Elite Traveler September-October 2018

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Don’t panic by Samantha Coles

Imagine that feeling of dread in the pit of your stomach when you realize an important event has loomed up out of nowhere— perhaps an anniversary or a milestone birthday — and you haven’t planned a thing. Or maybe your schedule is so jam-packed that you just don’t have the time to book a complex, multi-destination itinerary but don’t want to be left with one-size-fits-all, uninspired packages. Black Tomato has the answer in the form of a panic button. The experiential travel company has a wealth of experience in creating lavish tailor-made itineraries, but composing these trips can take time. The panic button calls to the time-poor who aren’t willing to compromise on luxury —when the button is pushed at blacktomato.com, all other information on the website is removed and users are prompted to fill in a short questionnaire. Then, an expert will call you within minutes to provide one or two options, delivering the full itinerary to you within 24 hours. The service helped a certain client who left honeymoon planning until the last minute and pressed it on the day before the wedding. By evening, a romantic escape inMorocco was all booked and the couple celebrated under the stars on a private roof terrace overlooking Marrakech, while a live musician played their favorite song and they sipped on their favorite wine, which was especially imported for their visit. Another client, whose best friend was going through a rough breakup, needed to do some serious spirit lifting in a hurry. After a quick consultation, a week-long adventure in Iceland was arranged— the pair booked and traveled the same day, arriving in the land of fire and ice a day later. The trip involved heli-skiing, snowmobiling across glaciers, the best of Reykjavík’s nightlife, including reservations at restaurants with lengthy waiting lists. blacktomato.com

conceivable shade of blue, so it is no surprise that the otherworldly setting has been used for many fashion shoots and not-your-average wedding photos. Once we are back above the glacier, a delicious picnic created by a private chef is ready and waiting, complete with snow-chilled champagne and cozy sheepskin blankets to relax on. Then, we take shots on (quite literally) the coolest golf course — there’s a golf mat with biodegradable golf balls. Swinging off into the bewitching landscape is seriously special indeed. From $8,600 for seven nights, staying at the Shangri-La Vancouver and The Westin Resort & Spa Whistler. Contact Charlotte Smith, senior sales manager North America, +44 203 733 9507, northamericaenquiries@scottdunn.com, scottdunn.com

Photos Archipelago Media Ltd, Compass Heli Tours Ltd, Marc Dionne glacier). Headline Mountain Holidays’ ice-cave exploration begins with a helicopter ride through Canada’s southernmost ice fields to land right on top of a glacier. An affable tour guide leads us through the warren of ice passages and rushing streams below while giving a fascinating insight into the caves and surrounding area, as well as pointing out the best spots for a photograph. The underground world is ever evolving due to changes in temperature, so no two visits are ever quite the same. It is astonishingly beautiful; the 40-ft layers of ice compress to create mystical chambers, natural sculptures and 15-ft icicles so mesmerizing it’s easy to lose time just staring at the tiers of formations. The ice creates every This particular itinerary continues with a trek into the icy kingdom beneath the snow (after all, you can’t tick off the bucket list without saying you’ve been through, above and beneath a

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