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Donations In Memory of: Carol, Adrian, & Elias Adame Hamad Ahmad Stephanie Baker David Barry Allan Bredenfoerder We are grateful to everyone who has made q contribution in memory of, or in honor of, the following individuals. These donations are fully appreciated and support our programs and services that create a brighter future for all those living with Marfan syndrome and related conditions. Donations In Honor of: Marie Abbruzzese Vicky Alf Steve Anderson Elliott Babbe Nora Baker Helaine Baruch Gil Bashe Susan Leshen Preston Li Robyn Li Sinclair Li WE REMEMBER AND HONOR George Maurer Michael Mazzuca Mimi McDonald Kelly Everett Melson Mary Melson James Meyers James Michelich Benjamin Mickey Nancy Montgomery


Mario Lopez Brody Lynds Talulla Maher Michael Mahoney Alex Marpman Peri Masterman-Graybill Bert Medina James Michelich Mallory Middendorff Craig Miller, MD Loren Mintz Christine Mitchell Karen Murray

Marissa Broady Bonnie Brown Matthew Bullis David Burnstein Jorge Alberto Castellanos

Abby Biddle Elliott Bobbe Krista Brack Alan Braverman Rick Broady Dennis Bryant Jim Bryant Joshua Carstens Linda Ciaffone Ethan Coburn Leo Cole Hilary Conger Ray Conger Gabriele Di Luozzo James Dickey Jessica Dipaolo Rhonda Dlouhy Jackson Donovan Haley Dostalik Nancy Driftmyer Cory Eaves Andy James Elam Jessica Falco Dionne Fugate-Roy

Patricia Moran Claire Murphy David Naranjo Paula Nelson Joseph Neustadt Ella Niebel John Olson Daniel O’Mara Nicholas Owens Michael Parks Richard Patka Christopher Paulsen Bryan Pfirrman David Pfirrman Burton Richter Joseph Rickard Howard Rosenberg Charlie Sargent Raymond Shapiro Surinder Shergill Elizabeth Skromme Erik Smith Casey Sprouse John Steele Bridget Stewart Toni Supple John Thurlow John Torode Collin Trebesch Catherine Troncone Gilbert Vieth Phillip Sellin John Sexton

If you are one of the more than 2.2 billion active Facebook users in the world, you can take advantage of an easy-to-use tool that Facebook offers to create a fundraiser to support your favorite causes. The Marfan Foundation, as a recognized Facebook charity, is one of them. The most effective time to create your Facebook fundraiser is for your birthday. To create your fundraiser, simply go to your newsfeed, click on Fundraisers and follow the easy-to- use set-up instructions. Every time someone donates, thank them in the comments and tag them to bump your fundraiser to the top of your friends’ newsfeed. Also, take advantage of the box on your Face- book fundraiser page that allows you to give everyone an update. Again, this puts your fundraiser front and center. Post your fundraiser link several times leading up to your birthday to thank your supporters and let the rest of your friends know how close you are to your goal. Facebook fundraising is a win-win for everyone. It’s a meaningful way to celebrate your birthday and The Marfan Foundation benefits (Face- book doesn’t even take any fees!). Need help getting started? Please email us at

Sarah Cayo John Coffey Julie Davis

Marcos Dorfeo Regina Dorfeo

Bridget Nathan Brooklyn Nelson Jodi Pentecost

Kevin Dougherty Hilary Eagan Clark Kae Einfeldt Anna Ellis Patricia Evans Ben Faust Erwin Feinstein Larry Feinstein William Feinstein Adam Frank Anna Frederickson

Reed Pyeritz, MD, PhD Emily Rauschenbach Joanne Ray Ann Reinking Hilary Richards James Richardson

John Rizzo Laurie Roan Marjorie Robins Jon Rodis MJ Rodriguez Paul Scannell Marin Schettler I’Yanna Sears Jean Shenk Darrius Singh Sarah Singh Benjamin Smith Brandi Smith

Sarka Friedrichs Melodie Friesen Dionna Fugate-Roy Joseph Gagliano Barbara Harden Johnson Fred Hearn Kathleen Hooker Ross Hooker Julie Kurnitz Josh Lamson Josh Larrison Anthony Laughman Brian Laughman Milan Lazorcik Frank Lelts Jerome “Buddy” Madson Sandra Marinbach Yakko Martin Albert Matsuura Eileen Ilberman Michael Jordan Carmela Kolman

Kendra Gaddie Lucia Gallardo Robert Garrett

Kay Glennon Connor Hajj Stella Hall Brian Howell Cassandra Jennings Tim Joyce

Brian Smith Ellen Smith

Michelle Kelly Daniel Keyes Theodore Keyes Bruce Klein Dawn Knowles Jane Kohuth Stanley Lambert Sabrina Lang Erika Lara Corrine Lattell Sydney Lerman

Justin Smothers Jackson Stuart Colleen, Greg, Seth, & Analise Tennant Laura Torode Maggie Tucker Sonja Vogel Benjamin & Lindsey Weisman Sam Woodhouse

Jennifer Volpe Wayne Wagner Wendy Weiss David Williams David Willson Jeffrey Wurst

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