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A t Celebrity Cruises,they know that as a player you have high expectations of the places you vacation.You want the best of everything, and that’s just what you get when you sail with Celebrity.Aboard their award-winning fleet of 16 stun ning ships, including those in the latest Edge Series, you’ll enjoy the ulti mate in luxury travel with stylish accommodations, the finest dining at sea, personalized service, and of course, a first-rate casino. Inspired by the finest gaming establishments around the world, Celebrity’s casinos offer the same excitement and captivating atmos phere.The casino team spared no expense in reinventing the casino con cept from the ground up to deliver a unique gaming experience at sea. Plus,Celebrity’s dedicated casino staff is on hand to add a unique spin to make your time at the tables or slots truly exceptional,with extra touches including complimentary cocktails while you play.They’ve incorporated state-of-the-art technology into over 150 of your favorite table games, in cluding blackjack,roulette,craps,baccarat and more than 2,000 of the lat est slot machines across the fleet. In addition to a refined but vibrant gaming environment, Celebrity offers a personalized experience based entirely on your preferences.This includes limits adjusted to your playing

profile, late hours, and action-packed tournaments for players of all lev els.You play to win, and they believe you should play your way to do so. It’s been said that membership has its privileges, and any member of Celebrity’s exclusive Blue Chip Club will tell you how true that is. Being a Blue Chip Club member entitles you to numerous rewards and benefits, including free-play in the casinos, complimentary staterooms, concierge-style service,plus access to exclusive locations and events.The more you play, the more rewards you earn. Joining the Blue Chip Club is quick and effortless. Just swipe your SeaPass card at any slot machine when you enter the casino,and you’ll instantly become a member.When you earn your first 20 points,you’ll receive $20 in Free Play.Once you join the Blue Chip Club,you’ll be able to play your way through ascending lev els of membership from Pearl all the way up to Ruby, with each level granting you even greater privileges.Now more than ever, it pays to play in their casinos.With luck on your side, join them for the ultimate jour ney of excitement, exploration and exhilarating casino action. We understand that you came to play,but on a Celebrity cruise, the exhilaration starts long before your first roll of the dice or pull of the han dle on your favorite slot machine.The moment you step aboard, you’ll

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