’s something that we obviously feel is consistent with what we’re trying to achieve.” Victor is fully aligned. It has been a trailblazer for

The leading SAF, made by Neste, is produced purely from renewable waste and residue raw materials like cooking oil and animal fat waste


Let’s start an unrivaled journey.


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While adventure travel is all the rage, some of us think an experience only ranks as a vacation if we’re doing something idle — perhaps even hedonistic and indulgent. Cruises, with all their myriad options, have never feared languid luxury. Experiences transport guests to another realm, one awash in quixotic nostalgia, mystery and unforgettable fun. Sometimes tuxedos and silky dresses are involved; other times, it’s the chance to discover an unknown culture or take a cooking class from a renowned chef. As an antidote to active, outdoor pursuits (which we also highly recommend), we bring you some cruise moments imbued with old-school repose and new frontiers — sure to envelop you in a lavish, less sporty mode. After all, maybe you just want to sip some champagne... CELESTIA This new vessel, a handcrafted 146-ft phinisi yacht, sails the less-trammeled Indonesian Archipelago known as the Coral Triangle. As the passion project of two Indonesian siblings (one a fashion designer), the vessel meanders into lesser-traveled waters in style. With just seven cabins, kitted out in Villeroy & Boch and Geberit fi nishings, the Celestia delivers cruisers tailored experiences among the 17,000 islands that comprise this Indonesian destination. While snorkeling and wakeboarding are o ff ered, just as important are private beach dinners, meditative LANGUID LUXURY Cruises by Becca Hensley RIVERSIDE COLLECTION When savvy boutique hoteliers add cruising to their portfolio, you know the ship will feel like the consummate luxury hotel. Enter: Riverside Collection by Seaside Collection, owned by the Gerlach family, who also operate a stunning group of hotels in Europe and the Maldives. They’ll launch their fi rst vessel , Riverside Mozart , on the Danube this spring. The intimate and stylish ship, which holds up to 150 guests, was formerly part of Crystal Cruises’s fl eet. Now reimagined and repurposed to embrace the Gerlach’s renowned personalized service, Riverside Mozart will feature trained butlers assigned to every cabin, top-of-class shore guides and a gastronomic food and beverage program, including a nonpareil wine cellar. The ship will sail the upper and lower parts of the Danube from Passau in Germany to the Iron Gates, between Serbia and Romania. seaside-hotels.com yoga and massages. celestiayacht.com

Celestia , a new 148-ft phinisi yahct

Seabourn has a wholly curative partnership with Dr Andrew Weil

SEABOURN Dedicated to giving guests new insights that stay with them after their voyage, Seabourn boasts an extraordinary and wholly curative partnership with Dr Andrew Weil, a renowned expert well-versed in holistic health and wellness. The fi rst-ever program of its kind at sea, Mindful Living with Dr. Andrew Weil has a Mindful Living Coach onboard each ship. Trained in Weil’s philosophy, and certi fi ed in yoga and meditation practice, this well-being leader inspires, educates and assists guests with their quests for a more salubrious approach to life — both at sea and at home. seabourn.com

HOLLAND AMERICA Capture the glitz and glamour of bygone days aboard one of Holland America’s 2023 Heritage Cruises with sails envisaged to celebrate the cruise line’s 150th anniversary. With stops at ports signi fi cant to Holland America’s story and culture, the cruises will revel in classic Dutch-style high tea, gala dinner menus from the past and Dutch games — such as Sjoelen (tabletop shu ffl eboard) and Egg Walk. Wear your vintage fi nery

for Historic Happy Hour, a fete that features cocktails at decades-old prices (think: martinis for just 75 cents) and menu o ff erings to match. Gin lovers can look forward to the debut of an exclusive spirit label that honors Holland America’s history. In a decorative and modern bottle, De Lijn Gin blends remarkable botanicals such as orange, rose, lemon verbena,

raspberry and juniper. hollandamerica.com

From the Arctic to Antarctica, go beyond your comfort zone. Follow your curiosities, free your spirit and expand your mind with new experiences you’ve never known; polar kayaking, ice fishing, polar diving and so much more.


elite traveler SPRING 2023 38

The F-150 Lightning, the EV model of America’s most popular truck, signi fi es a colossal shift in the continued arrival of electric vehicles

by Alexandra Cheney Motoring As the push for electrification amplifies beyond the bounds of sedans and sport utility vehicles, manufacturers focus on versatility and function. From a pickup truck to a supercar, the duo of automobiles listed here provide newfound opportunities — an EV for any occasion

