Connective Issues Winter 2018



REGIONAL SYMPOSIUMS COMING TO NYC AND CHICAGO If you live in or near Chicago or New York City, consider attending one of the Regional Symposiums on Marfan Syndrome and Related Disorders currently scheduled:

Each year, The Marfan Foundation pursues the most innovative research and makes sure that it receives proper funding. In 2017, we received 27 proposals and awarded nine research grants to scientists, ranging from seasoned investigators to young researchers. Through our grant program and other commitments, we funded $1.5 million in research this year. As a result of our efforts, grants will help researchers: • Study eye issues in Marfan syndrome and other connective tissue disorders. • Investigate factors that might be protective against aortic dissection in Marfan syndrome. • Explore new unique therapeutic targets to combat the devastating aortic issues in Marfan syndrome. • Seek a better understanding of the bones in Marfan syndrome so that additional treatment options can potentially be identified. • Gain knowledge about how surgical grafts affect native aortic tissue. • Test the impact of losartan on blood vessel health. • Investigate potential new therapies to slow or prevent aortic enlargement in Marfan syndrome.

• Chicago

March 10, 2018

• New York City April 15, 2018

These one-day meetings feature many of the same types of programs as our annual conference—medical presentations, workshops, Creating Connections luncheon, and programs designed specifically for children and teens. The recent Regional Symposium at Cleveland Clinic was amazing. It’s not a foundation, it’s a family. – Tina Hinzey, West Virginia

“The Marfan Foundation funding is critical for this study, which will address key knowledge gaps regarding the impact of proximal grafts on the distal aorta, and elucidate whether recurrent thoracic aortic aneurysm and aortic dissection risk is primarily due to vascular phenotype, or impacted by graft approaches used in current practice.” – JONATHAN W. WEINSAFT, MD, (CENTER) ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR OF MEDICINE (CARDIOLOGY), WEILL CORNELL MEDICAL COLLEGE (NEW YORK), 2017 FACULTY GRANT RECIPIENT © Roger Tully

For more information about these and other symposiums as they are scheduled, visit


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