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Easy finger foods that can be brought to the game table without spilling are best, though make sure to provide lots of napkins.

creative with your theme to make it interesting. Aperitifs (Esquimalt vermouth) and antipasti, sparkling wine (Unsworth, Beaufort, 40 Knots, Blue Grouse) and tapas, beer or kombucha from local breweries paired with pizza, salsa and ceviche with premixed margaritas–pick your favourite snack flavours and go with it. Chips and dip, charcuterie boards, wine and cheese or bowls of nuts, popcorn and candy are all acceptable game night fare too. Easy finger foods that can be brought to the game table without spilling are best, though make sure to provide lots of napkins. (While we’re thinking of spills, nix real candles or fancy flower arrangements; be prepared to see the wild side of your friends!) Finish off the night with a little something sweet. Some homemade cookies or jars of candy with bags that guests can fill are a fun finishing touch. THE FINISH LINE For a memorable ending, give out delicious local food and drinks as prizes that won’t collect dust: a freshly ground bag of Fernwood or Salt Spring Coffee, Forest for Dinner gourmet mushroom powder or infused salts, a jar of golden Island Bees honey, your favourite local wine or cider, Easy Treats chocolates–I could go on. In fact, if you offer local foodie prizes, can you invite me, please?

natural ice breaker, this is a great time to mix in some new friends that may not know each other. THE VIBE Set up a cozy playing area by turning on lamps or electric candles, and press play on your favourite music playlist. Extra throw cushions around your coffee table and throw blankets on the back of chairs will keep your guests comfortable throughout the evening. Fill up a cooler with ice and drinks or set up a DIY soda and cocktail bar on a nearby table for easy refills during play. THE GAMES Next, pick your games. Choose a game based on how many people will play and what their interests are. Strategy games are great for serious gamers, while funny party games are better for settings where you want to visit as well as play. Think about the length of your game, too: will your friends have the attention span for a very long game, or are a few shorter ones better? There are team games that work well for large groups and retro games like charades and Monopoly that work for a variety of ages. Pictionary is another classic that's extra fun with a large easel for everyone to see the drawings. What Do You Meme and Taboo will get your friends laughing, and Cards Against Humanity or Drawing Without Dignity are great fun if your guests aren’t easily offended. Are your guests foodies? Check out the Foodies board game or, for epicurean trivia, play Food Fight or Wine Wars. If you like a good murder mystery night, A Wine Tasting Murder is the foodie take on the classic game. For more game ideas, check out your local shop or boardwithfriends.ca rentals for a great list of all types of games. THE FOOD Hosting a game night definitely requires snacks and drinks, but not a full-on dinner. You can keep things simple while still getting

Sabrina Currie comes from a long line of cutthroat Scrabble players and will never say no to a game night–especially if there’s food involved! sabrinacurrie.com

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