Thunderstruck 2023 F- 1 50 Lightning Platinum

There’s a secret handshake afoot, unfamiliar to valets and charging stations alike. Surprisingly and stupendously, it belongs to the best-selling family of vehicles in the US for the last 46 years, Ford’s F-Series. The F-150 Lightning, the EV model of America’s most popular truck, signifies a colossal shift in the continued arrival of electric vehicles. This is not a low-volume manufacturer experimenting with burgeoning technology in a sedan or SUV, but a high-stakes statement from a company that sells around 2,500 combustion engine F-150s daily. While the exterior of the Lightning looks decidedly familiar, under the hood there’s a frunk (front trunk). In Ford parlance, it’s a Mega Power Frunk, a 400-pound capacity space large enough to haul anything from farm equipment to athletic gear. What powers the pickup runs underneath it. A front/ rear transverse mounted, four-wheel drive dual eMotor

supports vehicle-to-load charging — meaning if the power goes out, when paired with the Charge Station Pro, the available 131-kWh battery could keep the average house running for three days at its usual rate. Ford has included some customer-friendly pragmatic touches. The driver seat folds completely flat, should the motorist want to nap while charging en route. The tailgate integrates a ruler and clamps for, say, sawing wood or assembling skis, plus there’s a bottle opener, pen holder, and a deployable step and handle. 2023 F-150 Lightning Platinum from $96,874, shop.ford.com

with an extended-range battery will clock up to 320 miles via 580 hp and 775 lb-ft of torque. With optional trailer and towing packages, the Lightning can haul 1,952 lbs and tow 8,500 lbs. Ford’s flex comes in its Pro Power Onboard system: The Lightning can supply 9.6kW of power to 11 outlets, including a 240V in the truck bed. That’s enough to (silently) power laptops, flood lighting, televisions, refrigerators and sound systems, and more. From tailgating to camping, consider outdoor truck-centric activities redefined and refined. Here’s where it gets interesting. The Lightning

From tailgating to camping, consider outdoor truck centric activities rede fi nedandre fi ned

A VIBRANT DESTINATION IN DOWNTOWN LA Discover the elegant oasis, rooftop terrace, and locally inspired dining at the city’s cultural epicenter

100 South Grand Ave., Los Angeles, CA, 90012 || 213 * 349 * 8585 || LAXAV-SALESADM@ConradHotels.com

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As McLaren’s first series production plug-in hybrid supercar, Artura is light on weight but heavy on superlatives. Its 3.0-liter, twin-turbo V6 denotes the company’s first use of a six-cylinder engine (versus the decade-long preference of twin turbocharged V8s) and pairs with an e-motor (94hp) and an energy-dense battery pack, producing combined outputs of 671hp and 531 lb-ft of torque. Although Artura relies upon a familiar aesthetic language for both interior and exterior design, the supercar also overflows with debuts. A running list: first McLaren to operate an eight-speed dual-clutch gearbox; first to exclude a Plug (in) and play 2023 McLaren Artura

For all the inaugurations, Artura’s sweetest spots lie in well-trodden territory. McLaren opted for a hydraulic-assisted power steering system as opposed to an electric one; the result is agreeable and perpetual driver feedback. Although posited in a fresh way via a pair of rocker switches, the controls for the chassis (on the left) and powertrain (on the right) will be familiar to McLaren owners and enthusiasts. Those toggles also allow the driver to switch from electric to combustion engine. True to any McLaren automobile, Artura behaves well on the road and flourishes on the track. 2023 McLaren Artura from $237,500, mclaren.com

reverse gear (the electric motor simply runs the other way when you back up); first to use a limited slip differential. Artura premieres McLaren’s new Carbon Lightweight Architecture chassis. The most fuel-efficient McLaren ever produced (39 MPGe), Artura’s 7.4kWh battery supports 11 miles of electric-only range. Super-lightweight engineering makes Artura sprightliest in its class with a curb weight of 3,303 lbs. The aforementioned firsts have laid the foundation of McLaren’s future. Consider them a statement of purpose and a declaration of possibility.

Although Artura relies upon a familiar aesthetic language for both interior and exterior design, the supercar also over fl ows with debuts

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Waking up in a Hästens bed is an eye-opener about the value of perfect sleep. It’s built with the ultimate combination of nature’s materials–together with tireless craftsmanship. You can’t see it. But you’ll definitely feel it. 24 hours a day.


