Elite Traveler November-December 2017

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Travel and Louis Vuitton. For over 150 years, the two have been inextricably linked. And while classic monogrammed trunks covered in stamps from exotic destinations instantly come to mind, there’s so much more, as you can see firsthand at the house’s New York exhibit, Volez, Voguez, Voyagez . For its third exhibit, Louis Vuitton looks deep into its archives and presents a stunning collection that traces its history, and showcases its craftsmanship and innovative spirit. There are rooms dedicated to classic trunks, specialized trunks for newfangled inventions like the automobile, writing, fashion, beauty and music. Expect to see stunning pieces including Paul Poiret’s trunk from 1911, Pierre Sechiari’s violin case, trunks containing bookcases or desks, and even a monogramed trunk holding a zinc tub filled with flowers, which George Vuitton would send as a gift to top clients. Weaving your way through the exhibit, you’ll trace its history from the early trunks to the game-changing Stephen Sprouse collaboration and some of designer Marc Jacob’s most iconic looks. End at an exclusive room dedicated to Louis Vuitton and the Americas, including archival pieces from the World’s Expo in 1893, highlights from the Stephen Sprouse collaboration and pieces owned by notable Americans including Mary Pickford and Diana Vreeland. The exhibit will take place at the former American Stock Exchange Building, 86 Trinity Place, New York from October 27, 2017 to January 7, 2018, +1 866 884 8866 or make online reservations at louisvuitton.com Voyagez with Louis Vuitton

DAY 1 Touching down on a dusty strip in the middle of the world’s driest desert, you are presented with two choices of transport — a specially-adapted quad bike or travel on foot with an indigenous man, flamboyantly dressed and accompanied by a llama. The quad bike whisks you to the base of a volcano where you begin your ascent. The wise old man leads you to a secluded spot for a private lunch overlooking a turquoise lake in a land akin to the surface of the An early rise is rewarded with a hot air balloon ride through the desert, or a more leisurely morning rolls into an evening spent gazing at the star-filled sky around a campfire with a local family. DAY 3 Standing at the border of three countries, you are approached by a child and presented with a parchment paper map. One route takes you into the rugged mountains of north-west Argentina, where you discover ancient Inca burial sites and high- altitude vineyards. Choose the northern route that leads you onto the Altiplano towards the world’s largest salt pan. The outcome of a game of cacho (Bolivian dice game) determines your accommodation for the night — will it be an elaborate private camp, a converted Airstream camper or a house made entirely of salt? DAY 4 A plane lands on the salt and a mysterious, bearded man appears, who turns out to be none other than Bolivia’s answer to Andy Warhol. He shows you how to manipulate the horizon to create a series of images that will later become your personalized post-trip album. Boarding the plane, you then lift off from the salty crust and soar towards the world’s highest capital city. Now amidst the hustle and bustle of the Mercado de Hechiceria, you meet a yatiri (witch doctor) peddling an array of dried herbs and reading your fortune. His instructions are clear, and result in you dancing the night away with paceños to the live rhythms of the Andes. DAY 5 Your personalized map shows that your journey will end in the lush forest where the mountains give way to the Amazon basin. You have two choices — land or air, and you either tear down the infamous Camino del Muerte on two wheels or paraglide into the grounds of a beautiful estancia . Relaxation and pampering await to round off your trip in the appropriate manner. From $65,999 per person, based on a family of four. Contact Chris Brunning, Americas regional manager, chris@brownandhudson.com, +44 203 358 0110, brownandhudson.com moon. DAY 2

Clockwise from top: Paul Poiret’s trunk;monogramed trunk filled with

flowers; Louis Vuitton Loves America exhibit room

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