CFL Fall 2021

IMPACT TEAMS Are you looking to make an impact in your community? Would your team like to assemble care packages for those serving in the military, organize a nature trail “clean-up,” or conduct another type of project that would make a positive impact? Gather your friends and family to become an Impact Team! As a member, simply gather at least four other people (members or not) to form an Impact Team, complete a short application to explain what the group would like to do, and once approved, Catholic Financial Life will provide financial support and Impact Team t-shirts for up to five people! It’s that easy! Get started today by visiti ng c

An Impact Team in Green Bay, Wis. purchased, assembled and sold raffle tickets at an event raising money to support the building improvement fund for three ites parish s .

An Impact Team in Wisconsin made more than 20 blankets that were distributed at an outdoor movie night hosted for children with cancer.

What cause interests you? What type of project would make a positive impact in your community? Learn how to create your own Impact Team! Visit for more information.

An Impact Team in Suamico, Wis. purchased children’s clothing, sandals, hair ornaments and small outside toys for children in Kampala, Uganda.


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