Clockwise from right Ribera del Duero; Lodi, California; old vines in South Africa

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2020 DOMINIO DE PINGUS PSI The Tempranillo and Garnacha grapes for Sisseck’s modestly priced early drinking red cuvée come from hundreds of old vine plots in about 20di ff erent villages of Spain’s Ribera del Duero. This crowd-pleasing vintage is vibrant and juicy, with savory 2016 HENSCHKE HILL OF GRACE SHIRAZ Wildly expensive and highly collectible, this luscious red comes from one of Australia’s most famous old vineyards, where some vines are 160 years old. The red and black fruit intensity is laced with mineral notes; there’s a swirl of heady fruit aromas and a long persistent fi nish. From $640, henschke.com.au spicy layers of fl avor anda surprisingly silky texture. From $40, pingus.es

The rush to save oldvines

to plant more productive ones, he pays top dollar for the grapes that go into his PSI cuvée. There’s no de fi nition of ‘old vine.’ Australia’s Barossa region, home to some of the oldest vines in the world, established an Old Vine Charter in 2009 to register them by age. Those 70 years and older are dubbed ‘Survivor’; at 100, they’re called ‘Centenarian’; and at 125, they become ‘Ancestor.’ The latter two are at the heart of Henschke Hill of Grace vineyard in Eden Valley, where the oldest vines are nicknamed ‘the Grandfathers.’ Plots of similarly aged vines exist from Chile’s Maule Valley to California’s Lodi appellation, with 19th-century Zinfandel and Cinsault plantings. True believers began creating organizations to register these plots o ffi cially two decades ago in order to preserve their histories. Besides Australia, South Africa started its old vine mapping project in 2002, while California launched The Historic Vineyard Society in 2011. The most recent initiative is the UK’s Old Vine Conference, which aims to galvanize a global movement. The best way to support it, though, is to drink old vine wines. environmentally fr iendlyway of farming before herbicides and pesticides Old vineyards represent the more traditional,

Vineyards with gnarled, weathered, century-old vines evoke an emotional response. Even the most technology-oriented vintners get misty-eyed with a ff ection as they pat the ones that resemble ancient bonsai trees. That’s partly because grapes for many of the world’s great wines, like Australia’s famous Henschke Hill of Grace Shiraz, come from these survivors. Vines 50 to 100 years old yield concentrated, distinctive reds and whites with a special intensity and complexity of fl avor. They’re also part of today’s quest for sustainability. Old vineyards represent the more traditional, environmentally friendly way of farming before herbicides and pesticides. Over time, their roots burrowed deep to fi nd water, so they thrive without irrigation during the heat waves and drought of climate change. Many vineyards have a mix of grapes that include forgotten varieties more adaptable to the future than, for example, popular Pinot Noir. Spain’s Miguel Torres has spent three decades rescuing nearly extinct ancestral varieties, fi nding several that are seriously drought resistant and that make delicious wine. Another European champion is Peter Sisseck, the visionary Danish winemaker who created expensive Spanish cult wine Pingus. In 2006, he saw old Tempranillo and Garnacha vineyards in the Ribera del Duero region disappearing and created his utopian PSI (named after the 23rd letter of the Greek alphabet) project. To encourage local farmers to preserve plots of low-yielding historic vines instead of ripping them out

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by Roberta Naas Jewelry Roberto Coin Inspired by his home country of Italy, Roberto Coin regularly releases intriguing jewels that deftly re fl ect nature and architecture at their best. This 18-karat rose gold Love in Verona Rainbow Disc ring brings together mother-of-pearl, diamonds and sapphires for a delightful appeal — especially since it rotates. The outer disc of the ring consists of 0.75 carats of di ff erent-colored sapphires and 0.25 carats of green tsavorites to create a rainbow e ff ect. Four diamonds weighing 0.17 carats form petals for a fl oral motif that rotates around the ring. $6,500, robertocoin.com

Adventurous thinking It is said that the only limitation on jewelry design is the imagination. One look at today’s high jewelry reflects that, as top brands are pulling out all the stops and combining unusual blends of gemstones, metals and motifs for jewels that can take you on a journey around the world and beyond. Whether inspired by architecture, nature or culture, the pieces on these pages reflect modern day art, sophisticated technique and adventurous thinking.

