Cleaning Products Catalog 2024

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Whisk Broom & Dust Pan Set

Small Broom

Convenient small size is great for quick clean-up. Easy to store. 92-416 30” Small Broom

Great for quick clean-up in the classroom. E-85-655 8.25” Length

Whisk Broom

E-85-654 10” Length



1” Metal Dustpan

Counter Duster

Wax treated to whisk away the dust quickly and conveniently. 25-617 12” Length DO NOT USE ON HOT SURFACE; MAY DAMAGE WAX TREATED DUSTER


Pet Hair Brush


12 Quart Bucket (1 Only)

For easy removal of pet hair from carpets and furniture. This rubber pet hair removal brush uses static electricity to attract hair and lint. The squeegee edge can be used to remove water from windows, shower doors and mirrors. The one-piece molded rubber brush can also be used wet to remove dirt and grime. E-85-600 10.25” Length 1” Bristle Length


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