Elite Traveler Los Cabos 2020

Beauty Beneath the Surface

If you are visiting Los Cabos in search of a true adventure, look no further. Los Cabos’ natural wonders have been attracting explorers, naturalists and adventurers for centuries. Jacques-Yves Cousteau, the world’s most famous underwater naturalist, gave the Sea of Cortes the nickname of The World’s Aquarium due to the abundance of marine life found in waters surrounding Los Cabos. One of the best, and most memorable, ways to experience Los Cabos’ water wonderlands is by exploring under the sea. Los Cabos provides a temperate climate that makes snorkeling and scuba diving possible all year. The North Wall location is a great spot for beginners as well as experienced divers. With depths from 15 to 60 feet and a range of sea-life, including rays and puffer fish, this area ranks high on the list of popular dives. Fabulous

snorkeling can be experienced in the East Cape where the coral reefs have grown exponentially since being declared a marine sanctuary. Experienced divers can capture the ultimate thrill while exploring the amazing Sand Cascades (90 -100 Feet), which were discovered by the Scripps Institution of Oceanography and revealed to the world by Jacques Cousteau through his famous underwater documentaries. Another must-dive are the coral reefs found in Cabo Pulmo National Park and marine preserve. If diving at these depths are not on your bucket-list, try diving or snorkeling with the ocean’s largest shark, the whale shark, which is a gentle filter-feeder and can grow up to 30 feet long. Many of the various snorkeling and diving excursions offer plenty of time to relax on the deck of the boat and sightsee, making the experience unique to every guest.

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