Cartier The house of Cartier never disappoints. With its Beautés du Monde high jewelry collection, the brand demonstrates its technical prowess and craftsmanship using diamonds, color and architecture. This Apatura necklace is a convertible piece wherein the drop can be removed to become a separate brooch. Crafted in platinum, the necklace features three cabochon-cut opals totaling 21.86 carats and a 2.58-carat cushion-shaped orange sapphire for bold brilliance. More than 300 baguette-cut colored sapphires and sapphire beads and 239 brilliant-cut diamonds — all weighing more than 73 carats — grace the necklace. Price upon request, cartier.com

De Beers Jewellers A leader in diamond excellence, De Beers is known for sourcing exceptional diamonds that are exquisitely cut and polished, and set into scintillating designs. This ring is no exception. Part of its The Alchemist of Light high jewelry collection, the Ascending Shadows Light Green cocktail ring focuses on using stepped surfaces to play with light and shade. The double- fi nger ring shank is crafted in 18-karat white gold and features an outer stepped motif made of green anodized titanium and coated aluminum. The green fans around rows of white diamonds, with three prong-set marquis diamonds in the center — juxtaposed with a 1.11 carat Asscher-cut fancy orange/brown diamond and a 1.11-carat radiant-cut fancy yellow green diamond. In total: 6.39 carats. $160,000, debeers.com

The Place You’ve Circled the Globe to Find Live on the world’s most private island. Estate-style homes on Fisher Island’s pristine shoreline, steps from the Spa Internazionale, racquet club, and award-winning golf course. The Residences’ unprecedented amenities and white-glove service set a new standard, with five-star dining, resort-style pools, and a waterfront lounge. It’s the pinnacle of coastal living, minutes from Miami but a world away.


ORAL REPRESENTATIONS CANNOT BE RELIED UPON AS CORRECTLY STATING REPRESENTATIONS OF THE DEVELOPER. FOR CORRECT REPRESENTATIONS, MAKE REFERENCE TO THIS BROCHURE AND THE DOCUMENTS REQUIRED BY SECTION 718.503, FLORIDA STATUTES, TO BE FURNISHED BY A DEVELOPER TO A BUYER OR LESSEE. Six Fisher Island Condominium (the “Condominium”) is marketed as The Residences Six Fisher Island and is developed by PRH Parcel 7 Owner, LLC (“Developer”), which uses the marks of The Related Group, BH Group, and of Fisher Island under license agreements. The Developer is not incorporated in, located in, nor a resident of, New York. This is not intended to be an offer to sell, or solicitation of an offer to buy, a condominium unit to residents of New York or to residents of any other jurisdiction were prohibited by law. Consult the Prospectus of Developer to understand the amenities, proposed budget, terms, conditions, specifications, fees, Unit dimensions, site plans, and to learn what is included with purchase and by payment of regular condominium assessments. 2022 © PRH Parcel 7 Owner, LLC, with all rights reserved.

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Chanel From the high jewelry collection by Chanel, these stunning white-and yellow diamond earrings are a wonderful re fl ection of nature’s geometry, all masterfully crafted and gem set. The Soleil Dore earrings are set in 18-karat yellow gold using a combination of diamond settings, including six round colorless diamonds in bezel settings. At the tip of the center and longest sunray dangles an oval-cut diamond on each earring weighing anywhere from 1.55 to 1.6 carats each (carat weights vary on each pair of earrings). Price upon request, chanel.com

Birks Birks has roots in Montreal and regularly draws its inspiration from surrounding nature and its rich history. This architecturally intricate tricolor gold ring is part of the brand’s Dare to Dream collection, which takes inspiration from the geometric patterns on the ceiling of the fi rst store Henry Birks opened in 1879. The ring consists of a band of white gold on one side and rose gold on the other. Between them is a row of diamonds (totaling 1.00 carats) and an open-worked labyrinth motif in yellow gold — all yielding an adventurous story of depth, openness and beauty . $9,000, available at Maison Birks, Montreal, maisonbirks.com

Mikimoto From the legendary pearl house of Mikimoto, this Jardin Mystérieux Conch Pendant necklace is all about indulging in fantasy. The romantic necklace is crafted in 18-karat white gold and forms a diamond-set pendant with diamond tassels. Atop the pendant is an exotic green vine made of green diamonds that culminates in a fl ower bud created using the incredibly rare conch pearl (0.61 carats). In addition to the rare green diamonds, the pendant is set with 3.28 carats of diamonds (109 diamonds) and 2.41 carats (29 stones) of garnets. Price upon request, mikimoto.com

