Edible Vancouver Island January/February 2024

1 Issue 1: Winter 2018 Decadent Chocolate Cake A little earlier in the pages of this 25th issue, you may have noticed an article on white chocolate; this is a nod to Issue #1, where we featured chocolate in our first Current Craving column.


2 Issue 5: Winter 2019 Celebrating with Charcuterie

This issue is kind of a big deal: not only is it our 25th issue, which in itself is an exciting number to celebrate, but it also happens to represent Edible Vancouver Island’s five-year anniversary! Over the years, we have loved sharing the stories of our local food makers and producers, providing delicious recipes and educating you on all kinds of food and drink topics. It’s something we take seriously, while simultaneously have the most fun doing. I have had the honour of working with the magazine as editor since its early days, just a few issues in. I’ve watched the magazine grow, helped it change ownership and worked with so manyincredible contributors. Each issue, I’ve also been thankful for the faithful advertisers who have shown up throughout the years to make this magazine possible–through our launch, through a pandemic and through economic inflation. Every magazine we produce legitimately becomes my new favourite. That being said, it’s an impossible task to pick favourite articles or recipes or features from the past five years, when every piece of every magazine was carefully curated to provide you, our readers, with value and beauty. But for the sake of a walk down memory lane, here are just a few features from five past magazines to celebrate five years of Edible Vancouver Island . Fancy a re-read of issues past? Visit digitaledition.pub/ wc/edible-vancouver-island/Edible-Vancouver-Island

This article by Edible Vancouver Island co-founder Dawn Postnikoff is just as fun to look at as it is to read. Charcuterie is always a crowd-pleaser (and is perfect for the game nights we mentioned in this 2024 issue!)

3 Issue 10: Spring 2021

Vessels of Reflection If the mentions of chai in this current issue inspire you, check out this beautiful piece we published in our 10th issue on how the serving of tea can be a healing, mindful experience.

4 Issue 15: Design 2022 Soulful Sanctuary

We wanted our Jan/Feb 2024 issue to be cozy and comforting–like the aesthetic and ambiance of the exquisitely designed kitchen in this article.

5 Issue 20: March/April 2023

Bee a Friendly Face The honey-roasted chicken chorizo soup you bookmarked in this anniversary issue highlights the sweet ingredient made by our friends the bees–whom we should all be caring for using the tips featured in our 20th issue.


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