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ance at each Flex Court call. Judge Wright recognized that because people could not afford to lose their jobs by taking time off of work to pursue a court claim, the court needed to change its hours. Circuit Court Clerk Dorothy Brown and Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart sup- port the Flex Court and have reassigned staff at the Daley Center to meet the need. Former CBA President Joseph Stone, David Bryant (ret.), Elizabeth Anne Karkula, and lawyers from Sidley & Austin volunteer to provide guidance to pro se litigants in the program. The Center for Conflict Resolu- tion is also available to litigants whose cases can be mediated. To date, Flex Court has disposed of over 1,000 cases, and hearing dates are already scheduled into the first quarter of 2016. In addition to Flex Court, other innova- tive initiatives in the Cook County Circuit Court include a newmediation program in the Domestic Relations Division organized by Presiding Judge Grace Dickler. Similar programs are offered in mortgage foreclo- sure and mechanics lien cases, and con- tinue to be successful. Presiding Domestic Violence Court Judge Sebastian Patti uses volunteers from a number of Chicago law firms to assist SRLs in the DV Court. Kudos to Chief Judge Timothy Evans for approving these innovative programs and to Judge Wright for his vision and leadership in establishing Flex Court. These pioneering programs are desperately needed and are greatly improving access to the justice system for thousands of people. It’s important for all of us to remember that the real stakeholders in the justice system are the public that we serve. As Wendell Phillips said, “The law would be nothing without public support.”

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The CBA is pleased to introduce the second year of CBA Newsstand by Lexology, a daily email aimed at providing CBAmembers with valuable and free practical know-how. Learn more and further tailor your newsfeed at secret that filing fees in the Circuit Court of Cook County are among the highest of any county in the United States. For many people working for minimal hourly wages, taking any time off of work to pursue a legal claim puts them at risk of losing their jobs. SRLs are most prevalent in family law/domestic relations, probate, elder law, and domestic violence matters. In our First Municipal Division, SRLs are on the rise in landlord-tenant, collection, housing, small claims cases, and many more. In the Domestic Violence Court, more than 90% of the cases involve SRLs. These numbers sound high but they reflect a growing real- ity and dilemma facing the judicial branch. Self-represented litigants often lack knowl- edge about the law and court procedure, which leads to misunderstandings about what the court can and cannot do for them. While Pro Bono service is needed more than ever, it’s clear that we also need to examine new options and programs to make our courts more user-friendly and accessible to the public. One such inno- vative program is Cook County Circuit Court’s new ‘Flex Court,’ which offers flexible hours and is available to plaintiffs in disputes involving $3,000 or less. Flex Court was initiated in the First Municipal Division in 2013 by Presiding Judge E. Kenneth Wright, Jr., who recognized that many pro se litigants cannot afford to take a day off of work to pursue their small claim. Court calls are scheduled from 8:00–9:15 a.m. and 5:00–6:45 p.m. on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays to make the justice systemmore accessible to the public. Volunteer lawyers provide advice and guid-

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8 OCTOBER 2015

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