Assael From Assael, these Turquoise and Golden South Sea Cultured Pearl earrings are part of the brand’s Modernist collection and boast jewels from around the world. Creative and daring, the earrings are crafted in 18-karat gold, and each is set with three gold South Sea pearls measuring between 9.0 and 12.0 mm in diameter. The two turquoise half-moons on each earring (for a total of four pieces) are from the Sonoran desert in Mexico and weigh a total of 28 carats. $14,000, available at Neiman Marcus, assael.com

Gra ff London-based House of Gra ff considers itself an “interpreter of secrets” in that it can take an exquisite diamond and bring out the best of the stone. While this Princess Butter fl y watch is technically a watch and not a piece of jewelry, Gra ff master artisans — and most high-jewelry lovers — would beg to di ff er. The stunning butter fl y bracelet is set with 942 pink and white diamonds weighing 16.18 carats. The ultimate statement of femininity, the butter fl y wings part at the center to reveal a pink mother-of-pearl watch dial surrounded by diamonds. Price upon request, gra ff .com

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150 Central Park South, 27th Floor | $30,000,000 Remarkable full- fl oor, 100 feet on Central Park, four open exposures, approx. 6,500sf with 7 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and 2 powder rooms. Arare fi nd,o ! ering a living room with 18-foot ceilings, three arched 15-foot high glass windows, and doors opening to the terrace and Central Park. elliman.com | Web# 22259071

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Watches Whether your ultimate water adventures are diving and snorkeling beneath the surface, or sailing and windsurfing on the water, today’s top watch brands are all about offering precision and performance to go the distance with you. What’s more, you don’t have to sacrifice looks: These watches are designed to turn heads while on land, too. From bold colors to sea blue and green hues, most of the finest water watches boast features like higher water resistance (300 meters and up), bracelet or rubber straps that can weather the elements, luminescence for easy underwater reading and a host of safety features. They range in price from just under $5,000 to the tens of thousands, so there is something for weekend fun or serious adventure. Now, all you have to do is pick one. WATER WATCHES by Roberta Naas

OMEGA SEAMASTER DIVER 300M CO-AXIAL MASTER CHRONOMETER 42MM JAMES BOND NUMBERED EDITION Honoring James Bond, one of the most adventurous spies in literature and fi lm, Omega unveils the Seamaster Diver 300M Co-Axial Master Chronometer 42mm James Bond Numbered Edition watch. The platinum timepiece celebrates Omega’s long-standing partnership with the James Bond brand, which just celebrated the 60th anniversary of the franchise in theaters. Water resistant to 300 meters, the watch boasts a black enamel dial with a spiral gun-barrel motif in 18-karat white gold. It is fi tted with a black ceramic bezel with platinum diving scale. The 007 logo is visible at 7 o’clock on the minute track. The Bond coat of arms is laser engraved on the sapphire caseback, which reveals the Omega Co-Axial Master

Chronometer Caliber 8807. $51,900, omegawatches.com

ULYSSE NARDIN DIVER CHRONOGRAPH GREAT WHITE 44MM With a strong marine heritage, Swiss watch brand Ulysse Nardin has remained committed to creating instruments meant to go to great lengths in the water. The brand is also committed to ocean conservation and shark preservation. This Diver Chronograph Great White 44mm watch is made in a limited edition of just 300 pieces. Great for underwater and on-water adventures, the watch is powered by the brand’s UN-150 mechanical self-winding movement consisting of 318 individual parts. It o ff ers chronograph, hours, minutes, small seconds and date, and boasts an anti-magnetic escapement. The case is crafted of lightweight and rugged titanium and the strap is built of rubber and ceramic $14,100, ulysse-nardin.com f rubber and ceramic.

GLASHÜTTE ORIGINAL SEAQ CHRONOGRAPH The SeaQ Chronograph from Glashütte Original is the German brand’s fi rst dive watch equipped with a chronograph (countdown) function. Designed to meet ISO 6425 diving standards, this watch is built to resist saltwater corrosion, pressure up to 300 meters, shock, extreme temperature changes and more. Delivering optimum precision, the automatic mechanical movement o ff ers 70 hours of power reserve. Crafted in stainless steel, the 43.2mm watch boasts a ceramic inlay for the unidirectional bezel and o ff ers hours, minutes, small seconds, big date, chronograph with fl yback, central stop seconds and 30-minute counter. The rich ocean blue dial features Super-LumiNova applied markers and numerals. $13,900, glashuette-original.com

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